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—Rishia Ivyred

Rishia Ivyred (リーシア=アイヴィレッド Rishia Aivireddo?) is the daughter of the House of Ivyred, a noble family.


Rishia is extremely devoted and will go to extreme lengths to be useful to the object of her devotion. After Itsuki cast her out of his party for an act she did not commit, she is devastated. She weeps and, believing that she was nothing but a burden to Itsuki, runs into the sea hoping to die.

Even after being saved and recruited into the party by Naofumi and Filo, Rishia's admiration for the Bow Hero doesn't waver, and she hopes to continue growing stronger so she can be of help to Itsuki in the future.

Despite her clumsy demeanor, Rishia has proven to be a worthy addition to Naofumi's party. She was the one who helped Naofumi turn the tides against the heroes from the other world with the smart deployment of a barrel of Lucor Fruit (which renders people unconscious or weakened, with the exception of Naofumi due to his high resistance). She is also an adept magic-user, able to utilize all kinds of magic at a general level.


She looks to be brought up well, and her genes look good. She’s petite and doesn't seem suitable for combat.



When classing up she chose a class with better close-combat skills for Itsuki and completely ignored her strong points. Because she chose a class that ignored her talents, it ruined her ability to improve. When in close combat, Rishia fights very clumsily.



According to Rishia, she was never very talented at anything, but if she had to pick something, magic would be what she was most skilled at. However, Itsuki preferred members who could act as a vanguard.

She can use a sword, cast magic and perform healing.she recites magic and casts recovery on someone who is injured. She can use all types of Magic and is quite resourceful otherwise.

She is capable of Elemental magic, a synthesis of fire, water, earth, and wind magic. It’s apparently hard to control, and there are few people with the necessary magic attributes to use it. The Magic Shopkeeper tried hard to get Rishia to learn it. She said that there were very few people with the potential to use it. But, it is the perfect magic for the Jack of All Trades, Rishia.

Hengen Musou Skills:

By concentrating chi on her eyes, Rishia can see the flow of energy. The Instructor was so impressed by her talent and enthusiasm that she taught her the Peerless Transformation Style. Rishia excels at maintaining Peerless Activity for a long time.

Seven Star Projectile Skills:


Rishia was mentioned to have studied in a school at Faubley until she was forced to discontinue her studies due to her family's money problems. Naofumi suspects that both Rishia and Malty might have studied in the same school with a few years between them. Aside from Gym, she had such good grades that she had trouble choosing what to major in. It is because of Faubley's influence that she doesn't share the nation's negative bias against the Shield hero.

Her family is technically noble but they live in a farmhouse and not a mansion. They were tasked with governing a town. Though they were poor, they lived peacefully. They disagreed with a number of Royal pronouncements which resulted in their authority chipped away. They learned of a neighboring town, Northern Territory that was governed by a rotten Noble, who obtained their funds through illegal means. Fearing him, they started to raise their defenses to protect their region which drained the remainder of their resources. This earned the ire of the fellow men.

Recently, the fields, crops, and buildings in their town were sabotaged, and theft at night became common. Merchants and tradesmen stopped coming to their region. The neighboring Nobleman asked for their daughter in return for his help to them for their recovery from the situation, but they refused. Soon the burglaries increased. Even though they never asked for any guild assistance, a bunch of adventures chased away the bandits and the bill was sent to them from the guild. Finally, their daughter, Rishia, was forcefully taken away by that Nobleman in exchange for half the fund and some bodyguards. Later, the bodyguards were revealed to be the same people involved in the robbery and the request to the guild was sent by the nobleman under their name. The evidence was erased and the couple was asked the same amount for their daughter's return.

That evening, Itsuki and his companions who were investigating about the evil noble, came to know about Rishia and infiltrated the villainous Noble's Mansion and used the authority of the Hero to put an end to their dealings and save Rishia.

Rishia felt greatly indebted to her saviors and decided to join Itsuki’s party. To show her gratitude and support for her savior, Rishia would go on to join Itsuki's party. She would then be treated as an errand girl, carrying food and supplies for the Bow Hero's party, leaving her talent in magic unused and untapped.


Volume 4

Rishia was present in the story from the time of the third wave, she wasn't that visible as a character.

Volume 5

During the Cal Mira Island Arc, she saves the heroes in a losing battle against the people from the other world using a dud barrel bomb filled with Lucor fruit, dizzying all other entities with the exception of Naofumi.

Volume 6

After the event, the Queen praises and acknowledges her efforts, but Itsuki, bitter about his easy loss at the hands of the enemy, is angered that his subordinate is getting more recognition than he is. This pettiness is later revealed to be Itsuki's true reason for kicking her out of his party, as he knew that she was merely being framed by his fellow party members. Itsuki falsely accuses Rishia of breaking Itsuki's bracelet that he got from the Swindling Merchant which deeply upsets her. Everyone in the party including Itsuki shuns her out of the party. She responds by trying to commit suicide only to have Filo save her. Naofumi demands an explanation of Itsuki, only to be told that he was caring for her, since she was not suited for fighting.

Running into the sea in hopes of dying, Rishia's suicide attempt is foiled by Filo and Naofumi, wherein the latter convinces her to keep living after seeing himself in her. Naofumi is outraged that she is being falsely accused and asks her to join his party in order to become stronger. She hesitantly does so for Itsuki's sake. She is level 68 when she joins the party so in order to compensate for her lower level, she is asked to wear the Penguin Plush. Despite everything, Rishia remains devoted to the Bow Hero and hopes to someday return to his side.

Naofumi asks her to consider becoming his because he has an ability that boosts the growth of his slaves called Slave Growth Correction ability. He also learned of a way to reset her level/stats/class up a choice from the queen which he also offered to do for her. After considering it heavily, she decides to trust him and become a slave. Soon after accepting, a High-class slave crest was engraved on Rishia’s chest. Just like with Bitch, after a while it became invisible.

Volume 7

She joined hands with Naofumi in the fight against the Spirit tortoise and showed her hidden skill during her fight with Kyo. She crossed over into the other world because of her belief in her own version of justice and continued her fight for it. She even amazed Naofumi by learning the other world's language and writings. She antagonized Kyo for reason of Ost & Itsuki and fought till victory.

Volume 10

After returning to the world she continued her research about the wave and helped Naofumi in raising the villagers.



Naofumi finds Itsuki's treatment of Rishia worse than that of a slave and took her under his wing.

Rishia views Naofumi in a better light than the rest of her country and doesn't share the views of her nation's religion. At first, Rishia was more nervous and scared because of his demeanor but was really surprised when she realized his real personality. During Malty's rebellion, she argued against Itsuki's flawed opinions of Naofumi being evil and defended him.

Like with every-other female, Motoyasu tries to flirt with Rishia, but Rishia sees this as an act of kindness. After seeing her in tears, Motoyasu awakened his yandere trauma and tried to push her and her issue on to Naofumi.

He was completely unaware of her existence.

Vassal Wielders

Even though the reason for their status as fallen noble was because of Aultcray's actions, Rishia and her family still believe that Melromarc will remain peaceful, as long as Aultcray was there. When Naofumi asks Rishia, who the renowned Staff heroes was, she points to Trash much to the sneer of Naofumi. She believes that the behavior of Trash might be a strategical act, indicating that she too doubts his former deeds.