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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
This page will contain spoilers up to volume 13 of the official translated novels


Mush are an inorganic monster. They are shown throughout Melrocmarc to be one of the weakest monsters along with the Balloon species.

They are commonly found in the forest around Melromarc and come in a variety of different colors consisting of white, blue and green. White being the most commonly known and usually referred to as Loomush.

When killed nothing of value is dropped that could be sold, however, the material can be used by the Legendary Weapons to unlock a new variation of weapons via absorption.

They are generally only good for exp gain.


Anime: Season 1, Episode 2

Manga: Volume 1, Chapter 3

Light Novel: Volume 1, Chapter 11

Web NovelChapter 11


  • The Mush species are the second type of monster Naofumi had encountered