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Legendary Heroes

Naofumi Iwatani

Melty's relationship with Naofumi is initially strained by his clashes with her father Aultcray. They start off on neutral footing, but it soon becomes alienated by his dark disposition, which only gets worse when he learns of her royal lineage. The reason for her return was to make amends with the Shield Hero and her father but has failed twice due to the former's obstinate refusal.

When Naofumi stands up to openly mock Aultcray, Melty approaches him to demand an apology and start a serious discussion with her father, as she was afraid of the consequences of the sourness, resulting in her father landing the wrath of her mother. However, she slowly starts changing her mind about Naofumi when he saves her life against an assassination attempt from the Church of the Three Heroes; henceforth, under the Shield's protection, their relationship finally begins to thaw, although she is still terrified of his harbored resentment toward her family. She later asks Naofumi to start addressing her by given name instead of her royal title (customarily implying a more intimate connection).

Naofumi ultimately protects Melty from her sister, the Cult, and the other Heroes (who think she's been brainwashed by him when, ironically, they are the ones who've been brainwashed by praise, propaganda, Malty, the Cult of Three Heroes and Aultcray's direct lies). He has a short but significant adventure with her until his name is cleared by her mother. Melty, alongside Raphtalia and Filo, objects when her sister calls Naofumi "ugly," and is noted by her mother to actually have a chance at marrying the man (which has a lot of political advantages that the Queen eagerly tries to force).

After the death of her mother and the victory of the war against Faubrey, Melty succeeded in the position as the new queen. Naofumi teased her about her new responsibilities she now holds which caused her out a fit of rage to promote Naofumi to archduke to make him share some new responsibilities, which is a position only second to the queen, without realizing at first, she accidentally made Naofumi her fiance in name.

Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu tried to supposedly save Melty from the "evil" Naofumi and refused to listen to Melty, believing her to be brainwashed. After going through a lot and seeing Motoyasu's approach of Filo, Melty snapped enough to attack him. After Naofumi's name was cleared, the two rarely interact, but she expressed displeasure towards him, such as when he went on a rampage with his weapon's cursed form.

Vassal Weapon Holders

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII

Melty cares for Aultcracy, as he is her father, though she couldn't stand his fawning behavior towards her older sister. She also doubts all his past deeds told by her mother. Fearing her mother's wrath towards him, Melty rushes to mend his relationship with the Shield Hero but fails due to the Hero's constant refusal. Though, she later sides with Naofumi when the Church attempts against her life.

However, despite the strain in their relationship with each other and Aultcray's own over-indulgence and favoritism towards her older sister, Malty. Aultcray was still shown to be greatly horrified at his oldest daughter's forced confession of her attempts to kill Melty for the throne, implying that his favoritism to his oldest child doesn't cloud his judgment in matters regarding his second daughter's safety and that he also loves Melty just as much as his first daughter.


The two got along when they first met. Although Naofumi starts displaying his hostility towards the princess after learning of her identity, Raphtalia was more lenient towards Melty as she claimed they did travel together a bit. However, this didn't stop Raphtalia on somewhat complying with Naofumi's actions and decisions to not be involved with her.

The two became close comrades when Melty joins her, Naofumi, and Filo in their quest against Church of the Three Heroes who were conspiring with Malty against Naofumi with more false charges. When Melty starts showing more intimate attachment towards Naofumi (like asking to be called by her first name), Raphtalia becomes uncomfortable on how close the two were getting. Regardless, their time together has made Raphtalia and Melty share a strong mutual trust.


Malty S Melromarc

The two are sisters wherein Melty is Malty's younger sibling. Although they are family, the duo's contradicting personalities show that they don't really get along. However, they don't exactly show this due to their royal status and often act formally towards each other except during diplomatic-based arguments. This relationship is further strained due to how Melty is next in line for the throne despite being the youngest princess, much to Malty's bitterness due to believing she, as the oldest princess, deserves the throne by birthright. Even whilst acting as though they hold pretenses of being on amicable terms, Malty has always held her junior in venomous contempt due to their mother passing her first daughter over as successor to the matriarchy. Ultimately, filling the elder sister with a great bittereness and conniving vindictiveness for Melty standing about as long as she has known her. A notion completely validated for the fact that Mirella; due to deeming her firstborn's spoiled, selfish and sociopathic personality deficiencies, made her out to be unfit to be the next ruler of their country. Knowing full well if the eldest of them were ever to assume the throne, she would likely destroy it due to her immense carelessness coupled with blatent foolishness and stupidity. This, in turn, has caused obvious friction between the sisters due to Melty also recognizing her sister's horrendous characteristics and Malty's own insistence of her nonextistant worthiness to be the next queen over the former, Malty's irresponsible need to always put her desires above others and her own blatant lack of care for her family or anyone else in her service; let alone her countrymen.

Despite knowing all of this however, the second princess in truth did not realize just how far the depth & magnitude her hateful sister's bane towards the heir apparent well and truly stretched, not until after meeting the Shield Hero. Despite being the more sensible of which. At least being aware enough of Malty's faults to know she was the type whom would do and act upon anything she could to get her way. Just ultimately being unaware of what lengths her annue; or elder sister, would sink to in order to secure the throne, nor of just how horrible a deed she would commit for the sake of her malfeasant hobbies.

At least not until she started traveling with Naofumi did the new lows she'd stoop too become apparent. Showing just how toxically reviled Witch well and truly was in mannerisms and design. Melty finding herself both disgusted and horrified after finding out the hardships the Shield Hero suffered due to foolish actions begotten from her spoiled brat of a sister and incompetently foolish paternal figure. Even still; despite the trials & tribulations she'd faced due to Bitch's machinations, the second princess still refered to Malty as Onee-sama (original Japanese translation) which is a respectful gesture towards an elder sister. Even after Myne's numerous attempts at murdering her younger sister to ensure that she could have the throne for herself. Irregardless of sisterly love Melty still found some contention with the overly excessive and complicated doublebacking of her venomous peer. Once hanging her head in exasperation while holding her hands to her face after hearing Whore's sickening pleas for mercy from the Shield Hero whom she'd harried for so long, after everything she and her father had done to him in the past when after the Three Heroes Church battle was resolved. Even voicing dissapointment when catching her trying to poison the food meant to be catered for Shield Hero's entourage during the banquet thrown in his and the other three heroes honor.

Nevertheless, she was still unhappy about her impending execution and was grateful when Naofumi decided to spare her, showing that despite Malty's sheer selfishness, stupidity and lack of a fraternal bond with her, Melty still loves her as her older sister.



When Melty first met Filo she immediately became interested in her which stems from her fascination with Filolials in general. Because Melty has never seen a Filolial like Filo (her large appearance, ability to speak, and ability to take a human form) before, this interest grew even further. Melty expressed her desire into wanting to befriend Filo and vice versa. When Melty was escorted by Naofumi and his group, she became fast friends with Filo due to their similar, childlike mindsets and interests in each other. She considers Filo her best friend and became sad upon being separated from her the first time. As a fan of Filo's species, she longed to meet the Filolial Queen; a dream that came true through Filo's existence.

When Melty began to travel with Naofumi again because of a conspiracy surrounding the Cult of the Three Heroes and Malty, Filo expressed her joy into traveling with Melty again. Their time together strengthens their bond to the point they are willing to risk their lives for the other. This is first demonstrated when Melty attacked Motoyasu who was holding Filo captive. Another case is when Melty lied to Filo into playing hide and seek so she can give herself up to a corrupted noble who was seeking Naofumi and his friends. In return, Filo immediately wanted to rescue Melty instead of using the chance to escape like Melty intended. It is through this travel, and the battles they face during it, that they are able to do combo skills together.

When Naofumi's name was cleared, Melty and Filo now spend more time together much to both their joys. Melty enjoys sleeping naked, because of Filo's body heat, in Filo's feathers, and sharing the same bed as her.

Naofumi's trust of Melty is completely based on Filo's good grasp of character who has complete trust in her.


Eclair Seaetto

Melty and Eclair seem to have compatible personalities. They both work for Naofumi's territory. While Eclair is the deputy governor, Melty manages everything else while Naofumi takes care of the villagers. Melty also sees the flaws of Eclair's approach in rebuilding the Saeatto territory but prefers to refrain herself from commenting, as she could imagine that this could spark unnecessary bad blood between them. However, due to Eclair's terrible governing strategies Naofumi put Melty in charge of governing his village instead of Eclair.


After Ruft had left Q'ten Lo and joined Naofumi's Village, he was sent to Melromarc for education. While there he learned skills such as tactics, languages and governing with Melty as one of his main tutors.


Idol Rabier

Melty found Idol to be a despicable man with a sick ideal of human over demi-human supremacy. She was particularly horrified at how the malignant nobleman resorted to torture and mutilation in order to get his way. But the capstone of her hating his maligning nature was his and the possibility of others unleashing a sealed creature, potentially threatening countless lives, to do away with the Shield.

Biscas T. Balmus

The pope's true nature sours Melty's opinion of Melromarc's most holy man when the latter reveals just how far he and his sects nefarious schemes truly stretch. Beyond his attempts on her life in order to make a viable persecution against the Shield Hero, she never initially thought much of him until meeting Biscas in person. Likening his warped, self-serving opinion of himself and persistence of theocratic supremacy in the name of God to Malty's spoiled and deluded sense of entitlement towards whatever she wanted. As self-serving psychobabble that was helpful to them and them alone while being detrimental to everyone else around them.