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S'yne Lokk (セイン=ロック Sein Rokku?) is one of the Vassal Wielders of a fallen world. She now lives in Raphtalia's World, she is the Sewing Set Hero (裁縫道具の勇 Saihōdōgu No Yuusha?).


S'yne appears to be a young girl either in mid-teens. She has short silver hair and blue eyes.

Her clothing made of fabric and has visible stitching marks. It is unknown whether her clothing is unique to herself or if everyone had the same style of clothing in her fallen world.

She also wields one of the Vassal Weapons called the Vassal Sewing Set which often takes the form of a giant pair of scissors.


She doesn't express much emotion, she often keeps quiet and wears a blank expression on her face.

Due to her communication problem presumed to be caused by her Vassal Weapon being broken during her escape she can't talk vocally without sometimes being cut off mid-sentence. She does, however, communicate clearly through her familiar.


Vassal Sewing Set Skills

  • Lea-(static interference) Spider Net: Creates a spider shape net made of thread trapping target.

Weapon Transformation

S'yne has the ability to transform her Vassal weapon that appears as a giant pair of scissors to turn into a ball of yarn which she can freely mimic the string in any direction wants, wrapping around objects and living beings.

It was later discovered that yarn form is extremely weak to magic.


She can teleport anywhere if she leaves a special needle at a destination spot or even on a person which was shown in volume 11 where she was able to teleport to Naofumi due to her sticking a needle in his shoulder during the fight at the Colosseum. Teleporting multiple people at once is dangerous as her weapon is in a weakened state.


S'yne makes her own Familiar using her Vassal Weapons. As Murder Pierrot she controlled two Familiar that took the shapes of puppets during her fight at the Colosseum.

Later fighting along with Naofumi she had made two brand new familiar that look like a life-size version of Raph-chan and a small version of Sadeena's therianthrope form. The Familiar can float in mid-air and talk if S'yne wills it too.

She usually uses the Familiar to speak on her behalf.


Not much is known about S'yne past except for that she appears to be the sole survivor her previous world, known now to be called "fallen world." Her previous world was destroyed by two other worlders, she manages to escape traveling to the world where Naofumi and the other 3 Heroes were summoned. She is barely able to communicate due to her voice being cut or covered by static sounds. It is speculated it is either due to her vassal weapon being damaged in the process of her escape or her previous world being destroyed. It does hint in volume 11 that she might have been friends with the Legendary Heroes in her world.


Volume 10

She was first introduced as Murder Pierrot, which she wore a mask and a weird outfit at the time during her fight with Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo, and Sadeena at the colosseum.

Volume 11

She later appears at Naofumi's territory, where she was holding a tray wanting to be served some of Naofumi's cooking. She was later pushed away by Naofumi despite her wanting to help him, but due to Naofumi's trust issue, he wanted nothing to do with her.

When Keel was almost about to die, S'yne appeared just in time to stop the Other Worlders from giving Keel a fatal attack. It was later revealed that she was able to appear just in time due to her teleportation skill where she was able to teleport to any of her needles.

Later, when Raphtalia killed the Other Worlders for good, S'yne was speechless and hinted that she felt joy. Knowing that the Other Worlders that had destroyed her world are now gone forever.

Volume 12

Due to S'yne voice being cut by static, she now uses an accessory on her Familiar to communicate with Naofumi and others.

In S'yne's spare time, she focused on earning money in the Colosseum which she shared half the profits with Naofumi at the time she was earning money she was fully unaware that Gaelion was rampaging and was upset that she couldn't help Naofumi when he could have needed his help. She also helped protect the slaves from both incidents involving the Bow Hero and the assassination of Raphtalia.



After being defeated at the Colosseum, and losing her contract, she was left homeless. Strongly desiring to aid him, she decides to follow Naofumi.

She had little interaction with Ren but was shocked at his weakness.

  • Other Worlders

S'yne has a strong hatred towards the Other Worlders for destroying her world.


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