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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
This page will contain spoilers up to volume 13 of the official translated novels

Wyndia (ウィンディア Uindia?) is a slave bought by Naofumi Iwatani.


Wyndia has a strong attachment to monsters, especially when it comes to dragons.


She has dog ears and a tail.


Dragon Vein

  • Dark Fire Palette: Black flames that engulf a target of the user choosing



Wyndia was raised by a the Dragon Emperor called Gaelion. She and Gaelion lived in the mountains peacefully. Hearing news of the Dragon Emperor, Ren went into the mountains to kill the dragon, he was unaware of the existence of Wyndia and killed Gaelion, later his corpse turned into a zombie dragon.

For unknown reasons after her adoptive father died. She became a slave.


Volume 12

While hunting Wyndia, Keel and the other slaves found monster eggs from time to time and started collecting them, as a result, they ended up with a huge number of monster eggs. Wyndia decided to raise one of the monster eggs which turned out to be a Caterpilland before she managed to get all other slaves together and save up enough money to register the monster to Naofumi without his knowledge or consent.

Wyndia tried to hide the Caterpilland in the bioplant but it was all in vain because Naofumi discovered the Caterpilland and was not amused. He was annoyed and furious at Wyndia for acting on her own and gave her the nickname Valley Girl. He thought about selling the Caterpilland, but Keel managed to convince Naofumi and so he let both Keel and Wynida off with just a warning.

After Naofumi's dragon egg hatched she named it Gaelion after her deceased adoptive father.