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Raph-chan (ラフちゃん Rafu-chan?) (Raphy in the English Dub) is a Shikigami created by combining Naofumi's blood and Raphtalia's hair and is the progenitor of the Raph race.


Due to her being "born" from Raphtalia's hair, Raph-chan greatly resembles her. She looks like a mix between a red panda, a raccoon, and a tanuki. She has a brown fluffy tail and walks on her four little legs with proportions that make her look like a mascot.

Naofumi was able to get a brief glimpse of Raph-chan's soul. He saw a Demi-Human girl with small, round animal ears and brown medium-length hair. She had a tail a little longer than Raphtalia's. Light Novel Volume 21


Raph-chan has a mixture of Raphtalia's and Naofumi's personalities. She is easy going, overly friendly and naturally lovable, but she also shares a number of Naofumi's darker personality traits such as torturing a man who had made a profit off of making Filo perform for the masses. Beneath the cute exterior, Raph-chan also has a mischievous personality.


  • Naofumi Iwatani: Immediately upon creation, Raph-chan is very affectionate of Naofumi. She constantly watches out for him such as enemies Naofumi cannot sense or see. She also acts according to Naofumi's darker actions such as torture. In return, Naofumi is fond of Raph-chan. He enjoys petting her that it's how he spends some of his free time. As a result, Raph-chan becomes a source for relieving Naofumi's stress.
  • Raphtalia: At first, Raphtalia is uneasy with Naofumi's beloved "pet" bearing her resemblance but Raph-chan soon proved her merit in protecting Naofumi so the two often ended up working together. However, Raphtalia still feels embarrassed and a little jealous when Naofumi shows affection to Raph-chan.


  • The『Chan』isn't a suffix. It's part of her name. If you were to call her properly, it would be Raph-chan-chan.
  • Naofumi named her Raph-chan because she was made using Raphtalia's hair and not because her cry is 'rafu'.
  • S'yne had once made a talking doll which looked like Raph-chan. However, Naofumi hated it since it talked instead of the original's 'rafu'[2]
  • Raph-chan's spiritual powers were alluded to be very similar to the weasel Demi-Humans called Uhnte Jimna.