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ゼルトブル (Zerutoburu) or Zeltbur e or Zeltoble, the country of mercenaries. Just as its name implies, this country is populated largely by mercenary organizations.


This country has a dark history involving constant warfare.Like most country they also have a Dragon hour glass, but they don't give class ups.It was established by Merchants to attract profits which later formed as a country. It's a country in which an unbelievable amount of money circulates. Whether it be the shopping district or the slums, the people here seem to move with more energy than those in Melromarc.


Every holy hero considered that Zelbur has the best and powerful weapons.But, unknown to merchant all the heroes used weapon copy of all their preferred weapons.Most of the shooting star series weapons of the heroes have their origin from Zeltoble which was made from the meteorite. Even Nafoumi's shooting star shield given by Elhart was bought from Zeltoble in his time as an adventure.Most heroes went to Zeltoble to check out the weapons during their first month after summoning.But Nafoumi visited about several months later due to various reasons.


This country has no monarchy. It is ruled by a council of merchants. Here, people make money by selling their strength to others. The adventurer's guild has deep ties to this country. This makes industries such as Weapon Shops and Medicine Shops prosper as well.

It doesn't seem that this country keeps good public order.Neither there is a law for commoners.But anything is a codes of conduct between the merchants and Council of merchants

Balance of Power


The weapons from Zeltoble are quite potent.

Weapon Shops


The Slave Merchant's clan has set up a base here, headed by his uncle the slave merchant. It is just a coliseum on the surface. In the basement, they deal with slaves behind the scenes. In this country, most coliseums are like this. Depending on the Union, the traded goods differ. While leaving the staircase to a stone corridor, numerous cages become visible.


The most famous attractions of the Zeltoble is its Coliseums, it's this country's trademark. Brawlers fight against one another, and people place bets.

Here, anyone can enter the games, so it's not odd for a hero to participate. The atmosphere is like that of a baseball stadium. There are also team games. Participants can register under any name they wish.

Another Coliseum the slave dealer's clan manages has special events for monsters.

Some days they hold free matches. Where anyone can enter if they want money. The spectators bet on who will win, and many will lose all of their money.


They don't have a standing army but has a group of assassins.

International Relations

They are jusrt merchants and doesn't have any favourites or any deplomatic relation with any nation.They sell anything for a profit and doesn't have any friends aor bad blood with any nation.

The only time they took side was under the surface in favour of Melromarc against Tact led Faubley. They lend their hands happily for Tact killed their Vassal weapon hero.Not only hurting their pride but also to favour the original heroes. The dark guild also sold Faubley's military uniform to Isuki to infeltrate Faubley's army. This ction gained their confidence from both they coalition army and Melromarc