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Mirellia Q Melromarc (ミレリア=Q=メルロマルク Mireria Q Meruromaruku?), commonly referred to as the Queen, is the previous Queen of Melromarc who holds the true power behind the throne and she is generally a just ruler who is known for her diplomatic and negotiating skills.

After her death, her second daughter, Melty Q Melromarc, the crown princess, succeeded the throne and became the new Queen of Melromarc.


Mirellia is a beautiful fair-skinned woman with purple hair that is tied up in a bob with collarbone-length bangs hanging on either side, purple eyes and pale purple lipstick.

She is normally in her intricately-decorated royal gown, with what appears to be a bronze breastplate. She has a regal presence that commands the attention of everyone around her.


As compared to her husband, Aultcray Melromarc XXXII, Mirellia appears to be more of a benevolent and proficient ruler who puts her country before her family, but she still cares for and protects her family. Mirellia is both a very loving ruler, for her people, and a parent for her daughters. As a mother, she is very realistic, strategic, cunning, and political in using her children. She is manipulative but puts her skills to more benevolent use. She acts more of a queen than mother to her daughters, though she might care for them in her heart. She was willing to use Melty Q Melromarc as an effective piece for her plan, in making The Church of the Three Heroes fall into a trap and didn't hesitate to punish Malty S Melromarc to the point of making her a slave.

She is also diplomatic and makes for a skilled negotiator. Unlike all in her nation, she didn't discriminate against demi-humans and also tried to improve their condition. As noted by Naofumi Iwatani, she is the only person in the castle to treat Demi-Humans properly.

She loves the legends of the original four heroes and doesn't share the view of her nation's religion.She was disappointed in the current generation heroes for not living up to the name. She shows a sadistic side later as she gave Trash a long list of humiliating punishments.

As the one who originally had Melty be fascinated with Filolials, she is also enamored and very fond of them.


Mirellia's country was at war with Siltvelt for centuries. She fell in love and married a person who rose to fame from being a common soldier to a Cane Hero. Later, he was revealed to be a legitimate third heir of Faubrey.

For political or moral reasons, she tries to improve the condition of the Demi-Humans in her country and tried to make peace with the Demi-Human nation, Siltvelt. Because of which she ascends those who favor Demi-Human to nobility and created a Demi-Human protected village for Demi-Humans. This halted the centuries of war and presented a decade of peace with the rival nation of Siltvelt (which is the exact opposite of Melromarc), where Demi-Human dominant and humans are treated badly. Siltvelt also followed her example and set up a human protected village.

It was revealed that all her action stems from her hobbies of the legend of four heroes and the inspiration of Faubley, where both Humans and Demi-Humans coexist in peace, while her nation has useless squabbles.

Before the waves, the queen was involved in diplomacy. Melromarc's domestic affairs were also excellent, and she left the country to the one she trusted as her right-hand man. But, he died in the wave. Damages from the war were reported all over the world, there was a world conference and every country was represented by their king or queen. Of course, there were countries that were on bad terms with each other, Melromarc and Siltvelt for example. There was a prophecy that stated the world was facing its end, so their hostilities were put on hold until the wave were dealt with. During the conference, it was decided the Melromarc was fourth in line to perform the summoning.


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