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The Kingdom of Melromarc (メルロマルク王国 (Meruromaruku Ōkoku)?) is the name of the country the Four Legendary Heroes were summoned to.


In this country the Queen is the true ruler so she holds power over king, but gives him authority to rule as She sees fit while she is away dealing with diplomatic relations. Melromarc's king summoned the heroes and asked them

Towards the end of the series it rose up to be the powerful country of the world, not only because of the possession of four holy heroes but also because of their resounding victory against the former powerful nation of Faubley.

In the past Trash, became a well-renowned hero of Melromarc.


It has a long history of having war with neighboring countries, the Demi-human nation Silt Welt. This was mostly due to the racial discrimination existed in both the nation against the other race and also because of the religious belief of the other nation/race being evil.


  • Melromarc has the tradition of having the husband's name decided by the wife.


It is a matriarchal country under the monarch of Queen, who holds the high authority. Woman holds higher social value and power. Any violence against the woman is considered to be an offense of death penalty


Melromarc's religion is the extremist faction that split from the Four Saints Faith, the Cult of Three Heroes. However, due to their terrorist kind of actions the majority of their members were either executed or imprisoned.

It was later replaced by Religion of four saint faith. Their first task was to correct all the misconception spread by the Cult of Three heroes in regards to Shield Hero and also to improve the relation between the Humans and Demi-humans. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as it seemed, as it took too long to overwrite the centuries of three heroes church preaching and to mend the bad blood between the human-Demihumans and the reputation of shield hero was far too damaged to be corrected.

The staunch believers of the Cult refused to change even after the evidence were brought to light. Fanatics of the cult caused problems to Naofumi many times later. While majority of the commoners switched to new religion, the nobles who aided the country to fight war against Demi-humans still were adamant and were helping the remnant of the cult to rise.


In times of Trash's Youth, Melromarc made its mark for it's resourcefulness, as they were able to defeat the mighty Silt welt which dreamed of world conquest. But, in times it's glory &strength went down the hills and They did all they could to prevent Naofumi from crossing the border, for they were fearing a war with Siltwelt. The queen used her diplomatic wit to prevent war, even willing to marry of her daughter, Malty to the cruel king of Faubley to prevent the war. The queen bowed to the feet of the shield hero to beg him to stay in Melromarc, as it might start the war if he choose to leave.

After Trash reawaken his senses, they took down the powerful expedition of Faubley under Tact. Reclaiming it's former glory and rose to be the most powerful military of the world.

International Relations


Though peaceful relation existed between them. It was completely stained after Melromarc summoned the four heroes against the international agreement. But the Queen agreed to the demand of the king of Faubley winning the nation's support in the world conference for the time being.

It was again stained, when Tact rose to power and killed the queen of Melromarc for no apparent reason. He invaded all the countries including Melromarc, under the pretext of uniting the world under the true hero, himself. The original four heroes and Silt welt followed Trash plan to squashed it's army and took control of most of the Faubley land making Melromarc to be the powerful nation.

Silt Welt

Melromarc and Siltwelt had a centuries of bad blood mostly because of the treatment of racial differences and discrimination based on it. When Siltwelt desired for global domination, Luge of Melromarc halted their way.

The queen of melromarc mended things with Siltwelt, after decades of peace negotiation by setting up a Demi-humans protected village in Melromarc while Siltwelt followed her example and set up a Human protected region in their land. This earned both nation a decade of peace. But Problem again rose when Melromarc summoned the four heroes against the international agreement and to make the matter worst the treatment of shield hero enraged them to wage war. The Queen was able to diffuse the situation and things finally settled after she gained the trust of shield hero.

Silt Welt was upset with Tact's action and joined hand with Melromarc, surprising themselves for forming an alliance.Finally they jointly put down the enemies. Their relationship was mostly mended except for the treatment of slavery under the pretext of fixing that in the future.They even gave their approval for the engagement of shield Hero and Melty, if woman from their land are permitted into Nafumi's harem.


Nothing much is mentioned about their past relationship. But they were infuriated by Melromarc for going against the international agreement. They were ready to wage war with Melromarc for their misdeeds against the shield hero.

They allied with Tact when he claimed himself to be the real hero. even though he stole the weapon from Naofumi. This earned them ire from the allied forces and the heroes.

After the defeat of Tact, they changed their stand. Trash called the world to join hands to fight against the waves and not petty squabbles like Shildfrieden's action, it was clear that the nation lost their stand and power in the world.


They have a fairly a decent relationship. Zeltbull also helped Melromarc in shadows in times of Tact expedition.