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The Vassal Weapons (眷属器 Kenzokuki?) are entities, they are spirits of the vassal weapons that come from another world prior to being summoned. They decide the candidate to be forcefully summoned to another world to wield, however, different to the legendary weapons, these weapons has the ability to be summoned without a candidate present, giving the ability for the locals of the world to wield them if they prove themselves worthy. The users who wield these weapons are given the title of Vassal Weapons Holders or Vassal Heroes.

The name of the weapons may differ depending on the world they reside, in Raphtalia's world, these weapons are referred to as the Seven Star Weapons (七星武器 Shichiseibuki?) and the users that wield them are given the title of Seven Star Hero. The locals of her world are unaware of the present of the eighth vassal weapon. There are two Vassal Weapons per every Legendary Weapon and their purpose is to help assist in protecting their world from the waves.



The origins of the vassal weapons are shrouded in mystery, they have a deep tie with the Legendary Weapons and their respective worlds.

The role of the vassal weapon was initially believed to be used to invade worlds which are fusing with their own, to eliminate the legendary heroes. Successfully eliminating all the legendary heroes should save their own home but at the cost of destroying another world. The role of the vassal weapons are now believed to assist the legendary weapons and transport to other worlds to strengthen their own weapon.

Summoning & Selection

The vassal weapons were summoned through rituals, prior to being summoned they can be summoned with or without a candidate being present. When a wielder is deceased, the weapon chooses to roam the world or remain in a certain location in search of a new candidate that proves their potential.


Vassal Weapons have less potential power than the Legendary Weapons, but make up for it by having fewer restrictive functions.

All weapons possess a gem that acts as the functional matrix to activate abilities, this gem persists through transformations. Vassal weapons specialize in fighting across world, but they will become faulty when their home world is destroyed.

Name Description
Absorption Weapons can absorb loot, items, and materials to unlock new variations of themselves. The user can access new transformations provided they reach the level requirement.
Bypass Vassal Heroes do not have a level cap or class-up requirement
Crafting If the hero has a recipe, they can place the ingredients in the weapon's inventory and use it to automatically craft the desired item with some time. However, only drop items and items created by the hero can be used for crafting.[1]
Drop Items Upon defeating an enemy, there is a chance that it may drop special items unavailable to non-Heroes. Drops may include weapons, armor, crafting materials, and monster parts.[2]
Immunity Vassal Heroes are immune to slave seals and other control-type curses
Inventory Vassal Weapons can be used to store items
SP Possessors of the Vassal Weapon have access to hero-exclusive energy called 'SP'. This energy allows heroes to use skills unique to their weapons and is an independent power system from magic and life energy. SP can either be regenerated over time or by consuming soul-healing water.
Power-up Method Weapons have various strengthening methods that are selectively revealed to the user's interface upon assignment. Other users can enable these systems only if they believe they exist, learning from other users will provide bonuses to both. This sharing is accessible between Legendary Heroes and Vassal Wielders.
Translation The Vassal Weapon translates any verbal language and dialect to the wielder's primary language. It also translates the wielder's words to the language of those they are talking to. However, this does not translate written language. Through magic, this can also be extended to other non-heroes.
Travel Access Unlike the Holy Weapon Wielders, Vassal Wielders can freely move between worlds. The Vassal Katana and Vassal Boat have even been seen being able to transport their wielders between dimensions without a portal or wave.
Wave Summoning Upon wave spawn, the Heroes and their respective parties are transported to close proximity of the Waves of Calamity.
Weapon Copy The user can copy variants they encounter and store them for later access.
Weapon Transformation Weapons can transform into different variations that grant the user new equip bonuses, such as stats, skills, and abilities. Variations can become mastered with enough experience, allowing the user to permanently retain the equip bonuses even if they switch transformations. Some bonuses remain exclusive.

  • Possessors may not equip weapons that are not of the same class as the Legendary Weapon itself. If they attempt to handle another weapon, they will be zapped.
  • Possessors cannot remove the Legendary Weapon from their bodies. If they throw it away, it will appear back in their hands
  • Unlike the Four Cardinal weapons which choose and adhere to the chosen heroes until death , Vassal weapons without a chosen hero aren't strict whoever wields them. This is evident in Mald's case, who temporarily wielded the Vassal Axe but only used it as a regular weapon. However, Vassal weapons cannot be used to their maximum potential unless it has chosen a hero and resonated with him/her (as evident in Raphtalia's case being able to wield the Vassal Katana in Glass' world). Once the Vassal weapon has chosen and bound to the hero, the person wielding it cannot use a different weapon other than the same class as the Legendary Weapon.

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