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Natural and Learnt Abilities

She generally uses a sword and illusion (Light and Dark) magic but is able to use a wider variety of magic types after her Class Up. She later studies magic under the tutelage of the Melromarc's Court Magician and goes with Granny to study and become a master of Hengen Muso.


Offensive Skills

  • Illusion Sword

Used with Raphtalia's magic sword. It creates the illusion of the blade of a sword used to attack the enemy. This blade does not damage its target physically but causes mental damage associated with the supposed strike of the sword.

  • Ying Yang Blade

A technique where she fires the energy released by a defeated enemy and converts it into an attack.

Vassal Katana

Main article: Vassal Katana

Offensive Skills

  • Crescent Moon Sword

Releases a flash of light which looks like a crescent moon from the katana.

  • Powder Snow

Slashes at the target and drains their magic power by releasing it as fine snow from the wounds made by this skill.[1]

  • Instant Blade: Mist

Unleashes an incredibly fast but simple strike on the target.[2]

  • Brave Blade: Mist

Traces and shoots out an energy cross by using two blades.[3]

  • Misty Moon

The user lower their sword and then quickly slices upwards. As they do so, the katana's blade flashes then apparates a dark, ghostly, moon-like disc which flies - spinning and slicing at the target.

  • Spirit Blade: Soul Slice

A skill similar to Soul Eat that depletes enemy SP. It can also damage non-corporeal enemies, such as ghosts.[4]

  • Thrusting Technique: Lethal Formation One

The user makes a lethal thrust.

  • Thrusting Technique: Lethal Formation Two

The user makes a second lethal thrust after Formation One.[5]

  • Wind Blade: Vacuum

The user takes a quick-draw stance and unsheathes their katana. This unleashes a blade of wind towards the target.[6]

  • Triple Thrust

The user makes three successive thrusts instantly. This can work with one katana in each hand to make six consecutive thrusts.[7]

  • Stardust Blade

The user charges their blade with magic which can then be released in an explosion of stars.[8]

  • Light Stardust Blade

Similar to stardust blade however the power is reduced.[9]

  • Life Force Blade: Guard Breaker

This spell wields life force with the Vassal Katana to use a defense-ignoring or defense-rating attack.[10]

  • Kagura Dance of Sakura: First Formation: Blossom

This skill imitates the power of Q'ten Lo's pacifier. Makes a powerful slash with a flurry of cherry blossoms. This attack is effective against Heroes or those with the Sakura Stone of Destiny's blessing.[11]

  • Kagura Dance of Sakura: Second Formation: Beginning Blossom

This skill imitates the power of Q'ten Lo's pacifier. Makes a second powerful slash with a flurry of cherry blossoms after the first formation. This attack is effective against Heroes or those with the Sakura Stone of Destiny's blessing.

  • Kagura Dance of Sakura: Third - Sixth Formation: Third Blossom - Sixth Blossoms

This skill imitates the power of Q'ten Lo's pacifier. Makes another powerful slash with a flurry of cherry blossoms after the previous formation. Raphtalia has been seen using up to the sixth formation. This attack is effective against Heroes or those with the Sakura Stone of Destiny's blessing.[12]

  • Shadow Single Strike

Makes two simple slices with the katana filled with the dark attribute.[13]

  • Moon Katana: Crescent

The user slices in the shape of a crescent moon starting from a draw stance.[14]

  • Swallow Fall

The user slashes in the air which forms a tornado.[15]

  • Katana 0

A skill with 0 damage, cooldown and SP consumption. It was found to be effective against illegitimate powers. [16]

  • Wind Wing Cutter

It's a fast-dragging attack, in which the blade takes on a winged shape and throws a powerful vacuum blade in a straight line. This ability is a perfect recreation of one of the Heavenly Wind King's (Filo) special moves.

Defensive Skills

  • Avoiding Trip

An interrupt spell skill which reflects all magic cast on the wielder. This includes buff and debuff magic.[17]

Utility Skills

  • Double Sword

Summons a second katana which can hold a different form than the first.[18]

  • Scroll of Return/Return Transcript

Teleports the user to the last dragon hourglass they had previously registered at.[19]

  • Return Dragon Vein

Allows the user to teleport to any previously registered hourglasses from another dragon hourglass which they are touching.[20]

  • Feel Poison

It allows the Katana to detect any poison thus sending a warning to Raphtalia.

Combination Skills

  • Blade of the Thunder Emperor

A combination of Raphtalia's Brave Blade: Mist and Naofumi/Sadeena's combination magic Descent of the Thunder God. This combination skill envelops Raphtalia's katana with bluish-white lighting which radiates out brightly. When Raphtalia swings down with this katana, a rain of thunderbolts also strike the target.[21]

  • Dream Illusion: Shadow Strike

A combination of Raphtalia's Shadow Single Strike and Raph-chan's illusion magic. This combination skill generates countless illusory copies of the user. The user then uses the Shadow Single Strike skill against the enemy while in their blind spot.[13]

  • Dream Illusion: Mist Single Strike

A combination of Raphtalia's Instant Blade: Mist and Raph-chan's illusion magic. This combination skill makes countless attacks using Instant Blade: Mist on the target. Some are illusions while others are real. [22]


Raphtalia has a natural affinity for Light and Dark Magic.

  • Drifa Light

Produces a bright illumination that reveals hidden monsters. It can also be used to blind enemies momentarily in order to escape.[23]

  • Illusion

It is magic that creates an illusion of Raphtalia to confuse her opponents.[24]

  • Zweite Hide Mirage

It is magic that hides Raphtalia's presence.[25] This spell can be upgraded with All Zweite Hide Mirage to conceal multiple targets.

  • All First Hiding

Creates an illusion, such as a tree, to hide the targets.[26]

Heavenly Emperor Abilities

Raphtalia gained the abilities of Q'ten Lo's Heavenly Emperor after conducting the coronation ceremony at the traditional capital. She then was trained by her ancestor to use these abilities. After she officially became Heavenly Empress, she and Naofumi found a magical epigraph which only she could read. This inscription described the abilities exclusive to the Heavenly Emperor. This allowed her to use the abilities more proficiently but also increased the cost. This power allows the user to sense attributes within the opponent and then imbues some kind of effect onto that attribute. Shouting the skill is not necessary but makes it easier to control the flow of power.

  • Five Elements: Destiny Split: An attack that summons 5 magic balls. These balls can both defend the caster and attack the opponent. When the attack lands, Raphtalia can inflict the following effects:
    • Fire overcomes Metal: Reduces the defence of the target and increases their weight.[27]
    • Metal Quells Fire: Nullifies the Fire Defeats Metal skill which prevents a certain weapon form being used.
    • Tree Grows Fire: Repels the Water Defeats Fire skill which prevents switching weapon forms.
  • Divine Birth of the Five Practices: Nullifies the effect of Divine Clash of the Five Practices (which infuses the user's 5 elemental balls into their attack) and temporarily disables their Heavenly Emperor abilities.[12]

Hengen Muso Style

Later on in her adventures, Raphtalia learns the Hengen Muso style of fighting and, ever since then, has become considerably more powerful.

  • Point of Focus

A basic defense-rating Hengen Muso attack which means that it is especially effective against people or objects like barriers with high defense. The attack sends energy to the core of the target and takes advantage of its rigidity to deal additional damage.

  • Eight Trigrams Blade of Destiny

A quick-attack that uses both magic and life force from Hengen Muso. The blade leaves a trail of light and summons a ying-yang pattern to knock back the enemy.[28]

  • Supreme Ultimate: Slash of Destiny

A combination of Hengen Muso and Sadeena's katana style which cuts the flow of magic power.[29]

  • Moon Ripple

An attack adapted from the Hengen Muso style. The user unleashes a swift horizontal cut with a sword which releases a crescent-moon shaped slash.[30]


  • Gemstone Sheath

The gemstone in the sheath starts to charge up once the katana is sheathed. It activates High Quick when the gemstone is charged up and the blade is drawn. The increased agility can be also used to shorten spell chants.