The Rising of the Shield Hero Wiki

Natural and Learnt Abilities

Mirellia served as the strategist for the allied army. She has potent magical abilities that overpowered even the High Priest as he wielded a legendary weapon.


Mirellia is a capable magic user as she is able to use the highest level of magic to non-heroes - Drifa-class and she is able to use ceremonial magic with large groups. She has an affinity in both Fire and Water magic although she tends to focus on ice-based spells.

  • Drifa Icicle Prison: Manifests a cage around the target to restrain them. This spell can be upgraded to All Drifa Icicle Prison to imprison multiple targets.[1]
  • Icicle Needle: Uses ice magic to greatly slow down the target.[2]
  • Icicle Frozen: Uses ice magic to stun and incapacitate the target.
  • Icicle Sword: Summons a swirling cloud of ice crystals which then coalesce into a massive flying blade.[3]
  • First Glowfire: Summons a bright fire to illuminate the surroundings.[4]