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Melty Q Melromarc (メルティ=Q=メルロマルク Meruti Q Meruromaruku?) was the Second and Crown Princess of Melromarc who becomes the new Queen of Melromarc following the death of her mother and the war against Faubrey.

She promoted Naofumi Iwatani to Archduke out of spite, however, it backfired after realizing the position was only second to the Queen, which in name, caused them to be technically engaged with each other.


Fitting of her age, Melty has the appearance of a child where she has an overall blue color design with bra-length blue hair that is tied in two curly pigtails by two blue ribbons and blue eyes.

She wears fancy frilly clothes that merit her royal status which are also blue with various areas in white.


At first glance, Melty is polite and befitting of her image as the princess, but it is just a persona for others to save face. She is notably more kind and unprejudiced towards commoners and Demi-humans and doesn't abuse her status power unlike most nobles in the Melromarc Kingdom. This side of her also shows how she has more morals and maturity despite her age. These traits practically make her an exact opposite of her older sister, Malty S Melromarc.

However, she can still be that of any child of her age, which came seeping out after her time spends with Naofumi Iwatani, which confuses Melty herself as she realizes her own behavior was out of the ordinary.

Because of her mother's hobbies, Melty developed a great interest in Filolials (which was later overtaken by Motoyasu Kitamura) and it was because of which she was attracted to Filo. She is Filo's best friend. Despite having trust issues, Naofumi believed her, based on Filo's trust in Melty, as Filo is a good judge of character.


Although Melty is the youngest, she was chosen as the first in line to the throne because of her older sister's personality issues. After seeing her first daughter raised to be spoiled rotten, Mirellia took Melty under her wing. As she was raised by the Queen, her personality is quite normal if not a bit sheltered as Mirellia took Melty for almost all the diplomatic meetings to teach her work. Like her mother, she doesn't base her belief on her nation's religion.

Due to her mother’s influence, she has grown up hearing tales of the Legendary Heroes.


  • Melty is in many ways the exact opposite of Malty S Melromarc that includes:
    • Their personality
    • Their appearance
    • Their magic specialty (water and fire)
    • Their color schemes (blue and white against red and brown)