Sadeena (サディナ Sadina?) is a Sakamata therianthrope and companion of the Shield Hero. She's also one of the top fighters of Rock Valley.



In her human form, she appears to be like a beautiful traditional Japanese-style woman with long black hair, fair skin, and face that would rival even Raphtalia.


In her Sakamata form where she has the appearance of a therianthrope Orca, Sadeena is quite large in human standards but average-sized for her race. She also tends to wear a loincloth.


She acts lazily to prevent others from getting a hold of her, but underneath that, she easily obsesses over things. To summarize, she’s someone you can’t let your guard down around. However, she is also quite caring and responsible when she has to be and is described as everyone's "Onee-san." RaphtaliaFilo, villagers in Rock Valley, and the people in the other village hold great respect for her, although Naofumi can only see her as a loose person who likes to play around.


Sadeena was born and grew up in Q'ten Lo islands in a special lineage related to the devotion of the God Water Dragon and the Heavenly Emperor. At some point in her adolescence, she became the head priest of the Water Dragon and became friends with the heir of Q'ten Lo throne, Raphtalia's father. After that, under unknown circumstances, she decided to follow Raphtalia's parents when they decided to elope from the country, leaving behind her old life.

After leaving their country, she and Raphtalia's parents settle down in Melromarc's Seaetto territory, as the governor was receiving great quantities of immigrants as part of the Queen's initiative to create a Demi-human protected district. Once she rescued Keel from drowning in the ocean.

Sadeena went far away for fishing, in times of wave, unable to return in time to rescue the villagers. Raphtalia and the surviving villagers believe that the catastrophe of the wave and it's monster could be subsumed if Sadeena was present. Sadeena herself regrets not being there in the village in times of the wave.




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