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Melty Q Melromarc (メルティ=Q=メルロマルク Meruti Q Meruromaruku?) is the second Princess and heir to Melromarc throne.


In a first glance she is polite and befitting of her image as the princess, but it is just a persona for others to save face. She is notably more kind and unprejudiced towards commoners and Demi-humans and doesn't abuse her status power unlike most nobles in the Melromarc Kingdom. This side of her also shows how she has more moral and maturity despite her age.

This practically makes her an exact opposite of her older sister, Malty.

However, she can still be that of any child of her age, which came seeping out after her time spends with Naofumi. This confuses Melty herself, as she realizes her own behavior was out of the ordinary.

Because of her mother hobbies, Melty developed a great interest in Filolials (which was later overtaken by Motoyasu). It was because of which she was attracted to Filo. She is Filo’s best friend. Despite having trust issues, Naofumi believed her, based on Filo's trust on Melty, as Filo is a good judge of character.


Fitting of her age, Melty has the appearance of a child. She has an overall blue color design. She has blue eyes and hair. Her hair is tied in two curly pigtails by two blue ribbons. She wears fancy frilly clothes that merit her royal status which are also blue with various areas in white.


Melty specializes in Water-type magic.


  • All Zweitte Aqua Shot: Materializes a large ball of water, that split a number of smaller balls and fires at its target.
  • Zweite Aqua Shot: Materializes a ball of water and fires at its target.
  • Zweite Aqua Slash: Materializes a ball of water then elongated into a sharp blade that flies through the air at its target.


Though Youngest, she was chosen as the first in line to the throne, because of her older sister's personality issues. After seeing her first daughter raised rotten, Mirelia took Malty under her wings. As she was raised by the queen, her personality is quite normal if not a bit sheltered. Mirelia took Melty for almost all the diplomatic meetings to teach her work. Like her mother, she doesn't base her belief on her nation's religion.

Due to her mother’s influence, she has grown up hearing tales of the legendary heroes.


Volume 3

Melty was sent to Melromarc by her mother, for two reasons, one for her father wanted to see her, second was for Melty to fix the relation between her father and the Shield hero. During her return, she lost her path and got tangled up with a few wild Filolials. She was escorted to Castle town by Naofumi without knowing who the other person was. During their travel, she befriends Filo. She made few attempts to persuade shield hero to talk to her father but failed. After the third wave, Naofumi emerged victoriously and was taken to the castle where he openly mocked and threatened the king. Melty demanded Nafoumi to have a serious discussion with her father but was ignored. Nafoumi was preparing to leave the country for a class-up. Melty chased him with her demand for an apology and reasonable talks with her father.

Melty became the target of an assassination plot by the Cult and was taken under the protection of the shield hero. Her assassination attempt was pinned on Naofumi and a bounty was placed on his head for a hefty amount. She deduced her sister involvement in it, for the throne. Left with a few options, Nafoumi decided to go to the demi-humans nation, as the king of Melromarc was biased against the shield hero and their previous encounter may add to their sourness. Nafoumi plans to take Melty with him and negotiate after the queens' arrival, in which Melty reluctantly agrees to their proposal.

She came to defend Naofumi of false charges to the heroes, but she was accused to be the victim of brainwashing by the shield hero. Both the soldier and heroes party including Malty's group made many obvious attempts on Melty's life. but was saved by Nafoumi & his party. They were able to escape with the aid of her personal shadow. Following the shadows advice, Nafoumi changed his destination to meet the queen.

Volume 4

They were still chased by Motoyasu. they ended up in the Nice Guy place. One thing after another leads her into the hands of the Fanatic noble. Naofumi ended up fighting the noble and killing him. Raphtalia recollects her painful experience in the basement of the fanatic noble and the death of her best friend.

Melty thought she understood how strained the Human and Demi-human relations were but was shocked to see the horrors done to the demi-humans in her own country with her own eyes, during her time with Naofumi. The noble, in his dying breath, released the sealed monster in the middle of the kingdom to kill Naofumi and his comrades. The Shield Hero dragged the monster to the outskirts of the nearby town and fought it with no success. Finally, Fitoria shows up and saved the day.

Melty promised to work hard for both the demi-humans and humans alike in order to have a peaceful life in her country. After Malty's punishment was put in effect, she took the position of next in line to become Queen. Her mother offers her hand in marriage to Naofumi as part of a political marriage to which she just blushes over.


Legendary Heroes

Melty's relationship with Naofumi is initially strained by his clashes with her father Aultcray. They start off on neutral footing but becomes alienated by his dark disposition, which only gets worse when he learns of her royal lineage. The reason for her return was to make amends with the Shield Hero and her father but has failed twice.

When Naofumi stands up to openly mock Aultcray, Melty approaches him to demand an apology and start a serious discussion with her father, as she was afraid of the consequences of the sourness, resulting in her father landing the wrath of her mother. During this guardsman under the sway of the Cult of the Three Heroes make an attempt on her life. After receiving Naofumi's protection, their relationship finally begins to thaw, although she is still terrified of his harbored resentment toward her family. She later asks Naofumi to start addressing her by given name, instead of a title (customarily implying an intimate connection).

Naofumi ultimately protects Melty from her sister, the Cult, and the other heroes (who think she's been brainwashed by him when, ironically, they are the ones who've been brainwashed by praise, propaganda, Malty, the Cult of Three Heroes and Aultcray's direct lies). He has a short but significant adventure with her until his name is cleared by her mother. Melty, alongside Raphtalia and Filo, object when her sister calls Naofumi ugly and is noted by her mother to actually have a chance at marrying the man(which has a lot of political advantages that she, as the queen, eagerly tries to force).

Motoyasu tried to supposedly save Melty from the evil Naofumi and refused to listen to Melty, believing her to be brainwashed. After going through a lot and seeing Motoyasu's approach of Filo, Melty snapped enough to attack him. After Naofumi's name was cleared, the two rarely interact, but she expressed displeasure towards him such as when he went on a rampage with his weapon in its cursed form.

Vassal Wielders

Melty cares for Aultcracy as a father. But, couldn't stand his fawning behavior towards his sister. She too doubts all his past deeds told by her mother. Fearing her mother's wrath towards him. Melty rushes to mend his relationship with the shield hero. But side with the shield hero.


She considers Filo her best friend and cried upon being separated from her the first time. She is also a fan of Filo's species and longed to meet the queen, a dream she realized through Filo's existence. Naofumi's trust on Melty is completely based on Filo's trust in her, since Filo as a good grasp of character.


Melty and Female Knight seem to have compatible personalities. They both work for the territory of Naofumi. While Eclairs is the deputy governor, Melty manages everything else while Naofumi takes care of the villagers. Melty also sees the flaw of Eclairs approach in rebuilding the seaetto territory but refrain herself from commenting.


  • Melty is in many ways the exact opposite of her sister, Malty. This includes their personality, appearance, magic specialty (water and fire), and color (blue and red).