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Motoyasu Kitamura (北村元康 Kitamura Motoyasu?) is the Spear Hero (槍の勇者 Yari no Yuusha?), one of the four Holy Heroes summoned in Melromarc.


Motoyasu is likely the friendliest of the four Legendary Heroes. It was mentioned that he is loyal to his allies. However, he is incredibly naive and gullible. He is generally a nice person, however, he is easily fooled by women. He will believe anything a woman says without any shred of evidence. When Malty framed Naofumi for rape, despite the fact that she had stolen his money and clothes both of which she gave to Motoyasu, he completely believed her claims and became openly hostile towards Naofumi in her defense.

He is a flirt and a skirt chaser who asks both Raphtalia and Filo to leave Naofumi and join his party the instant he meets each of them. but quick to admit Raphtalia was right to scold him for flirting with her when they were doing a party exchange. He seems to be incapable of believing any woman is capable of doing wrong or being evil, heartless, or manipulative. He later acts on his own in trying to save Raphtalia and Filo, without their consent, to free them from being Naofumi's slave. Raphtalia is quick to point out the of his actions here.

He demonstrates self-delusion and willful ignorance if not plain idiocy. He only hears what he wanted to hear and ignored whatever might upset him. Examples of this include, his duel with Naofumi for Raphtalia's freedom when he received a slap, instead of a hug after he freed her from slavery and was called out for his hypocrisy, he defended himself desperately claiming that she must have been brainwashed by Naofumi. He also refused to believe Malty to have framed Naofumi, even after seeing all the evidence. He continued to believe in Malty and denied all of the reality.

He doesn't accept a fight unless he is completely confident of victory. This is shown by his cocky challenges to Naofumi and that he does so twice. During his second challenge to Naofumi, he backed down after Naofumi pointed out his lesser chance of victory.

His personality did a complete 180 after he unlocked his curse series.


Motoyasu is a roughly 20-year-old young man with long blond hair, usually held back in a ponytail. He is the oldest and tallest of the four legendary heroes. He is considered very handsome, with even Naofumi, who despises Motoyasu, saying so. He is usually depicted wearing ornate white and red armor with golden trimmings, and carrying his signature weapon, the Legendary Spear.


Legendary Spear Skills

  • Shooting Star Spear: the spear begins to glow splitting into hundreds of energy-spears
  • Lightning Spear
  • Chaos Spear
  • Air Strike Javelin
  • Rising Dragon Spear
  • Paralyze Spear
  • Portal Spear
  • Burst Lance

Curse Series


Before summoned to another world. Motoyasu was a University Student. Motoyasu was dating too many girls at a time and before knew it the situation got violent and he was stabbed to death. Because of this past trauma, he developed a phobia of violent women (yanderes)

The full story was later revealed in the Spin-off Series where it wasn't the case of Motoyasu dating too many girls but him not being able to decide between two of them.   

Motoyasu had two female friends who both hold feelings for him and ended up both confessing their love towards him. Momiji a shy and quiet girl and Ikuyo a bossy girl also one of the Motoyasu's classmates. Ikuyo finally demanded for Motoyasu to choose one or the other, instead of answer her he chose to run away from the situation and derail the topic, running out of patience and letting her temper get the better of her she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and pointed it toward Momiji proclaiming if she was out of the picture, Motoyasu would be able to finally date her. Shocked by Ikuyo sudden violent nature, Motoyasu ran over to stand between them but ended up getting stabbed on the side of the chest not by Ikuyo but by Momiji who also had a knife in her hands.   

Momiji who was usually shy and quiet started showing off yandere-like trait and stabbed Motoyasu out of fear that he was secretly visiting other girls besides herself and Ikuyo. She had developed the idea of dying with Motoyasu and being with him in the afterlife, Ikuyo in a fit of jealousy stabbed Motoyasu as well declaring if anyone was going to be with him in the afterlife it was going be her. Motoyasu was repeatedly stabbed to death by both Momiji and Ikuyo.   

He was later found himself summoned to another world. The world reminded him of the game he played in his previous world, Emerald Online.  


Volume 1

Motoyasu was summoned as the Sword Hero, one of the Four Legendary Heroes. Ren tries to act cool and make himself look like a loner in front of others.

Motoyasu later introduced himself to the king along with the other 3 heroes then later escorted to their cambers. In the cambers the heroes talked what game reminds them of the world, Motoyasu claimed that the world was based off an online game called Emerald Online

When the king gathered adventurers to join the heroes party Motoyasu party was full of females which he hesitant to share with Naofumi when he asked if he could spare some party members to him. When one of his party members agreed to help and join Naofumi's party he was very hesitant to let her go and join his party and even asked her if she was sure.

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His party quickly rose to level 40 and went for a class up. He, along with other heroes, fought and defeated the first wave boss. The king gave a feast for the minimal damage from the wave. After learning that Raphtalia was a slave to Naofumi, he challenged him to a duel for her freedom. The King used this to take Naofumi's slave and approved the duel forcing Naofumi to accept. The King also shuts Raphtalia's words down, claiming her to be forced to say them by the slave crest. Motoyasu was confident that because Naofumi was the Shield Hero and thus had no attack, Naofumi would lose easily. He was proven wrong, however, when Naofumi pushed him back and even started taking control of the fight. At that point Malty cheated, attacking Naofumi to provide Motoyasu with the opening he needed to win the duel. After Raphtalia was freed from the curse, she slapped him for his stupidity. The other Heroes noticed Malty's cheating and informed him that he did not legitimately win, much to his dismay. He still claims Raphtalia to be brainwashed to which no one agrees.

Volume 2

Motoyasu was given the largest of the rewards and praise from the king. When Naofumi was denied his promised allowance, Motoyasu says that Naofumi wasn't anywhere near at the times of fighting the wave. Itsuki and Ren join in supporting Naofumi about unfair duel which prompted Motoyasu to shout that he didn't lose.

Later Motoyasu was named Governor of the wave-affected Riyute Village. Malty levied a tax of 50 silver coins for entry or exit of the village on his behalf. Motoyasu was baffled by the protest of the villagers, for he had really no grasp of the value of the money demanded. After realizing the grim situation, Motoyasu asked Malty to reconsider but she wasn't lending her ear. Due to circumstances, the Governorship of the village was depended on an unreasonable duel between Naofumi and Motoyasu. Motoyasu was confident of his victory and started laughing at Filo, who retaliated by kicking him in the crotch, much to Naofumi's delight and enthusiasm for the race. Not noticing any foul play, Motoyasu raced but was defeated. As promised, the ownership remained with the previous Governor.

He once delivered a sealed "miracle seed" to a village in the south to save them from famine. Though his game knowledge helped him at that instant, it didn't go exactly as he promised the villagers it would. As it turns out, the seed actually was the seed of a giant monstrous plant which caused a lot of damage to the village after he left, as Naofumi pointed out the seed must have been sealed away for a reason and found the inscription matched his assumption. Motoyasu didn't know about his failure and continued to believe he did a great deed for the village.

Volume 3

Motoyasu was completely blind to all of Malty's unreasonable spending. After seeing Filo in her human form, he charged at Naofumi for her freedom, and also to demand that Naofumi's monster bird be killed, as it always kicked him in the crotch. After realizing that Filo and the bird are one and the same, he was petrified but was kicked away by Filo.

When the Cult of Three Heroes claimed that Naofumi had a brainwashing shield and that he kidnapped the second princess, Motoyasu completely believed the claim. He didn't notice Malty's attempt to kill Melty, while the other heroes did and began to suspect that things were not quite how they appeared to be. Motoyasu puts all his effort into hunting down Naofumi, in a way favoring Malty and the Cult of The Three Heroes. Naofumi feels that Motoyasu's efforts to free Filo from his control, might be more about wanting to claim her for himself because the former said that he "digs moe angels" and his suspicions are all but confirmed when, during the time when the three heroes are trying to rescue Melty from Naofumi's "kidnapping", Motoyasu attaches a chain to Filo's leg that takes away her powers so Motoyasu can claim her for himself.

Volume 4

He also believed the story of Naofumi's killing of the other two heroes and tried to avenge them. After the fierce battle, he tried to give his all in the hope of freeing Melty, Raphtalia, and Filo from Naofumi's supposed brainwashing power. Finally, after realizing that he was fighting the wrong person, he joined forces with the other heroes in fighting the true culprit (the pope of the Cult of the three heroes).

Volume 5

During the meeting to share information with Queen and the 3 other heroes. He told of his Power up methods, which was Enhancement Method where the user can use items and monster drops to imbue the weapon they wield.

Volume 6

(Information to be added later)

Volume 7

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Volume 11

After the events of the Spirit Tortoise incidents, Motoyasu finally caught the ear of one of his companions, Elena, looking after her family store. Motoyasu rushed to her side and, to his surprise, learned that Elena was tired of adventuring and now wanted to keep a low profile, living a nice comfortable life despite it being boring. When Naofumi came to talk to him, Motoyasu was shocked and confused, so he used the Portal Spear to escape from Naofumi before hearing him out.

Motoyasu also managed to find Malty along with Lesty. But to his shock they were with the Sword Hero Ren, Malty was feeding lies to Ren and deceiving him and used the Sword Hero to escape from both Motoyasu and Naofumi. In the end, Motoyasu finally realized how much of a fool he was to believe in Malty and fell into depression, not knowing that these events had caused his Legendary Spear to unlock the Curse Series.

Betrayed and disowned by his former companions, Motoyasu had lost all motivation. Naofumi tried to cheer him up by bringing him to a bar, but Motoyasu had neither the will or the strength to resist and let him do as he pleased. Because Naofumi had no idea how to cheer him up, Filo took on the challenge of trying to cheer him up, after multiple attempts, Motoyasu finally broke out in tears and held his face to Filo's chest sobbing. Thus began his deranged love obsession for Filo.

After that the events of the bar, his curse series seems to kick into effect. As a result of his curse series, he could now only see women as pigs and can only hear "oink" when they talk ,expect for Filo. He started stalking Filo and calling Naofumi his "Father".

Motoyasu took Naofumi's advice and used the Power Up Method Naofumi mentioned to him, as a result, he ended up becoming the strongest Legendary Hero out of the 4 heroes. He was later found running away with Filo's carriage with 3 other Filolials. Saying his farewells to Naofumi and Filo.


Legendary Heroes

Vassal Wielders

Motoyasu was under the impression that Naofumi was forcing Raphtalia to be his sex slave and tried to save her in an unfair duel with Naofumi. But was shocked, when Raphtalia slapped him for his action. He argued that no one should be forced to fight, but still she chooses to follow Naofumi. The other heroes called out on him for his unjustified duel. He again tried to defend himself by claiming that Raphtalia must have been brainwashed, to which no one agreed. When Naofumi was accused of having brainwashing shield, having received evidence to back up his delusional claims he fought with renewed vigor to try to free her and another female companion of Naofumi's supposed brainwashing.

After Naofumi's name was cleared, he no longer sought to free Raphtalia from Naofumi and acknowledged Raphtalia's genuine feelings for Naofumi, as he questioned Naofumi on his progress with Raphtalia in the bathhouse of Cal Mira Island, only to be angered by Naofumi's obliviousness to her feelings. After his curse series activated, he could see Raphtalia as a pig, referring her as a Tanuki Pig


Motoyasu always defended and believed Malty. Malty also got jealous of any girl who got close to Motoyasu, she even kicked a few members out of his party without his knowledge. She the only thing she liked about Motoyasu was his looks. He believed every word coming from her mouth without any doubt. Motoyasu never noticed any of her suspicious behavior. He was the only one who refused to believe Malty to be a criminal, even after all the evidence was presented and she had been questioned about her crimes while under the influence of a slave seal that forced her to tell the truth and continued to believe in her.

It was revealed that both of them had a physical relationship which Motoyasu believes to be her first time. But Malty and her friend just used to seduce him for their own personal gains. After the spirit tortoise incident, she completely abandoned him. Despite which he searched his comrades, only to be shocked by the real personality of Malty and others

Unlike the other party members, She genuinely liked Motoyasu. She was not bothered by his interest in other women and considered it normal for men to have pleasure. She went along with Malty to secure her place in his party. But she couldn't digest his rash and irrational behaviors. She also didn't like how he used her and other women as a status symbol. Finally, she had had enough of being in his party and abandoned him, after seeing that he was unable to do anything against the spirit tortoise. To save herself from crown's capital punishment, she sold out Motoyasu and told all of his flaws to his face much to the latter's dismay.

Motoyasu wooed her to try to get her to join his party. But when she joined Rino was taken aback by his party's fighting style where the women cheered while Motoyasu was fighting and showing off. Malty and some other female companions of Motoyasu took her and sold her as a slave, and they told him that she left the pasty, as she couldn't keep up with them. Motoyasu once crossed paths with her after she became a slave but was deaf to her cry for help, refusing to believe that she was even there. Her fate after this is unknown, except for the fact that she is suffering.


Filo hated Motoyasu for calling her fat and ugly in her monster form and kicked him in his crotch. Afterward, she would always kick him in his crotch, whenever they crossed paths, this was to please Naofumi. Motoyasu saw her human form near the weapon shop and challenged Naofumi for her freedom. He was even more shocked when he realized that she was the filorial that he had made fun of earlier. He still has fondness for her human form and trauma for her monster form. After being betrayed by his comrades, Motoyasu was completely broken. Seeing his broken spirit, Filo tried to cheer him up and ended up as his goal of affection, much to her dismay. He caused Filo, a new trauma of not letting go. Naofumi used Filo to manipulate Motoyasu to fight the waves with him.


  • Motoyasu refers to this world to be similar to the online game, Emerald Online
  • It was visible to anyone that Motoyasu was trying to make a harem for himself. He tried to pick up girl everywhere he goes.
  • His fighting style is that of fighting in the front lines while his party members cheer him on in the background and rarely assist him with magic
  • He has the most shuffling of the party members. He doesn't care much about the male members of the party and gives special attention to only females. It is likely the male members are disgusted with his flirting habit before leaving, while the females are kicked out by Malty.