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It’s not about winning or losing. I must make up for being misled, for believing a lie and doubting the truth. I must do it for myself. I must see you punished!

—Yomogi, Volume 9, Chapter 10

Yomogi Emarl (ヨモギ=エーマール Yomogi Ēmāru?) was Kyo Ethnina's childhood friend and traveling companion. She is now working with Kizuna Kazayama to fight against the waves.


She is usually in Hakama. She has a beautiful face with her hair pulled back into a ponytail.


She has a strong sense of justice, forthcoming, a reckless personality, and a deep trust in her friends. However, she seems to be very gullible, as Kyo could hide all his evil actions from her and manipulate her into attacking his enemies, making her think that it was all of her own volition. Nevertheless, although she wants to believe in her friends, it doesn't cloud her judgment, as she's finally able to see the truth behind the machinations of Kyo and decide to end him.

Yomogi was disturbed by her realization of her gullible personality. She went berserk, whenever she meets the harems of the reincarnated individual who greatly reminds her of her past-self. She desperately fights them off and pushes her memory behind.


She was a skilled swordsman and had an incredible speed and footwork. She was able to keep up with the speed-focused skills of her opponents.

  • Thunder Sword「雷鳴剣 Raimei Ken (lit. Thunder Sword)

While using the Sword made from the energy of the Spirit Tortoise, Yomogi launches a wave of lightning that cuts and shocks the target.[1]

  • Dragon Point Technique「龍点闘技 Ryuuten Tougi (lit. Dragon Point Technique)

Yomogi vanishes in a flash, leaving an afterimage behind. She then dashes towards her target.[1]


Many years ago, Kyo saved Yomogi's life as a child. Since then, they travelled together and Kyo acted as a good person in front Yomogi. Together, they wandered around asking about people's troubles and then Kyo would invent ways to help them.

After Kyo came back from Raphtalia's world, one of his experiments was the demon sword which was created from Ren's Legendary Sword and the stolen Spirit Tortoise energy. Hiding the source of its power, he ostensibly told Yomogi not to use it and taught her how to remove it from it's casing. In reality, he was starting to guide Yomogi to be a test subject for the sword.

One day Kyo came home injured. He blamed Glass and her companions, calling them villains. Yomogi, furious that her dear friend got hurt, took the demon sword and rushed to attack Glass and her friends.[2]


Volume 9

Yomogi was first introduced crashing into Kizuna's house by herself to defeat the heroes. Thanks to the demon sword and her refined combat abilities, she was able to keep up with Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo and Glass. However, as the battle wore on, the demon sword awoke, fused itself to Yomogi's arm and started to control her. Thankfully, Kizuna was able to separate the two before the sword exploded.

As Yomogi was finally captured, the heroes started to move to L'Arc's castle to defend against Kyo's other attackers. Yomogi was shocked that Kyo had actually plans to fight the hero since she thought that she had come on her own accord. Naofumi decided to place a slave ofuda on her and to show her how terrible her Kyo really was. Arriving at L'Arc's castle, they found Tsugumi and the rest of Trash II's harem fused with guardian beast copies. Yomogi is terrified and refuses that this was Kyo's work. However, as they fight, she realises that they are using one of Kyo's demon weapons. Just before the demon spear explodes, Kyo taunts the heroes through the spear and Yomogi realises that he is actually the villain. She then agrees to help the heroes fight Kyo.

Eventually, Yomogi brought the heroes to Kyo's lab despite still harbouring hopes that Kyo was a good guy. However, exploring the lab in-depth, they found many hidden and terrible experiments which crushed those hopes. Eventually, she directly confronted Kyo with the heroes and defeated him. She then brought proof to Kyo's unwitting supporters of his evil deeds.

Volume 17

Since learning the truth about Kyo, Yomogi and Tsugumi joined Kizuna to unite the countries against the waves. She and Tsugumi often work together to fight off the waves in each region.

Volume 18

In addition to fighting the waves, Yomogi has been acting as a goodwill ambassador on behalf on Kizuna. She and Tsugumi were also recruited because one of their previous companions leaked the power-up methods for the heroes to the vanguards of the waves. They had been tasked to find the leak and eliminate them if needed.


  • Kyo Ethnina: She has a high opinion of Kyo and saw him as a generous being who made the invention to bring joy to the world. But Kyo used her as a disposable asset. She truly cared for him and tried to correct him when he went off the path. After seeing his true colors, She joined hands with Kizuna to take him out.
  • Kizuna Kazayama: She initially antagonized Kizuna for hurting Kyo and charged to her house in the middle of the night and fought with her. Yomogi was easily overwhelmed by Nafoumi and was forced to witness Kyo's true color, so she switched sides for to stand by her sense of justice. She also aided Kizuna in the fight against the waves to make up for all the troubles she caused.
  • Tsugumi: They are more similar to each other. They wholeheartedly believed in their leader and went on a rampage to avenge them. Tsugumi felt that Yomogi description of Kyo was similar to Trash #2. Despite their similarity, they didn't get along.


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