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Natural and Learnt Abilities

Since Ren broke free from his cursed series and began training his swordplay with Eclair, he has become a very competent swordsman who often prefers to use quick and agile attacks in addition to hit-and-run techniques. He also tends to completely focus on his opponent, which often turns against him, especially when he is attacked by surprise.

Ren is also a very capable blacksmith, who was trained by Erhard and Erhard's master. He tends to degrade a lot seeing that his creations are not as good as those of his teachers, to which Naofumi usually says that he is just beginning and that he is actually very good since he is capable of making weapons of high-quality weapons only having a few months of training. Naofumi also told him about the Filo Kigurumi that Erhard made, and that it is the creation he is most ashamed of, so he could see that even his Masters had dark moments.

Legendary Sword

Offensive Abilities

  • Shooting Star Sword/Comet Sword「流星剣 Ryuusei Ken (lit. Meteor Sword)

The user charges their sword with magic energy which then releases in a flash of stars.[1]

  • Crimson Sword「紅蓮剣 Guren Ken (lit. Crimson Lotus Sword)

The user charges their sword with red energy and releases a frenzy of slashes.[1] In the anime, the ability also encases the sword in a cloak of flame.

  • Red Hand Sword/Hundred Swords「ハンドレッドソード Handoreddo Soodo

The user lifts his sword into the air which shatters into hundreds of smaller swords which rain down on enemies. The skill is mistranslated as Red Hand Sword.[2]

  • Thunder Sword「雷鳴剣 Raimei Ken (lit. Thunder Sword)

The user launches a wave of lightning that cuts and shocks the target.[3]

  • Air Strike Bash「エアストバッシュ Easuto Basshu (lit. First Bash, Erst = "First" in German)

The user's sword flashes with a bright light and releases a shockwave that disarms the target.[4]

  • Flashing Sword「閃光剣 Senkou Ken (lit. Flash Sword)

The user's sword flashes with a bright light and temporarily blinds the target.[5]

  • Chain Bind「チェインバインド Chein Baindo

This skill summons chains from the ground to bind the target.[6]

  • Chain Bind → Chain Needle「チェインニードル Chein Niidoru

This spell turn the chains summoned from Chain Bind into something like barbed wire which damages the target while binding them.[6]

  • Dragon Buster「ドラゴンバスター Doragon Basutaa

Flames burst out of the sword and take shape of a dragon. This skill is more effective against dragons.[7]

  • Eagle Blade「イーグルブレイド Iiguru Bureido

This skill allows the wielder to unleash a defence-ignoring attack.[8]

  • Gravity Sword「重力剣 Juuryoku Ken (lit. Gravity Sword)

This skill increases the gravity around the target to restrict its movement.[9]

  • Phoenix Gale Blade「鳳凰烈風剣 Houou Reppu Ken (lit. Pheonix's Gale Sword)

This skill charges the sword with red energy and then unleashes a maelstrom of flames. A bird of fiery energy erupts from the storm and charges towards the target.[10]

  • Sword 0「0の剣 Zero no Tsurugi

This skill has 0 damage, cool-down and SP consumption but was later revealed to be effective against illegitimate powers.[11]

Utility Abilities

  • Transport Sword「転送剣 Tensou Ken (lit. Transport Sword)

It allows the user and party members to teleport to a place they have visited and registered before.[5] Weirdly enough, in JP, the name of this skill was written as「転移剣 Teni Ken (lit. Relocation Sword)」only on one volume for some reason.[12]

  • Hide Sword「ハイドソード Haido Soodo

It allows the user to turn invisible.[13]

  • Float Sword「フロートソード Furooto Soodo

This ability summons a floating sword that the user can control. Ren doesn't usually use it because it requires too much concentration.[14]

  • Dragon Wipe Sword「滅竜剣 Metsuryuu Ken (lit. Dragon Annihilation Sword)

The swords covers itself in a purple energy which converts the user's skills and weapon so that they will be more effective against dragons.[15]

  • Unnamed Dual Wielding Skill

Summons a second Sword which can hold a different form than the first.[16]

  • Wind Cutter Whistle「風切り笛 Kazekiri Chaku (lit. Wind Slicing Whistle)
Causes swinging the sword to cause various sounds. Ren and Naofumi consider that this is a dead ability, but that it could be of some use.[17]

Synergy Skills

Through the use of his unique Magic Enchantment magic, Ren can integrate magic to create combo skills even magic used to attack him.

  • Flame Edge「フレイムエッジ Fureimu Ejji

A combination of the Liberation Magic Enchantment magic and Mega Prominence Nova, Ren can absorb the magical flames into his sword to imbue into his own attack. This attack unleashes a deep crimson slash right at the target.[18]

  • Tornado Edge「トルネードエッジ Toruneedo Ejji

A combination of the Liberation Magic Enchantment magic and the Cooperation magic Whirlwind, Ren can absorb the powerful magic into his sword. This covers the sword edge with endless wind waves which greatly increases his attack.[19]

  • Vorpal Comet Sword「真空流星剣 Shinkuu Ryuusei Ken (lit. Vacuity Meteor Sword)

A combination of the Liberation Magic Enchantment magic absorbing wind magic and the Comet Sword X skill. As the user swings, the sword unleashes countless powerful star which turn into vacuum blades. The vacuum blades coalesce to become a whirling tornado of blades which engulf the targets.[19]

  • Lightning Sword「ライトニングソード Raitoningu Soodo

A combination of the Liberation Magic Enchantment magic and the compound magic Thunder God. Ren can absorb the powerful magic into his sword. This covers the blade of the sword with a powerful crackling lightning bolt.[20]

  • Lightning Hundred Sword「ライトニングハンドレッドソード Raitoningu Handoreddo Soodo

A combination of release magic enchantment magic that absorbs lightning magic and the Hundred Sword skill. Ren rains down hundreds of lightning-covered swords around him.[20]

Curse Series (Greed & Gluttony)

  • Assassinating Sword「アサッシングソード Asasshingu Soodo

An incredibly powerful attack which apparently requires a sneak-attack to activate.[6]

  • Maneater - Shooting Star Sword「羅刹・流星剣 Rasetsu - Ryuusei Ken (lit. Rakshasa - Meteor Sword)

A modification of Shooting Star Sword that unleashes a slash of black stars which covers a large area.[6]

  • Chain BindChain Needle → Guillotine「ギロチン Girochin

Chains wrap around the target's body and turn into barbed wire piercing into the target's skin. A guillotine is summoned out of thin air and the blade drops onto the target. Upon breaching the target's defense, this skill steals their SP.[6]

  • Gold Rebellion「ゴルドリベリオン Gorudo Riberion

This skill summons a mass of golden treasures in the air which slowly assembles to become a sinister and gaudy sculpture of gold. The effects of this skill is unknown. Naofumi suspects that this is the greed equivalent of Blood Sacrifice. [21]

  • Strong Decline「ストロングディクライン Sutorongu Dikurain

This skill causes Ren to amass sinister light which then travels into the ground. As it does so, the ground begins to shake and split open beneath the target's feet. Fangs grow from the fractures and also try to bite the target. This skill also degrades the surrounding area as the ground erupts in geysers of grey, foul-smelling liquid while mold and mushrooms start the blood. The rotting sea starts to birth monstrous flies that head towards the target. Naofumi suspects that this is the gluttony equivalent of Blood Sacrifice.[22]

Web Novel Exclusive Skills

  • Soul Steal「ソウルスティール」

This skill allows Ren to drain magic power and SP out of the target.[23]

  • Variable Messiah「バリアブルメサイア」

This skill causes the sword to shine and greatly increase its size to smash the enemy.[24]

  • Sword of X0「Ⅹ0の剣」

An upgraded version of Sword of 0 but inflicts greater damage upon gods.[25]

  • Claiomh Solais「クラウ・ソラス」

This skill launches a strong wave of light akin to Motoyasu's Brionac.[26]

  • Sword Defense「ソードディフェンス」

The user plunges their sword into the ground and summons multiple swords to block an attack or block the path of enemies.[27]

  • Air Strike Bash → Second Bash「セカンドバッシュ」

The user releases a second consecutive shock wave after Air Strike Bash.[28]

  • Air Strike Bash → Second Bash → Dritte Bash「ドリットバッシュ」

The user releases a third consecutive shock wave after Second Bash.[29]

  • Fragarach「フラガラッハ」

The user summons a floating sword that automatically attack enemies.[30]

  • Cooking Messiah「クッキングメサイア」

It's a weak skill, but one that increases the chance of rare drops when used.[31]

  • Air Strike Slash

The user unleashes a powerful slash against their enemy.

  • Air Strike Slash → Second Slash

The user unleashes a second slash against their enemy, after Air Strike Slash.

  • Slash Cross

A combined ability of Air Strike Slash and Second Slash. The user unleashes a powerful cross slash against your enemies.


Ren has a natural affinity for water and support magic.

  • Zweite/Liberation Magic Enchant「ツヴァイト/リベレイション・マジックエンチャント Tsuvaito/Ribereishon Majikku Enchanto

This spell absorbs magic from spells used on him and applies it to Ren's sword, temporarily increasing its strength. He first learned this spell at the Cal Mira islands inscription.[32]

  • Dreifa/Liberation Fire Resist「ドライファ/リベレイション・レジストファイア Doraifa/Ribereishon Rejisuto Faia

This spell reduces the target's damage from fire-based attack.[33]

  • Liberation Bless Power「リベレイション・ブレスパワー Ribereishon Buresu Pawaa

This support spell greatly increases the target's attack power and speed.[15]

Hengen Muso

After joining Naofumi's village, Ren started learning to utilize life force energy - especially from Eclair. This allows the user to imbue life force into any attack, magic or skill to increase the effectiveness. In addition, life force can be added to attacks in order to make them defence-ignoring or defence-rating attacks.

  • Multistrike Demolition「多層崩撃 Tasou Hougeki (lit. Multilayer Collapsing Strike)

The user unleashes a barrage of near-simultaneous thrusts which are either defense-ignoring or defense-rating.[19]


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