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First attained in 『chapter 133』 of the web novel, the Spirit Turtle Carapace Shield became Naofumi's most powerful shield prior to that point. It has numerous abilities that include 「E Float Shield」 「Gravity Field」 「C Soul Recovery」 「Magical Barrier (Large)」. 「E Float Shield」 is a semi-passive skill almost like a combination of Air Strike Shield and Meteor Shield that has a range of 1 meter. It manifest a shield midair that moves with the user and can move wherever the user commands it to. 「C Soul Recovery」 is the ability to steal and recover SP as the user attacks. 「Gravity Field」 is an ability that is common in the Spirit Turtle Series that forces objects to be drawn to the ground.

Absorbed Shield Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Spirit Turtle Carapace Shield 0/40 C

Proficiency 0 『c133』

absorbing pieces of the Spirit Turtle's Carapace Magical Barrier (Large) unsealed

「E Float Shield」

「Gravity Field」

「C Soul Recovery」