Legendary Heroes

Motoyasu Kitamura

Naofumi initially believed Motoyasu played a part in framing him for raping Malty for his own personal gains but over time Naofumi come to realize that Motoyasu is very native, delusional, stupid and evidently doesn't know he's being manipulated by Malty.

Motoyasu would continually believe Malty's words and cause Naofumi and his party trouble. These troubling events lead to Naofumi awakening the curse series.

Motoyasu tries to behave in a friendly manner towards Naofumi, despite the charges on him but becomes something of a rival or more rather an annoyance, especially with Malty's continued influence upon him. Once Naofumi's name was cleared, he begins to show more of his decent side towards him but refuses to accept it when he's told that Malty is the one who is the one who set him up.

After Malty eventually betrayed him, Motoyasu falls into depression which leads to Filo cheering him up causing him to falls completely in love with Filo and starts calling Naofumi "father-in-law." Naofumi finds his new personality troubling however easier to cooperate or manipulate since he swore loyalty to him.

Ren Amaki

Like the other three Legendary Heroes, Ren was led to believe Naofumi was guilty of the charges of "raping" Malty. However, he was also, alongside Itsuki, one of the only few people to defend and stand up for Naofumi albeit a couple of times only for personal gains.

He was grateful and apologetic towards Naofumi after he was told directly from him that he had to clean up after his mess he caused because of his careless actions. Naofumi originally believes Ren was cold and heart-less but after seeing him apologies and regretting his actions his views on him had improved. He was the only one of the other three legendary heroes who had doubts about Naofumi charges of kidnapping Princess Melty.

After the events of the Spirit Tortoise incident, Naofumi met Ren again, this time their roles reversed, Naofumi was now loved and adored by the public while the three other Heroes were hated and despised upon. As Ren explained how his party was murdered during the Spirit Tortoise Incident he called them weak blaming his now deceased party member for their deaths and not himself causing Naofumi to call him out for but refusing to face reality he was easily manipulated by Malty who later betrayed causing Ren to unlock his Curse Series and going rogue.

Eventually, after tracking down him down, Naofumi with the help of Eclair suppressed him and knocked some sense into him. After his rampage, Ren finally started to atone for his sins and started to train with Ecliar while living in Naofumi's village.

He knocked off the cold, lonely and cool Persona he was trying so hard to maintain for a genuine hard-working attitude. He also holds Naofumi in high regard and follows his request such as implementing the Power-Up systems and learning a new language.

Itsuki Kawasumi

Naofumi's relationship with Itsuki is very strained, to put it politely. He dislikes how Itsuki's actions are driven with the sole purpose of flaunting his pride and showing off for applause. He begrudges Itsuki, along with the other Heroes, for believing Malty's false accusations and their subsequent treatment towards him afterwards.

Although Itsuki did stand for Naofumi during the rigged duel and rebuked funds, he only did so to satisfy his own ego and to indirectly annoy Motoyasu.

Later on, Naofumi defended Itsuki from Raphtalia's criticisms by stating that Itsuki was stuck up, but would never let harm befall his allies; however, Naofumi's attitude changes when he loses what little respect he had for Itsuki after he finds out that the Bow Hero kicked Rishia out of his party under the pretense of a crime which he and other party members orchestrated against her.

After finally tracking the whereabouts of Itsuki after the events of the Spirit Tortoise Incident which led to a fight between Rishia and Itsuki whom was under the influence of numerous Curse Series and being manipulated by Bitch (who later betrayed him.)

Following his defeat, Itsuki breaks completely apart, losing his pride, sense of justice and becoming near-emotionless. He would follow any orders given to him and was unable to lie. Naofumi seeing Itsuki in his current condition brought him to his village where Rishia would continue to look after him.

Kizuna Kazayama

Naofumi first met Kizuna when he fell into Kyo’s trap while traveling to Glass’ world and was dropped into an inescapable prison instead. She quickly decided to trust him after hearing he had been working with Glass. He felt sympathy for her and they pooled their knowledge and Naofumi was able to engineer their escape, earning him her eternal gratitude. They decided to keep traveling together because it was safer, especially for Naofumi because his levels had reset. He remained cautious of her because Glass and the others had tried to kill him before. But Kizuna completely took his side and lectured her friends on what they had done, diffusing that threat.

They come to admire each other’s talents. They can also sympathize with each other. They have both suffered injustice after being summoned to a new world. They also both have the same kind of limitation placed on them by their holy weapons.  The fact they were both serious otaku in Japan means they sometimes get into serious discussions their other friends cannot follow at all. They share many other personality traits in common and seem to develop a close friendship.

Vassal Weapon Holders


Naofumi's first slave, a Tanuki demi-human child, that he purchased from Beloukas. Naofumi was forced to purchase her as a slave early on in order to compensate for his lack of offensive abilities, along with the stigma of the false charges against him that prevented him from forming a party with anyone else. Naofumi initially chose Raphtalia for her low price, and because he wanted to imagine enslaving Malty, who trumped up the false charges against him. Despite his questionable motives for obtaining her, Naofumi becomes a naturally benevolent master and treats Raphtalia well after acquiring her. He provides her with medicine when she is ill, food when she is hungry and protects her from harm during battles. Although she is a slave to him, the only times he would ever activate the Slave Crest to force her compliance was when she was too frightened to fight on her own. He also provides her with adequate shelter and comforts her during her various night terrors. 

Raphtalia physically matures rapidly from a child to a young adult within a week or two due to the effects of her level grinding and her being a demi-human. Raphtalia becomes significantly more outgoing towards Naofumi and even has a decent handle on him, carefully finding ways to get him to comply with her choices despite their master-slave relationship. She becomes a much-needed pillar of support for him throughout their time together. When the three other Legendary Heroes, along with the King and Malty, attempt to sabotage Naofumi's ability to accel by forcibly removing the master-slave relationship between him and Raphtalia, she rebels against her new status as a free woman and willingly chooses to restore her Slave Crest at Beloukas' tent in order to remain aside Naofumi.

She's the first person, after Erhard, to take his side after what Malty did to him, and the one who ultimately succeeds in bringing him out of his despair. She wants Naofumi to look at her as an adult woman and has on at least one occasion stripped completely naked in front of him to get his opinion of her nude figure. Unfortunately for Raphtalia, Naofumi misses her point completely, as he knows that she is really only a ten-year-old, despite the physical appearance of a twenty-year-old, and thus has no romantic eyes towards her.

Naofumi constantly expresses a father-daughter relationship with her, but Raphtalia would very much beg to differ. Naofumi trusts her implicitly. In fact, amongst his companions, she represents the one about whom he cares the most. Raphtalia is also the only reliable restraint against Naofumi's more villainous tendencies, and she expresses to him her preference that he acts as a proper hero, despite his belief that he is not. Whenever Naofumi takes pleasure in the suffering of those who've caused him grief, especially Malty and Trash, Raphtalia tries to reign him in and cautions against expressing this joy.

For Naofumi, Raphtalia is a reliable and loyal friend whom they shared their joys and sorrows together with and, is one of few he is willing to wholeheartedly trust with sense of no doubt. Naofumi notably defines Raphtalia as "very charming" when he sees her dressed in a traditional Japanese miko (shrine maiden) outfit.

Rishia Ivyred

Recruited into Naofumi's party after being kicked out of Itsuki's party. She was framed for breaking one of Itsuki's accessories by another member of the Bow Hero's party, with Itsuki himself being a willing participant of it after Rishia inadvertently stole the spotlights that he wanted for himself during a clash with Glass and the Heroes from another world.

Naofumi empathized with Rishia and felt a mutual connection due to his similar situation for being framed of false charges. After Filo saved Rishia, Naofumi swore to her that he would help to make her stronger so that Itsuki would beg to have her back on his team.

As she spent time within Naofumi's village, she had gained confidence and immense fighting skills. Rishia doesn't share the negative view of the Church of Three Heroes because of her education at Faubley and expresses fear at Naofumi's demeanor until Raphtalia was able to remove her doubts. Since then, she greatly respects and aids Naofumi with whatever he needs to.

While Itsuki was under the Pride curse and began accusing Naofumi of being evil, Rishia defends Naofumi from Itsuki's baseless accusations. She pointed out how Naofumi saved many demi-humans who fell into slavery, gave them a home, and worked tirelessly to help them. She further described Naofumi as being like a parental figure to all his slaves - much to Naofumi's annoyance, as he denies being a slave master.


Glass seems to consider Naofumi and his party to be worthy opponents, even asking for his name after he manages to force her to retreat during their battle (for reference, she had moments before effortlessly defeated the other three Heroes and their respective parties - all of which are groups larger than Naofumi's party - simultaneously). Like many others, she finds some clear fault with Naofumi's personality. She later warned her comrades of Naofumi.

When they met again in the Spirit Tortoise, which was rampaging because of a man named Kyo from Glass's world, they display their respective hostility towards one another but were willing to become allies against Kyo as their common enemy.

When Naofumi enters Glass's world and rescues Glass's most important friend, Kizuna Kazayama, Glass started showing her softer sides that he didn't really expect and seemed "out of character" to him. Because of Kizuna, Glass starts to become more mellow towards Naofumi. In their final battle against Kyo, the two eventually develop a bond of deep mutual trust. A significant sign of this new friendship is when Naofumi gave Glass the recipe for soul-healing water, a concoction that didn't exist in Glass's world, which helps cover her SP weakness in battle.

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII

Naofumi hates the King, and with good reason; as he played a part along with his daughter Malty, of setting Naofumi up with the criminal charge of rape, and made certain to spread the word all throughout the kingdom. Although given the King's genuine display of stupidity in believing the claims that Naofumi could "brainwash" people, it's likely he may have just believed Malty's claims and acted upon them rashly. Ultimately, the King hates the Shield Hero, and that just unfortunately transferred to Naofumi because of that relationship.

When the Queen returned and cleared Naofumi's name, she allowed him to mete out punishment to the King, Naofumi immediately asked for the death penalty, but was talked down to a less extreme punishment that resulted in changing the King's given name to "Trash." Naofumi at this point realizes the real threat of the Waves of Calamity (after witnessing Glass' strength) and avoided making any new enemies, so he agreed to just rename Aultcray to Trash. He was subsequently stripped of all his rights to the throne along with any power he had already accrued within the kingdom.

Trash's unreasonable hatred for Naofumi continued after this until he witnessed Atla, who closely resembled his deceased sister, under Naofumi's care. After this, Trash resigned himself to remain silent in front of Naofumi, unlike previously when he would create a ruckus against him.



Naofumi's second real comrade and slave. He purchased her as an egg from the same slave trader that he obtained Raphtalia from. Although she was purchased more along the lines of a beast, he raises her with compassion alongside Raphtalia. Like the phenomenon of level grinding that Naofumi experienced with Raphtalia, Filo quickly grows beyond a normal Filolial and is later revealed to be an extremely rare Filolial Queen, manifesting in her ability to assume the form of a youthful human girl. 

Filo is far more direct with expressing her impulsive nature, which at some instances has been encouraged by Naofumi when he finds it amusing to him and negatively impacting those he views have wronged him. For example, when she kicks Motoyasu in the crotch during her first encounter with him, Naofumi immediately feels she was a brilliant investment and tells her to do it every time henceforth. Generally speaking, Naofumi has found Filo's expression of selfishness, gluttony, and childish-tantrum behavior to be annoying; however, despite these misgivings, he still cares for her greatly as a companion. This reflects a relationship similar to a parent and daughter.

Overall, the two truly do care for each other so much so that the second time he invoked his Wrath Shield, his belief that Filo had died fueled that manifestation. Like Raphtalia, Filo displays great affections (including romantically) towards Naofumi; she even sometimes competes with Raphtalia as a love rival. Naofumi seems himself more as Filo's owner like how he views Raphtalia as his own daughter, thus not seeing Filo as a love interest. She constantly seeks Naofumi's attention and approval and expresses great joy when she pleases him but displays great worry that he may possibly leave her.

Melty Q Melromarc

The Second Princess, and younger sister to Malty, she first got along with Naofumi for befriending Filo until her status as the Second Princess and Malty's younger sister was revealed, making Naofumi immediately distrust her. Whenever Melty tried to speak to Naofumi or when she didn't understand why he was so cynical and cold towards her, Naofumi expressed disdain, as he believed she was no different than the other nobles and royalty who looked down on and ridiculed him. She attempted to force Naofumi into apologizing for dishonoring her father and amend the relationship between them but was treated by him as an annoyance in return.

After the Three Heroes Church attempted to kill her due to a trumped-up conspiracy, Naofumi became the only person that Melty can actually rely on to save her life, as the other Heroes, her sister, and her Knights were all either being deceived by the Church or were willing participants in the conspiracy. It was through this journey that Naofumi begins to see she is very different from the other nobles and royalty but still finds her rather naive.

She has become something of a tsundere towards Naofumi, due to these events, and it's implied that her feelings for him extend beyond what she wants him to hear about. She dislikes being treated as a child or being called "second princess" by him and eventually convinces him to call her by her name instead. Their relationship improves to the point that he allows Melty to play with Filo again when he originally warned Filo not to befriend her and would entrust Filo to Melty when he returned to his world.


An Orca demi-human who was Raphtalia's family guardian before the Waves destroyed Raphtalia's village. The two first met when Sadeena, under the alias Nadia, gives Naofumi advice on how the Zeltoble colosseum works. When they met again by having another similar conversation, Sadeena expressed her respect towards Naofumi's strength and surprise on how well he was holding his liquor and even eating a lukor fruit. When they finally faced each other, Raphtalia ends up revealing their respective true identities. This made them realize their shared goal in saving the villagers who were slaves in Zeltoble, leading the two to work together.

When Sadeena returns to the rebuilt village with Naofumi and his allies, Naofumi expresses both his shock and displeasure on how Sadeena wants to make him her life companion because of how well he can hold his liquor better than her. Naofumi thought how he would've originally liked this before being betrayed by Malty, but now finds it annoying. As a result, he would constantly rebuff Sadeena's flirting.

Regardless, Naofumi deeply respects Sadeena for her strength and begins depending on her in the rebuilding of the village and training the villagers to fight the Waves. This reliance also expands towards becoming a party member, where she helps fighting various adversaries for him and Raphtalia. He also considers doing the slave contract with her to further increase her strength through the slave bonus stat leveling even if she has to restart her level, although Sadeena doesn't mind.


A Hakuko-human hybrid slave that Naofumi purchased from Beloukas, along with her brother, to help Raphtalia's village. Naofumi bought the siblings because of the potential he saw in their bloodline and saw her as a means to ensure her brother's loyalty. Despite being blind, Atla felt Naofumi's presence, which she described as being "both strong and kind, though with deep sadness hidden within." This made Atla trust Naofumi and request him to take care of her brother, because of how she originally wouldn't live much longer. When Naofumi cures her with an Elixir of Yggdrasil, which was created by his Shield, Atla becomes very attached, if not affectionate, towards him and wishes to be of great use to him.

While Naofumi finds these actions rather bothersome, he continues to care for Atla like the other slaves he purchased for the village. He doesn't think much of Atla's goal to be his "shield," not realizing Atla was very serious about it. He begins to see how Atla has more potential in combat than her brother and reconsiders her usefulness that he spars with her along with Raphtalia. This level of trust develops to where Naofumi is able to entrust Atla in a strategy and battle against the Demon Dragon.


Mirellia Q Melromarc

The Queen and Naofumi are on fairly good terms as business acquaintances. While he knows he's being used by her, he also knows that she needs him, so he's willing to put up with it. The fact that she cleared his name and punished her husband and daughter for their mistreatment of him seems to be the crux of their relationship. Both of them treat each other as equals, but she does acknowledge his worth both politically and as a Holy Hero.


He runs a weapons shop in Melromarc and is the only person who believed in Naofumi after he was falsely accused by Bitch - ironically, it was Bitch herself who had introduced Naofumi to Erhard. He made most, if not all, of the equipment worn by Naofumi along with his carriage, especially his Bandit-themed Barbarian Armor, and is also responsible for teaching Raphtalia the basics of swordsmanship. His skills come from a blacksmith from the East. He wants Naofumi to find another blacksmith, as he believes his own skills to be sub-par, but Naofumi places a higher value on his skill and his friendship.


While Naofumi considers the slave merchant to be a useful person due to his role in providing him with various slaves for his growing army, he does not indicate any real trust for the man. The merchant has noted that Naofumi has good business sense, referring to him as his favorite customer and a man who cannot be easily deceived; Naofumi, on the other hand, creeps out on him. Regardless, the Naofumi would continue to do various business with him, whether it involves purchasing more slaves, establishing slave contracts, or obtaining valuable information.

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