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Therese Alexandrite (テリス=アレキサンドライト Terisu Arekisandoraito?) is the companion of L'Arc Berg Sickle from Glass' World.


She has white skin that looks like ivory. Her hair is bluish-green and sparkles in the sunlight. Her hair is pulled back into a braid of three thick strands and draped. She wears bangles with a massive gem on both hands.


She is serious, at least in comparison to her companion L'Arc. She is mentioned to be quiet and conducts herself with deference and courtesy. She is very fond of her gemstones and cares about their feelings. In addition, she gets very excited about beautiful gem works and crafts.


Not much is known about Therese's past. However, at some point she became the close companion of the Vassal Scythe wielder - L'Arc. Based on an old legend, the two travelled with Glass to Raphtalia's World in order to kill the Legendary Heroes and save their world.


  • Therese's personality radically changes as she equips different powerful accessories. She becomes boisterous and passionate - resulting in Naofumi nicknaming her Motoyasu III.[1]