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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
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The Village of Riyute (リユート村 Riyūto Mura?), (ambiguously translated as Ryyuuto Village or Lute Village) is a small village in the nation of Melromarc. Western part of the town which faced the wave after the hero summoning. Second wave in Melromarc order but unknown at the global level


Volume 1

Though Naofumi didn't reveal himself, he was fairly treated by the people of the town before the wave. During the wave, Naofumi prioritized saving the villagers which many witness themselves. Seeing Naofumi fighting alone, the villagers aided him, by arming with whatever tools they can find, they followed his instructions precisely to fend of the wave monsters. It was during the time the knight tried to set Naofumi on fire, but he was tough enough to survive. After the other three heroes defeated the boss, the villagers personally thanked by bowing to Naofumi for saving them.

Thanks to Naofumi and Raphtalia the casualties were greatly less, which was within the single digits but their effort would go unrewarded by Melromark's King for their contribution due to favoritism. However, Some of the villagers turned out to have relatives in Melromarc's Castle Town who end up helping him in compensation for his deed.

Volume 2

The castle town already changed their opinion of Naofumi before the wave, Now his deeds in Riyute added gratitude, for example the medicine shop owner, Magic shop owner etc.

The villagers also warmly welcomed Naofumi to absorb the wave monsters and left over Chimera corpse ( other heroes or knight brigade already harvested it). They even helped process and prepare the parts for him. A villager who can read and write provided Naofumi with a chart of this Melromarc's language alphabet. The innkeeper let Naofumi and Raphtalia to stay at his inn free of charge. Though they can't provide much, they offered cart for his service.

Motoyasu was later appointed governor of the village. However, the villagers and their previous lord were not pleased with it. Malty levied a toll of 50 silver coins for entering and exiting the village, amounting to a single Gold coin. Motoyasu was aware of value of currency. The villagers were further displeased and Malty was about to use force, but the Shadows appeared with a parchment from an unknown person. Feeling threatened after reading it, She demanded a race for lordship between Motoyasu and Naofumi. Despite the cheating on Motoyasu side, Naofumi with Filo emerged victorious freeing the village from Malty's grip. The village felt further indebted to Naofumi, if the said tax was levied they would have lost their livelihood and the entire village.

The villagers seeing Firo asked Naofumi's opinion on doing a traveling sales and provided a commercial bill of passage with which he doesn't need to pay any tax to any lord of territory for doing business. They hoped that this would help the hero to earn and repair his reputation which it really did.

Town scape

The location of the town is relatively close to the formation of the 2nd wave. There is a nearby forest where Naofumi and his party grind monsters to level up. There is a swamp area to the west of the village and mountains to its north.

There is a coal mine in the outskirts which was abandoned, Before the wave it was popular but after the wave it was filled with dangerous monsters. Even though they are somewhat isolated they are still able to keep up with important happenings and rumors like The Devil of the Shield's misdoings. Naofumi's reputation precised him. Like every other town in Melromarc, this is under the lordship. This is convenient close to many trade route. And being a governor signify authority and dignity, for hitch Trash tried to name Motoyasu as the governor as the place.


This is all farm land. Riyute is a small village with only one Inn around with a fee was one silver coin per night. The monster material merchants (those who buy and sell monster materials) drop by this place only once every two days. The village lacks a medical shop, so it is necessary to sell cheaper medicine directly to the villagers in order to compete with the castle town's pharmacy imports. There are monsters, medical herbs, and lumber that are easily accessible around town. And that's the gist of it. The ore from the coal mine is of great value


Wave Monsters




  • Though it is second village to be affected by the wave in this era in Melromarc, this is the first village to be saved by the heroes globally in this era.
  •  Firo hatched in this village and surprisingly achieved it's full growth hear. Firo's first carriage was built and offered by the residents of this village.
  • Naofumi wanted this to be his base of operation but changed his thoughts after seeing Motoyasu.
  • This is the first village which wholeheartedly accepted Naofumi and discarded all the bad rumors around him.
  • This village provided most of the aid for Naofumi by themself and through their relatives at various regions of Melromarc, when the crown denied any aid for him.
  • This is first village to have their gratitude for Naofumi.
  • The Travelling Merchant life of Naofumi officially started from this village.