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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
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She acts lazily to prevent others from getting a hold of her, but underneath that, she easily obsesses over things. To summarize, she’s someone you can’t let your guard down around. However, she is also quite caring and responsible when she has to be, and is described as everyone's "Onee-san". RaphtaliaFilo, villagers in Rock Valley, and the people in the other village hold great respect for her, although Naofumi can only see her as a loose person who likes to play around.



In her human form she appears to be like a beautiful traditional Japanese-style woman with long black hair, fair skin, and face that would rival even Raphtalia.


In her Sakamata form, Sadeena is quite large in human standards but average sized for her race. She also tends to wear a loincloth.


Sadeena can fight both in close quarters and with magic. She can also use a wide rage of ritual magic including self-buffing magic as well as Choral Magic and dragon vein magic, even being able to swiftly counter-cast Zweitte-level spells. She's also a very skilled fighter, being able to more than hold her own against Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo while untransformed, even going as far as pointing out their mistakes while fighting. Though they would have her beat had they not been cursed at that time.

Innate Abilities

Echolocation: Just like whales, killer whales and dolphins, she can use sonar to locate objects and people. This also can render illusion magic ineffective.

Animal form: Sadeena can transform into a form resembling a humanoid killer whale on land, with legs and arms unlike a normal killer whale. This form increases all of her stats, and raises her fighting ability while in water enviroments even further.


  • 「Dreifach Chain Lightning」Several blindingly bright bolts of lightning shoot out from Sadeena's harpoon piercing right through enemies.
  • 「Anti-Zweitte Aura」A counter-spell that nullifies the effects of the Aura spell before they're applied.
  • 「Dreifach Thunder Burst」An ultra-thick bolt of lightning. Naofumi notes that such power puts it on par with the ritual magic「Judgement」
  • 「Dreifach Thunder Bolt」Shoots a bolt of lightning. The electricity can be redirected if it strikes a conductive object, such as iron.
  • 「Dreifach Lightning Speed」Lightning rains down on Sadeena, enveloping and electrifying her body, raising agility. This also electrocutes nearby enemies, like static electricity.
  • 「Dreifach Thunder Guard」Envelops Sadeena in thunder, protecting her from attacks.
  • 「Dreifach Paralyzing Thunder」Electric-type paralysis magic.
  • 「Descent of the Thunder God」Sadeena casts this magic in cooperation with naofumi. Makes the target's stats skyrocket. Also gives them the ability to use electric-type attacks and allows the use of electric-type combo skills.





Sadeena appreciates Naofumi for saving the children of Raphtalia's village, especially in regards to Raphtalia herself. However, she herself falls for Naofumi after he defeats her in drinking alcohol. Naofumi considers her a valuable asset, she is very powerful, reliable and experienced, even in regards to the other allies he has around him. At every attempt she makes to flirt with Naofumi however, she is turned down naturally.

“Sadeena once said, ‘My life companion must be someone who can drink more than me! If I meet someone like that, I’ll never let them go so everyone should be prepared~” Hence, when Naofumi beat her in a drinking competition she set her sights on him.