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Tyran's Son is the father of Fohl and Atla. His real name was not mentioned and everyone in Siltvelt recollected him as "the son of Tryson" or simply " Tryson's son."

It hints to the fact that he was overshadowed by his own father, Tryson. He was disowned by his parents for unknown reasons and left his own country, Siltvelt.


As a Hakuko demi-human He likely resembles a great white tiger with black and white tail, hair and animal-like ears.


He was a kind, brave and valiant man, but disliked war which strained his relation with is father. He enjoyed reading books and his natural talent surpassed his own fathers. He is not less impressive when he get to a fight, but avoided fighting as much as he could. He was willing to fight but preferred being mild-mannered. Naofumi pictures him to be a nice guy.


Tyron's son was a Hakuko and martial artist which lead him to be proficient in battle. He eventually started teaching his son Fohl in their dojo until he got killed.


Once he went to Melromarc to finalize a peace treaty but he was set-up in a conspiracy and all the pacifist faction of the Melromarc whom he was supposed to meet were killed by the conspirators and blame was shifted to him. Somehow he ended with Lucia, Aultcray's sister. For reasons unknown, he was forced to run away from Melromarc along with Lucia, leaving a bloodbath carnage.

Aultcray was enraged by his sister's supposedly death and was more enraged than ever towards the Demi-Human. Aultcray fought long and difficult war but, finally managed to kill Tai Ran Ga Feon. But, Tyran's son whereabouts remained unknown.


After the incident in Melromarc, he went missing and Lucia was presumed dead. But, he & Lucia were actually married and they started a life in the outskirt of the territory of Siltvelt. They remained hidden for unknown reasons, but was peaceful and well off.

Despite being a Human, Lucia was treated fairly with respect in his household and was treated like the master of the house by their servants. He also shoulder Lucia's medical expenses. Later, he fathered Fohl and Atla through Lucia. Most of his wealth were spent to cure both his wife and daughter's disease.

But, the country he was residing was dragged into war and his identity was discovered, he was forced to raise the arms, as an ally of Siltvelt and came to work along with Jaralis. During the fight, his side was betrayed by Jaralis who gave all war secrets to the enemy. But Tryson's son was able to turn the table in his allies favor time and time again. Enraged, Jaralis conspired and got him killed. Shortly, his wife also died leaving his children orphaned and ended up being slaves.


  • Jaralis: He worked with Jaralis in a battle. Jaralis was leaking information to the enemy, but Tyran's son was turning the tables in his allies favor, so Jaralis got him killed for unknowingly interfering with his plot.


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