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This Article is based on the Official Translations of the Light Novel Spin-off series!
The Reprise of the Spear Hero spin-off is set in a timeline separated from the original story. Events detailed here occur independently of the original Light Novel but this page may still contain indirect spoilers.

Sakura (サクラ Sakura?, lit. "Cherry Blossoms") is a Filolial Queen Candidate raised by the Spear Hero. Although she was raised by another hero, she has more affection towards the Shield Hero.



Her feathers are a shade of light pink the same color as sakura blossoms.[1]

Because she was raised by a hero, she was able to undergo the extra stage of development of developing into a Filolial Queen resembling a giant owl.[2]



She has the ability to transform into a human resembling a young angel with wings on her back.[2]

Her hair is long, pink, and flows down her shoulders. She wears a pea-green one-piece dress made by Motoyasu. It is decorated in pink heart patterns and a single dark green ribbon tied above her chest.[3][4]


During the fifth loop, Naofumi raised Sakura instead of Motoyasu. Surprisingly, Sakura's development was slower than Motoyasu's Filolials and her eyes are blue instead of pink. Her smell was also noted to be a combination of loop 3 Sakura and Filo.

When Sakura fully developed into her human form, she turned into a fully grown woman instead of a child. In this adult form, Sakura prefers woman's clothing instead of a boy or girl's clothing.


Sakura is easy-going and loves to receive attention - especially from Naofumi. She is stubborn, slow, and lazy much to Yuki's frustration but takes her job to protect Naofumi and Keel seriously. She is also blunt and often unintentionally insults people.

Sakura reminds Motoyasu of Filo more than any of the other Filolials he has raised.[4]


She was a cheap egg bought from a breeder in Melromarc and later raised alongside two other Filolials, Yuki and Kou, by Motoyasu.[1]

Like most filolials, she loves carts.


Loop 4

(Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 4 - Light Novel Volume 2 Chapter 10)

While on the way to Siltvelt, Motoyasu stops by a filolial farmer to buy filolials eggs. He ended up buying one expensive egg and two cheap eggs. Sakura hatched out of one of the cheap eggs. While she was technically raised by Motoyasu, she quickly became affectionate with Naofumi and became his protector. Over the next few days, Sakura matures into her filolial queen form and Motoyasu creates clothes for her. The group is then met by Fitoria who test all three filolials. All three pass and are chosen as possible successors to the true Filolial Queen position.

Eventually, the group make it to Siltvelt. However, Naofumi is constantly harassed by hordes of women who want to have children with him. Sakura ends up being his main defence against these women. One day, Sakura finds poison tailored to kill filolials in her food and refuses to eat it. Learning about this, Naofumi gets extremely upset and demands that the leadership find whoever tried to poison her. Later, Sakura participated in the war against Melromarc.

Loop 5

Information to be added later on.


  • Her name, Sakura (サクラ, Sakura) means "cherry blossoms" in Japanese. The name Momo (桃, Momo) means "peaches" was also considered.
    • Naofumi chose these names because of her pink hair color.
  • Her dress is pea-green used to compliment how she gets along with Naofumi.
  • It is implied that she is actually Filo, but since the conditions that lead up to her hatching is different, she hatches as Sakura instead.