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Raph (ラフ, Rafu) is a shared name among all of the monsters of the Raph Race, Tali Race, Riya Race, Rafuta Race, and Taria Race. They are all artificial lifeforms believed to be female and have features like eye colors, tails, bangs, and ears similar to Raphtalia. Their body however is more monster like and is more reminiscent of an average tanuki, albeit smaller. They are creations made by Naofumi under the curse of the seven new sins. Naofumi attempts to resurrect Raphtalia through cloning using samples of her hair after she refuses to sympathize with him and his new found goals leading him to believe she's a fake. They have similar magic abilities to the original Raphtalia and feel a natural desire to bark the word "fake" at her when they meet. Found in Chapter 281 of the Web Novel. Far into the future, the Raph Race became known as the Raphshild race but newer Raphs were weaker than the ones not raised by Heroes like the Filoreal race.