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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
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The Vassal Weapons (眷属器 Kenzokuki?) are powerful weapons that are passed down to people that prove themselves worthy to wield them, whom are deemed Vassal Wielders. In Raphtalia's world, these weapons are referred to as the Seven Star Weapons (七星武器 Shichiseibuki?) and those who obtain these weapons are granted the title of Seven Star Hero.



The origins of the Vassal Weapons are still unknown. It is speculated that the Legendary Weapons have a deep tie with the Vassal Weapons and the origins of the world.

Their objective is to kill the Four Legendary Heroes that reside in the other world, allowing them to save their home. Successfully eliminating the Four Legendary Heroes should save their own home but at the cost of destroying another world.


The Vassal Weapons were summoned through ritual, along with wielders from other worlds. When a wielder is deceased, the weapon chooses to roam the world in search of a new candidate that proves their potential.

Vassal Weapons specialize in fighting across worlds, but they will become faulty when their home world is destroyed.


See also Legendary Weapons

Vassal Weapons have less potential power than the Legendary Weapons, but make up for it by having fewer restrictive functions.

All weapons possess a gem that acts as the functional matrix to activate abilities, this gem persists through transformations.

  • No level 100 cap, No class-up requirement
  • Immune to curse slaves seals.
  • Restricted from equipping any weapon apart from the assigned (else be zapped). The assigned weapon will teleport to the user if removed.
  • Verbal language is translated to the user into their primary language, and the user can vocalize into their recipient's primary language.
    • Vassal Wielders can extend this function to their companions, it is not revealed if Legendary Weapons can do the same.
  • Weapons can absorb loot, items, and materials to unlock new variations of themselves. The user can access new transformations provided they reach the level requirement.
Weapon transformation
  • Weapons can transform into different variations that grant the user new equip bonuses, such as stats, skills and abilities. Variations can become mastered with enough experience, allowing the user to permanently retain the equip bonuses even if they switch transformations. Some bonuses remain exclusive.
Weapon Copy
  • Weapons have the ability to copy different variations of the same weapon they encounter.
Strengthening Method
  • Weapons each have unique strengthening methods which can be shared with both the Legendary Heroes and Vassal Wielders. The strengthening method won't work or appear if the user doesn't truly believe in the strengthening method.
Vassal Link
  • Vassal Weapons are sentient, and can communicate with their users to provide orders that must be followed. The Vassal Weapons have a mutual alliance, but any one may act on their own.
  • Vassal Wielders can freely transport their parties between worlds.

Vassal Weapons List

Raphtalia’ World

Glass’ World

S'yne’ World