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The Third Wave Arc is the sixth arc of the Light Novel and Web Novel of The Rising of the Shield Hero.


The third wave is upon us! Naofumi prepares for another battle however an unexpected opponent appears.


Naofumi and his party had returned to Castle Town to treat Raphtalia's curse and to return Melty back home. However, Motoyasu sees Naofumi and attempts to attack him in the middle of the city. As Naofumi is about to be forced into a fight, Melty steps in, reveals herself as the heir to the Melromarc throne and stops the fight. She is successful but after Naofumi learned that she is related to Malty and King Aultcray, he refused to listen to her. During this time, one of Melromarc's soldiers finds Naofumi and asks to join his party during the fight against the waves. Naofumi initially refuses and asks the soldier to gather a significant amount of money before he can be accepted.

Naofumi and his party then head to the dragon hourglass to conduct a class-up for Raphtalia and Filo. However, they are rejected by the members of The Church of the Three Heroes there. Instead, the group decides to upgrade their equipment.

Before the third wave begins, Naofumi and his party head to a northern territory which has been struck a famine. While there they find that Itsuki had just recently overthrown a corrupt governor. However, the territory had suffered from Itsuki's actions and is experiencing extreme poverty. Naofumi provides a BioPlant seed to help relieve the famine. Before the wave begins, Naofumi runs into Ren and Itsuki who accuse him of stealing rewards for the quests from the Adventurer's Guild. However, Naofumi is able to convince that he is not the one who did it. Afterwards, the Melromarc soldier comes to Naofumi with the money Naofumi had asked for. Naofumi tells the soldier to use the money to improve his equipment and welcomes him to the party. The wave begins and the group is teleported to the wave.

As before, Naofumi and his party defends the nearby village. However, even after a long while the wave still hadn't been defeated. Naofumi leaves some people behind to defend the village and investigates. He finds that the three heroes had been fighting over their different "game knowledge" and were unable to find the wave boss. Naofumi chastises them and finds the Soul Eater wave boss who ends up being too powerful for the other three heroes. Naofumi desperately uses his curse series skill to defeat it however the wave does not disappear. Then, a mysterious woman called Glass appears and challenges the heroes. She quickly overpowers even Naofumi however the timer for the wave finishes and Glass is forced to withdraw before the dimensional rifts close.

The next day at the castle, Naofumi is forced to appear before the king who asks how Naofumi got so strong. Naofumi only agrees to tell if the king bows down to king. Furiously, the king ejects Naofumi from the castle.


Light Novel

Volume 3

  • Chapter 3: Everyone Loves Angels
  • Chapter 4: The Volunteer
  • Chapter 5: A Royal Order
  • Chapter 6: Welcome
  • Chapter 7: General Commander
  • Chapter 8: Before the Storm
  • Chapter 9: Framed Again?
  • Chapter 10: The Third Wave
  • Chapter 11: Grow Up
  • Chapter 12: Iron Maiden
  • Chapter 13: Parting Ways

Web Novel

  • Chapter 46: Exit By A Kick, Again
  • Chapter 47: Welcome
  • Chapter 48: Accusations of Identity Fraud
  • Chapter 49: Volunteers  
  • Chapter 50: Before the Storm 
  • Chapter 51: Third Disaster
  • Chapter 52: Grow Up 
  • Chapter 53: Iron Maiden
  • Chapter 54: Farewell
  • Chapter 55: Departure

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Summoning (1)Slave (2)Second Wave (3)Filo Rial (4)Peddling (5)Third Wave (6)Devil of The Shield (7)Punishment (8)Cal Mira Island (9)Intermission (10)Spirit Turtle (11)Rebuilding Part One (12)Rebuilding Part Two (13)Wrath Dragon (14)Fallen Heroes (15)JUSTICE (16)Counter Attack of the Fluffy-Tailed Waifu (17)The New Seven Sins (18)Houou (19)War of Heroes (20)Truth of Worlds (21)Final Arc (22)

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