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This page lists all official names of characters, locations, skills spells and other tidbits used in the series. These will be used to standardize names on this wiki. The names are listed chronologically based on the light novels, followed by the manga, anime and other media.

If you believe there is an error in this page, leave a comment on the talk page, or message Usagi and message Blazu.

Note: This page is still a work-in-progress. All names and wiki articles are subject to change without notice. As such, this will only serve as a guideline and will not be heavily enforced (yet).

Official Sources

The light novels and manga are translated by One Peace Books. Crunchyroll is currently translating the anime, and Funimation is dubbing it. These will be regarded as the official naming. In cases where there is a naming conflict between the translated media, the light novel translations should be used, unless otherwise stated.

The web novels were not officially translated in English. Naming from the web novels should not be used unless there is no official alternatives.

Series title

The series title (盾の勇者の成り上がり Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari?) is officially translated as The Rising of the Shield Hero. This title is used for the light novels, manga and anime.

The series 槍の勇者のやり直し (Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi?) is officially translated as The Reprise of the Spear Hero. This title is used for the light novel and manga.


Light Novel Manga Others
Myne Sophia Mein Sophia
Raphtalia Laphtalia
Lesty Lucy
Filo Firo
Keel Kiel
Mirellia Q Melromarc Mirelia Q Melromark
L'Arc Berg Raruk Beruk
Therese Alexanderite Theris Alexandriet
Rishia Ivyred Liesha Ivyred
Eclair Seaetto Éclair Seaetto
Fohl Fouru
Atla Atlas
Imiya Leuthurn Reethela Teleti Kuwariz Imya Lucullan Lisella Tereti Quariz
Tollynemiya Trinemier Lucullan Lisella Tereti Quariz
Ratotille Anthreya Ratotil Anthreya
Ratotille Anthreya Ratotil Anthreya
Chick Piyo
Erhard Elhart, Erhart
Takt Arusahorun Faubrey Tact Arusahorun Faubley
High Priest Pope
Bitch Bitchie
Holy Saint
Shield Demon
Shield Budda
Savior of the Heavenly Fowl
Shield Devil
Sonny, Laddie, Lad
Shield Nii-san
Dear Father
Valley Girl Taniko
Melromarc Melromark
Riyute Lute
Shieldfreeden Shieldfrieden
Siltvelt Silt Welt, Siltwelt
Cal Mira Cal Mira islands, Cal Mira archipelago, Carmira Isle
Zeltoble Zeltbull, Zeltbur
Faubrey Faubley
Filolial Philolial, Filo Rial
Spirit Tortoise Spirit Turtle