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The Vassal Musical Instrument is one of the eight Vassal Weapons of Glass' World. The current candidate of the Vassal Instrument is Itsuki Kawasumi. He was selected by the Musical Instrument vassal wielder during the campaign of rescue Kizuna after defeating the illegitimate wielder, Miyaji.


The first known user of the Musical Instrument Vassal Weapon is the Vanguard of the Wave, Hidemasa Miyaji. This fake hero used the weapon to gain power within the Vassal Instrument country and to kidnap the Holy Hunting Hero, Kizuna. As a Vanguard of the Wave, he was not a worthy wielder of the weapon and had to suppress it using an accessory. However, the Vassal Musical Instrument was liberated from the suppression accessory and it chose Itsuki Kawasumi as its new successor.

Power-up Method

The power-up method from the Vassal Musical Instrument is a version of status enhancement via cash. With this power-up, a Legendary or Vassal weapon could provide status upgrades for money such as +1 to magic, increased maturation rates or magic recovery speed. The purchases shift after buying so the available options or prices may change.[1]

Vassal Musical Instrument List

Name Image Description
Beginner's Musical Instrument ? ?
Violin ? A violin
Electric Guitar[2] ? A gaudy-looking curse series instrument. Allows the wielder to use cursed skills like Woodoo-Voodoo.
Piano ? A piano
Campaign ? A campaign
Guitar ? A guitar
Unnamed Fish-shaped Instrument ? This musical instrument looks like a grilled fish and has the following skill:
  • Glutton God Tango: This skill enhances digestion for those who hear it.
Humming Fary Musical Instruments Unlocked by absorbing Filo's feathers in the World of Glass.

These instruments unlock various musical abilities.

True Demon Dragon Musical Instrument Forcibly unlocked by the revived Demon Dragon Emperor after forming an alliance.
Demon Dragon's Four Heavenly King's Bell[3] ? An accessory made in Glass' World from materials in the Demon Dragon's treasure room. Materials include a horn of a former heavenly king and a crystallized cluster of magic. The work is fairly rough according to Naofumi and the Accessory Dealer's standards.

This accessory has limited compositions it can play but it allows "successive magic" which allows magic to be used in quick succession. However, this devours magic, SP and EP and requires the user to be still.

Musical Instrument 0 Obtained by absorbing the mysterious poison in Fitoria sanctuary

equip bonus: skill: Musical Instrument 0

special effects: Judge of Reason, World Protector

List of Musical Instrument Skills

Skill Description Unlocked Musical Instrument
Music Strike This skill fires something like an arrow from the musical instrument. ?
Cursed Song, Woodoo-Voodoo A curse series skill. Creates a voodoo doll and pin that can be used with an opponent's hair to cause damage. Electric Guitar instrument
Unnamed Debuff This skill thickens up the air around the target like water. This slows down the target and makes moving much harder. ?
Unnamed Barrier Creates barriers of thickened air around his allies. ?
Hero's Melody This skills casts support magic on all allies which greatly boost their stats. ?
Demon's Melody This skill fires off countless notes from the instrument towards the targets. ?
Music Stream This skill fires a large amount of arrows towards the target. ?
Glutton God Tango This skill enhances digestion for the target. Fish-shaped instrument
Stun Beat The notes that come out fly towards the target explode with a bright flash of light. It then inflicts the stunned status effect on the target. ?
Unnamed Purification Skill This skill increases the curse resistance of the target. ?
Music Vulcan, Shock Music An attack skill which possibly stuns or paralyzes the target. ?
Deadly Poison Music Shoots a note at the target which inflicts a deadly poison status effect. If this poison is not cured, the target may die. ?
Detox Rondo Plays a note which removes the poison effect on the target. ?
Musical Instrument 0 A skill with 0 damage, cooldown and SP consumption. It was found to be effective against illegitimate powers. Musical Instrument 0


  • In the Web Novel, Melty was the wielder of the Vassal Musical Instrument.


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