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The Summoning Arc is the first arc of the Web Novel and Light Novel of The Rising of the Shield Hero.


Naofumi Iwatani, Ren Amaki, Motoyasu Kitamura, and Itsuki Kawasumi are summoned from parallel worlds as the four Legendary Heroes to protect the world against the Waves of Calamity. Motoyasu as the Spear Hero, Ren as the Sword Hero, Itsuki as the Bow Hero, and Naofumi as the Shield Hero. At the beginning of the third day after their summoning, Naofumi is brought to the castle and accused by the king of having raped Myne Sophia, his party member. When everyone condemns him as guilty, he leaves the castle angrily. Alone without money or equipment, Naofumi departs to a lonely adventure in this new world.

Light Novel Summary

Naofumi Iwatani is a carefree college sophomore and a so-called otaku. One day, he goes into the library and searches for a fantasy novel and finds The Record of the Four Holy Weapons. Suddenly Naofumi's vision blurs and he falls unconscious.

Naofumi wakes up in a castle along with three other "heroes" with weapons. To his surprise, he also has a shield attached to his arm. The four are introduced to the reigning King and the three other heroes casually introduce themselves. Ren Amaki as the Sword Hero, Motoyasu Kitamura as the Spear Hero and Itsuki Kawasumi as the Bow Hero. The four heroes are then introduced to the land and told that they were summoned to defeat the dangerous "waves" plaguing the land. Later, the four heroes meet in their designated quarters and realize that they all have been summoned from different worlds. While Naofumi is confused about the scenario, the others take it in stride since they believe that they are in a game which they have played before.

The next day, the heroes are assigned companions. At first, no one wants to work with Naofumi however an adventurer named Myne Suphia decides to join him. They heroes then start their own training and Naofumi realizes that he is far behind the other heroes since he cannot harm enemies like the others. He also goes shopping at the weapon store and Myne gets him nice armor.

The next day, Naofumi wakes up with all of his possessions missing. Soldiers then come and drag him to the castle where Myne is crying and frames him for raping her. Naofumi is stunned while the heroes (believing the charges) are about to kill him. It is revealed that Myne is actually named Malty S Melromarc and is the king's daughter. In the middle of the night she had stolen all of his valuables and then ran of the other heroes with false claims that Naofumi had raped her. Naofumi is then exiled from the castle with no possessions. With the rumours spreading quickly, he is outcast from society.


Light Novel

Volume 1

  • Chapter One: "A Royal Summons"
  • Chapter Two: "The Heroes"
  • Chapter Three: "A Heroic Discussion"
  • Chapter Four: "Specially-Arranged Funding"
  • Chapter Five: "The Reality of the Shield"
  • Chapter Six: "A Backstabber Named Landmine"
  • Chapter Seven: "False Charges"

Web Novel

  • Chapter 1: A Royal Summoning
  • Chapter 2: Hero Introduction
  • Chapter 3: Heroes' Discussion
  • Chapter 4: Specially Arranged Gold
  • Chapter 5: Reality Of The Shield
  • Chapter 6: The Trap and The Arts of Betrayal
  • Chapter 7: False Charge

Character Introductions


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The Reprise of the Spear Hero
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The Rising of the Shield Hero

Summoning (1)Slave (2)Second Wave (3)Filo Rial (4)Peddling (5)Third Wave (6)Devil of The Shield (7)Punishment (8)Cal Mira Island (9)Intermission (10)Spirit Turtle (11)Rebuilding Part One (12)Rebuilding Part Two (13)Wrath Dragon (14)Fallen Heroes (15)JUSTICE (16)Counter Attack of the Fluffy-Tailed Waifu (17)The New Seven Sins (18)Houou (19)War of Heroes (20)Truth of Worlds (21)Final Arc (22)

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The Reprise of the Spear Hero
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