Natural & Learnt Abilities

  • Alcohol Immunity

In his previous world alcohol had no adverse effects towards Naofumi. His ability to eat Rukor Fruit without any problems has become such as well-known trait about him that it's considered the golden standard in confirming the Shield Hero's identity.

  • Motion Sickness Immunity

Even in his youth, Naofumi has been naturally immune to motion sickness. This is a natural trait derived from his alcohol immunity ability which affects his inner eardrum and makes him unable to become seasick or carsick.

  • Animal Whisper

Ever since childhood, animals always feel naturally at ease and become friendly towards Naofumi. This does not only affect animals but Demi-Humans and Beastman.

  • Cooking Abilities

People habitually become addicted to Naofumi's cooking, even monsters that Filo ran over with her carriage and tossed into the back wagon like a sack of potatoes become first-class gourmet cooking after a few minutes in Naofumi's capable hands. Some people have started calling Naofumi the "Cooking Hero" because of how delicious his cooking is.

  • Negotiating Abilities

Cut off from Melromarc's cash flow, Naofumi had to learn to make money as a traveling merchant. He can easily haggle products being sold at a high price down a twentieth of their cost. The fact that he's been known to carry Balloons around with him under his cloak and have them bite people who try to refuse him service or rip him off helps.

  • Potion Crafting

One of the first things that Naofumi learns to do in the new world is to make potions. Though initially a novice, but after extensive self-education and constant practice, the art of potion-making becomes second nature to Naofumi to the point where he can create healing potions, cures for various diseases, herbicides and even the legendary Yggdrasil medicine.

  • Accessory Crafting

As payment for defending him from a group of bandits, Hickwaal trained Naofumi in the accessory-crafting business, helping him become more proficient in refining ores, enchanting gems and even shaping monster bones into first-class items.

Legendary Shield

Defensive Skills

  • Air Strike Shield

Instantly creates a shield for defense anywhere within range. This skill is very versatile, as shields can be created in the air allowing him and others to jump on them to reach or escape threats. The Air Strike Shield can also be thrown at targets doing light damage and knocking targets off balance.

  • Air Strike Shield → Second Shield

Creates a second shield in a chain.

  • Air Strike Shield → Second Shield → Dritte Shield

Creates a third shield in a chain.

  • Air Strike Shield → Second Shield → Dritte Shield → Chain Shield

Links the floating shields with chains, trapping enemies in between them.

  • Shield Prison

Creates a cage of shields that can be used to protect himself or others as well as trap enemies.

  • Shooting Star Shield

A thin wall of light is created. It's a defensive barrier similar to the Air Strike Shield but it allows party members to pass through it. Its effective range is 5 meters centering around the user, its SP consumption is around 10% of the max, and has a cooldown time of 15 seconds. Certain shields and accessories can change its effects.

  • E Float Shield

Creates a shield that floats and moves along the user.

Offensive Skills

  • Energy Blast

A skill exclusive to the Spirit Tortoise Heart Shield. Shoots the Spirit Tortoise's Energy blast from the shield. Must be charged to 100% before firing.

Utility Skills

  • Change Shield

Allows Naofumi to change shields summoned by certain skills such as Shield Prison and Air Strike Shield to other kinds of shields.

  • Change Shield (Attack)

Attack version of Change Shield.

  • Modify Bioplant

A skill that allows Naofumi to alter the stats and properties of various different BioPlant Seeds.

  • Hate Reaction

A skill that lures monsters. It can drag out the real form and reveal opponents lightly concealed by magic and skills. Therefore, detection can be used in cases of concealment.

  • Portal Shield

It allows the user and his party members the ability to teleport to set locations.

  • Attack Support

Summons a dart in Naofumi's hands. The next attack deals double damage on targets hit by the dart.

  • Beast Transformation

Allows Naofumi to enhance a Therinthrope's beast transformation allowing them to transform into a new more powerful form.

Counter Attack Skills

  • Dog Bite
  • Poison Snake Fang (Medium)
  • Soul Eat
  • Soul Recovery
  • Gravity Snatch

Curse Series (Wrath)

  • Self Cursing Burning S (formerly Curse Burning)

Activated on close physical contact. The flames produced from this can cover a large range. This is no ordinary flame but a curse type flame that reduces healing effects. As its a curse based flame, holy type magic is needed to guard against it.

  • Shield Prison → Change Shield (Attack) → Bee Needle Shield → Iron Maiden

A skill that has to be activated by using first Shield Prison to trap an enemy and Change Shield (Attack) to run them through with spikes. Summons a giant iron maiden that slowly descends upon the shield prison. The iron maiden is filled with violent spikes and when the door closes, it deals deadly damage in most cases killing the target. While this is one of Naofumi's most powerful skills, it also consumes all of his SP when activated.

  • Blood Sacrifice

Naofumi's blood is extracted from his body in a large quantity when using this ability, it then forms a bear trap-like shape under the intended enemy and repeatedly mashes them to death. The use of this technique has the unfortunate side effect of seriously wounding its own wielder, and cursing them by reducing their stats by 30% should they survive. For Naofumi however, his defense was not reduced. The curse can be healed with time, but the process can be accelerated by using purifying elements.

  • Megiddo Burst

Weapon Accessories

  • Accessory (crafted by Erhard)

After blocking a number of attacks at once, the accessory triggered and shattered causing a defensive barrier like shooting star shield. Once the barrier shattered, the pieces burst into flames similar to those of the Self Cursing Burning flames.

  • Accessory (crafted by Naofumi)

When the shooting star barrier shatters, some of the shards stay afloat in the air and shoot straight at enemies or turn into light and blind enemies.


Naofumi has a natural affinity for healing and support magic.

  • First Heal

Works on a similar principle to Naofumi's health potions to quickly mend his own or another's injuries.

  • First Guard

Simple support-type magic which gives a small boost to the defense.

  • First Grow Heal

A combination of Support and healing magic that restores the stamina of the target.

  • First Aura

A spell that augments all of a person's stats that Naofumi learned while on the Cal Mira Archipelago by reading an inscription left for the shield Hero on a monument.

  • Zweite Aura

Stronger version of Aura.

  • All Liberation Aura

An extremely powerful version of Aura with a field effect.

  • All Sacrifice Aura

A magic which shrouds the user and two party members in a black flame aura which multiplies all of their statistics by three in exchange for draining their HP and cursing them, lowering all of their stats by 2/3 for a period of time afterward (Three months).

Dragon Vein


  • Aqua Seal:
  • Form is Emptiness:

Legendary Shield Skills (under revision)

Note: These are skills added by other user's that I'll need to confirm and organized appropriately on a later date. (due to the fact that I have yet to read Volume 14 of the Light Novel) - Blazu

  • Sitera Attack Support Dart

The Dart produces cherry blossom like masses which gathers on an enemy restraining their movements.

  • Sitera Sphere of Influence

Changes the properties of other skills.

  • Sitera Alteration

Also grants the emperor's blessing to the enhanced form making them even more powerful

  • Sitera Alteration

The Chain now reduces the stats of those it comes into contact with.


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