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S'yne Lokk (セイン=ロック Sein Rokku?) is one of the Vassal Wielders of a fallen world. She now lives in Raphtalia's World, she is the Sewing Hero (裁縫道具の勇 Saihōdōgu No Yuusha?).


S'yne appears to be a young girl either in mid-teens. She has short silver hair and blue eyes.

Her clothing made of fabric and has visible stitching marks. Her clothing seems to be the norm in her former world as her sister has clothing with the same markings. The only difference being that her sister has fur.

She also wields one of the Vassal Weapons called the Vassal Sewing Set which often takes the form of a giant pair of scissors.


She first doesn't seem to express much emotion and often keeps quiet to herself but it was revealed it was due to a communication problem from her Vassal Weapon slowly deteriorating after its world has been destroyed. She does openly express her emotions and turns to be quite talkative when she was able to communicate clearly through her familiar. She tends to be a free spirit and comes and goes when she pleases.


S'yne is a survivor of her previous world which was destroyed by other worlders, she managed to survive via her Vassal Weapon and travelled to other worlds and eventually ended up in the world where Naofumi and the other three Heroes were summoned. She is barely able to communicate due to her voice being cut, it was speculated it was either due to her Vassal Weapon being damage in the process of her escape or her previous world being destroyed.

It was hinted that she might have been close friend with the Legendary Heroes of her world. It was also revealed that S'yne's sister may be partially responsible for the destruction of their world.


  • Due to her world being destroyed, S'yne's Vassal Weapon is slowly losing power and her condition is starting to decline. This was then helped when The Legendary Shield offered to lend some power and S'yne's sister helped partially repair her weapon.