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Siltvelt (シルトヴェルト Shirutoveruto?) is a country of Demi-Humans located in the Northeast of Melromarc and separated from Melromarc by at least two countries between them.


It was mentioned to have been found by the Shield Hero in the past and exists only for the sake of the Shield Hero.

It was once under the control of four great races: The Hakuko, Genmu, Shusaku, and Aotatsu. However, after the war with Melromarc, the Hakuko's forces were greatly ravaged. As a result, they, as a race, fell from a position of authority, but they still hold some influence. Those of the Shusaku race tend to be pro-Shield Hero radicals while those of the Genmu race are of the moderate faction. The moderates prefer not to depend too much on the hero while the radicals devote themselves to the hero. The previous Shield Hero met his end less than a month in the country. Whether he was weak or stuck in a conspiracy is unknown, and Siltvelt had difficulty in swallowing it.


Volumes 1-4

After the Heroes were summoned by Melromarc, they were greatly enraged for breaching the international agreement. But the queen of Melromarc, Mirellia Q Melromarc explained that was to protect their nation and not any other motives. Though displeased, they were unable to retort since the queen also pointed out the last shield hero's demise in Siltvelt, and also because Faubley sided with Melromarc.

They, along with the other nations, were shocked by Mirellia's acceptance to Fabuley's king's demand. Mirellia convinced all the nations to share the heroes with certain conditions in favor of providing the wishes of heroes. But every hero refuses to meet any envoys, including Shield Hero, who asked the Siltvelt envoys to leave him alone. As the Shield Hero's condition in Melromarc was getting worse, many assassins came after Mirellia's life. Mirellia claims that all the heroes are cleansing the filth in her nation and should be given time to complete their task. When the slave of the shield hero was almost taken away by a rigged duel, Siltvelt was enraged and was preparing for war. But the queen of Melromarc played her wit to stop it.

Volume 10

After capturing the slave hunters involved in killing and capture of the demi-humans of Seaetto territory, Naofumi decided to sell them as slaves to Siltvelt. He did it knowing well that they won't be punished due to political reasons in Melromarc and also to give them what they deserved for the soldiers who hurt their own citizens for money. It was also for the money to buy back all the slaves of Raphtalia's village.

This action was to threaten any other slave hunters from attacking the village, as Siltvelt was known for cruel treatment of humans and considering the victims are from the Seaetto territory, which was meant as goodwill and also being offered by the Shield Hero makes it more darker for the criminals. The queen of Melromarc gave her unofficial blessing for Naofumi and also threatened others who may stand against her with the same fate. A pre-auction was held in the name of the Shield Hero. To punish the criminals and to take those slaves offered by the Shield Hero, many Siltvelt nobles placed higher bids to buy and torture them. This money was used to buy back Raphtalia's villagers from Zeltoble.

Volume 11

When Naofumi was trying to repopulate his territory by buying the slaves, the slave trades of Zeltoble mostly shown a number of female slaves who were healthy, good looking and sexy. They were openly trying to seduce Naofumi. Naofumi also notes their cage to be well off than what he normally has seen. Naofumi has seen through them and revealed that the noble family of the demi-human nations are sending their daughter to copulate with the shield hero under the guise of slaves, as Naofumi is known for taking slaves as his comrades. This is mostly for the political advantage for their families. Naofumi mildly warned them and slave traders to stop this kind of nonsense.

Volume 13

Naofumi wanted to invade Q'ten Lo Lo with the help of Siltvelt as they are the only nation involved in trading with them. Using this opportunity, Siltvelt did all they could to claim the Shield hero as theirs and failed to comply with Naofumi's request of providing a boat.


The religion in Siltvelt is branched of from a sect of the Four Saints Faith, where they believe only in the Shield Hero - thus making it the very opposite pole of Melromarc's Church of Three Heroes.


The Siltvelt Kingdom form of Government is a mixture of an Absolute Monarchy and an oligarchy power structure with powerful nobles bidding to keep in the favor with the Public for Power and influence. The current Monarch of the Silvelt Kingdom is unknown.

Balance of Power

The Siltvelt Kingdom Currently has 4 Major Political Parties: Hakuko, Genmum, Shasku and the Aotatsu inside their Government competing for power and influence within the Government. The following is some information of the Siltvelt Kingdom Political Parties:


The Hakuko were the head of the radical party. However, since their king died, they have quieted down, but people are wary of whether or not they'll rise again. Their race was given this name by the ancient Shield Hero. But Naofumi suspects that the ancient Shield Hero must have mentioned Byakko and it got changed in the passage of time. They are known for their battle instincts which Naofumi witnesses firsthand. They were formerly the most influential race with slightly more control than the Genmu, Shusaku, and Aotatsu races. They were mentioned to be the toughest opponents for the wise king of Melromarc, as they used their fighting instincts, spirit, and will-power against his wisdom. A Genmu representative inquired Naofumi, if a Hakuko was under his care, fearing of toppling in their power balance. in Siltvelt and was relieved to know that they were half-blooded demi-humans. As Half-Blooded Demi-humans are considered not to be Demi-Humans by them.


The Genmu tend to generally side with the moderate faction within Siltvelt. They are currently one of the 3 most influential races.


The Shusaku are supposed to be neutral, but some seemed to be a part of a radical faction within Siltvelt. They are currently one of the 3 most influential races.


Many of those from the Aotatsu race believe in the Dragon Faith as opposed to Siltvelt's major religion, the Shield Faith. They are currently one of the 3 most influential races.


Their battle abilities seem naturally high, and their movements are nice. They once tried to conquer the world and would have succeeded, if it wasn't for the wise King of Melromarc. Even without the Heroes, they were able to contain the waves, even if they couldn't fight it directly. They were members of the coalition army in assisting the heroes in the subjugation of Houou, Tact expedition and also the fight against Medea.

International Relations


Melromarc's main dispute with Siltvelt is fueled by the human superiority and Demi-Human discrimination practices in Melromarc that contrast with the Demi-Human superiority and human discrimination practices in Siltvelt. They also take issue with Melromarc for being able to summon the Heroes and struggle for control over the Shield Hero. During the time, Aultcray was acting beyond his authority and trying to arrest the fleeing Naofumi on false charges, riots were broke out and when his slave was forcefully taken from him, they started preparing for war. The queen of Melromarc somehow quelled them. Their relationship started to take a better turn after joining force against Houou and Tact's invasion. They gladly accepted Melty's coordination as queen and her engagement to the Shield Hero. However, both countries is yet to change their slave treatment policy under the pretext of taking a step in the future.

Q'ten Lo

Siltvelt is the only nation to have trade with the isolated nation of Q'ten Lo.


Though both nations are Demi-human nations, Siltvelt has some bad blood with Shieldfreeden. This was greatly shown during the time of Tact's expedition, as Shieldfreeden sided with Tact.


They have a decent relation with Zeltoble. They also used the slave merchant of this nation to send Nobel men's daughter to become  Naofumi's bride, as Naofumi takes slaves as his comrades, but it was seen through by Naofumi and was stopped.


Being a powerful nation and also because of the fair treatment of Demi-humans, Siltvelt sees Faubley in a good light. When the Hakuko race were involved in the incident resulting in the dead of the parents of the third legal heir to the throne, Aultcray, Faubley avoided any conflict with Siltvelt for political reasons. Siltvelt raised their arms against Faubley when Takt took over the nation and declared to unite the world under its flag and stole Shield heroes weapon. Siltvelt gave it's all against Faubley for Takt not only responsible for killing their fellow demi-humans but also for hurting the true Hero of the Shield.


Siltvelt is on the main world continent surrounded by some of the most powerful kingdoms on the continent: Rock Valley, Melromarc, Shieldfreeden, Zeltoble, etc.



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