This is the second volume of the The Rising of the Shield Hero manga adaptation.


Naofumi Iwatani and his faithful companion Raphtalia prepare for battle as the Wave of Destruction draws near. With the clock ticking, he goes to see The Dragon Hourglass—but his hardships are just beginning. On top of all that has happened, Motoyasu is eyeing Raphtalia! And Motoyasu and Myne try to backstab Naofumi yet again! Will Naofumi finally learn who his true friends are and find peace at last?


  • Chapter 5 : The Dragon Hourglass
  • Chapter 6 : The Wave of Destruction
  • Chapter 7 : The Duel
  • Chapter 8 : The Words I wanted to Hear
  • Chapter 8.5 : The Flag On The Kid's Meal