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Record of the Four Holy Weapons 1

The Record of the Four Holy Weapons (ambiguously translated as Four Holy Weapons Manual) is an old-looking book Naofumi found in the library before being summoned to another world. The book contains information which was very similar to the world Naofumi was summoned to.


The origins of The Record of the Four Holy Weapons are unknown. The book was found by Naofumi in the library, the book was much older-looking than the rest on the books on the shelf.


It is a worn-out old book with a velvet red cover showing a nearly-illegible title in golden color.


The book was set in a fantasy world, where apocalyptic prophecies about waves of destruction that will destroy the world took place. To defend and escape the dangers of the waves, the people would call forwards Heroes from another world to come and save them.

The four heroes summoned will possess different weapons: The Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield.



The Princess was the only girl mention in the book. She was described as being horrible, she was manipulative and obsessed with the Heroes. She also kept casting flirtatious glances towards the Heroes while pitting them against each other.

Sword Hero

The Sword hero was active and powerful.

Spear Hero

The Spear Hero valued and protected his friends.

Bow Hero

The Bow Hero would never tolerate injustice.

Shield Hero

The Shield Hero was never described because past his introductory page, the book was full of blank pages.


  • After reading about the princess, Naofumi concludes her as "bitch" in his own words.
  • Malty Melromarc was the comparison of the Princess in the book. She held no true or romantic feelings for any of the Heroes, merely using them for her own gain and entertainment.
  • Ren Amaki was the comparison of the Sword Hero in the book. While the description says he's active and powerful, he's too focused on making himself look cool and a "lone wolf" in front of other.s
  • Motoyasu Kitamura was the comparison of Spear Hero in the book. While the description does suit Motoyasu, he is very naive and will believe in his companion no matter what. This led him being tricked by the princess.
  • Itsuki Kawasumi was the comparison of the Bow Hero in the book. While Itsuki does believe in justice, his beliefs are all over the place and doesn't know the difference between true justice and a mere sense of self-righteousness.
  • Naofumi Iwatani was summoned into another world by The Record of the Four Holy Weapons.
  • In one of the many what-if "Class Up" issues, Naofumi tries to ignore the book instead of reading it right away. In this alternate reality, the book "stalks" him despite increasingly desperate measures by Naofumi to be rid of it. Even when he burns the book, it reappears in front of him. When he exorcises then burns the book, it shows up as a txt file on his computer. When he deletes it, it returns later to find has simply taken over every file on his computer.


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