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Please don't do anything as foolish as to look for revenge. Revenge only breeds further revenge. If you, Mr. Naofumi could bear to show mercy, then I'm sure the queen would be grateful.

—Malty Melromarc, Volume 04, Chapter 12

Malty Melromarc (マルティ=メルロマルク Maruti Meruromaruku?), now known as Bitch (ビッチ Bicchi?), is the former first Princess of Melromarc and primary antagonist of the series.


Witch was first described by Naofumi as a lovely girl with semi-long crimson hair. With a pretty cute face, youthful facial features, yet slightly shorter than Naofumi. Even after her betrayal, Naofumi admits that she is a waste of beauty and describe her as needlessly attractive.


Malty first appears as a friendly, encouraging, and flirty person. In stark contrast to her initial appearance, Malty is immoral, sinister, deceitful, and a compulsive liar. She is shown to be highly adept at lying and manipulating people, and is not above insulting and making them as miserable as possible. She is deceptive enough to produce crocodile tears in order to fool people into taking her side.

Malty will do anything to get what she wants and is not above any kind of foul play. She willfully interferes in otherwise fair matches. She is also a sore loser in spite of cheating to gain the advantage, and even considering "unfair" everything that may un-favor her side.

Malty is extravagant and goes as far as to use the country's treasury for the luxurious spending of her daily life, cynically calling it "for the sake of the world". Her greed extends even towards villages ruined by the Catastrophe Waves, taxing them heavily simply for her entry and exit. Her Mother mentioned that she already used her own body to gain some benefits. It is implied she gave her body to Motoyasu in order to better control him. In spite of visibly supporting (or pretending to support) Motoyasu, she is ultimately out for herself and stands ready to betray anyone, even her own blood relatives, for her personal benefits.


Malty specializes in fire type magic, she also knows a bit of wind type magic


  • Wing Blow:
  • Zweite Hellfire:


According to her mother and sister, Malty hides in the shadow and enjoys bringing misery to others. It is believed that the reason for her malicious behavior is because her father Aultcray spoiled her while she was growing up, causing her to abuse her authority without any consequences. Her lack of discipline leads to her younger sister Melty to be chosen heir apparent to the throne.

To fix her bad personality. The Queen sent her to study abroad in a school at Faubley. But all that accomplished was Malty's graduation from virginity.


Volume 1

Myne was one of the adventures who would part take in joining one of the four legendary heroes in their journey. She first joined Motoyasu's party. After seeing Naofumi had no one in his party, Myne decided to join his party. At face value, she seems to do it out of the kindness of her heart.

She took him to weapon shop to buy new gears and traveled with him to hunting ground where she lets him fight the balloon monsters alone. She consoled the depressed Naofumi, that each hero as their own strength. After hunting monsters with Naofumi and buying new equipment for herself with Naofumi's money. She later betrayed Naofumi, stole his belonging and framed him for rape.

Her actions made Naofumi into a dark, cynical, and distrustful person. She manipulated the other three heroes and the King. Later, Naofumi learns that the party members share experience, indicating that she never joined in his party from the beginning.

Whenever Myne crosses paths with Naofumi, she will go to great lengths to cause him trouble. On top of stealing from him and framing him for rape, she coaxed Motoyasu to force Naofumi into a duel to free Raphtalia, his only trusted companion and source of inflicting damage. She even cheats in the otherwise fair match by interfering with magic. After the duel between Naofumi and Motoyasu, Myne was revealed to be Princess of Melromarc and her true name was actually Malty.

Volume 2

While rewarding the heroes, she persuades her father to deduce Naofumi's reward for freeing his slave. but didn't have her way. When Motoyasu was named as the lord of the village, she in his stead, levy heavy taxation on the wave affected the village. After receiving orders from higher authority to back down, she challenged the shield hero for the lordship of the village.

She also cheats by having her guards cast magic to slow down Naofumi and boost Motoyasu in their mounted race. Even though she denies this and has supporters agreeing with her, her antics have been called out by others who are not under her influence.

Volume 3

When Melty's life was under threat. she along with the heroes tried to rescue her. But, it was clear that she tried to murder Melty for the throne. Ren, Itsuki both witness her strange behavior While Motoyasu remained oblivious.

Volume 4

She continuously hunts down Melty and Naofumi, She even burned down the forest to find them. Finally, when the Pope revealed the conspiracy, she turned pale and started blabbering. Naofumi, after a much hard fight ,beat the pope.

The Queen exposed all of the crimes of Malty and strips her name as a punishment for the false claims and renames her, Bitch thanks to Naofumi's suggestion. Alternative acceptable names by royal decree include Whore and Slut. She did not repent for for her misdeeds and always tries to find ways to hurt or eliminate Naofumi as she believes it is his fault that she has had such misfortune.


Legendary Heroes

Malty is ultimately the cause of Naofumi's dark and cynical personality due to the fact that she betrayed him and framed him for raping her for no other visible reason. Naofumi's originally kind personality snapped violently, he became distrustful of anyone who is not a slave, and for a very long time held contempt for women in general. She continued to make him suffer by every means of opportunity, Like trying to take his slave and interfering in the duel for ownership of his slave, calling him a criminal and framing any crime possible. When Naofumi's name was cleared, the queen gave the choice of punishment for Malty to Naofumi. Malty uses her craftiness and appeal with the perfect facial expression to Naofumi, with the intention of nullifying her punishment. But was seen through and he demanded a death penalty. This was the first and only time for Malty to call Naofumi by his name. After been talk down, her punishment was having her name changed to "Bitch".

Motoyasu is the hero that Malty joins for most of the story. After betraying Naofumi, taking his stuff and framing him for raping her, she gives Motoyasu the stolen chain mail and convinces him of her being the victim. Motoyasu completely trusts her. Motoyasu, due mostly to his gullibility, ends up being used by her in most cases, such as leading him to nearly take Raphtalia away from Naofumi, levying a heavy tax on the village after Motoyasu became its lord. She seems to have sided with him purely because he has a good looking face. She easily convinced Motoyasu of falsely claiming Naofumi of having brainwashing shield by which he supposedly brainwashed the people, kidnapping the second princess and killing Ren and Itsuku.

Later, when the charges on Naofumi were absolved by the Queen, Motoyasu refused to accept that Malty was the one who framed Naofumi for the longest time; Motoyasu also seemed to pay little attention to Malty's suspicious behavior such as she giving hard time for other female party members and kicking them out(even selling the one named Rino as slave to a noble), her exceptionally wasteful spending which she claims it was for the "for the sake of the world," and also her attempt to kill Melty which Ren and Itsuki notices, but he didn't. Motoyasu even agreed to shoulder her debt to some extent. After the Spirit Tortoise incident, she abandons him completely. After seeing her badmouthing him to Ren of many false charges which causes his mentality to break to the point where he now sees all women(With exception to Filolial Queens and some other women) as pigs, literally, and awoke his Curse Series indirectly.

In "The Reprise of the Spear Hero" Motoyasu still recognizes Malty, to some extent as he can only see and hear her as a pig, thus he was always wary of her and warn others about her.

Ren believes her accusation of Naofumi's attempt to rape her and berates Naofumi without hearing his side of the story. Later, Ren along with Itsuki points her involvement in the foul play of duel between Naofumi & Motoyasu and stand for Naofumi. Ren was the first to notice Malty's attempt to kill Melty and begins to suspect of deeper and starts his investigation with Itsuki. When all of her crimes brought to light by the queen while clearing Naofumi's charges, Ren along with Itsuki agrees with the punishment to Malty befitting. After the spirit tortoise incident Malty approached Ren and took advantage of his emotional state to manipulate him and used him to escape from Naofumi arresting her.

She later decided he'd be of little use, stole everything of value from him, leaving a note of berating him and joined Mald's revolution, causing his already fragile mental state to fall completely and succumb to the Curse Series of his sword.

He along with other heroes believes her charge on Naofumi of the attempt to rape her and berates him. But he still questions her involvement in the duel between Naofumi and Motoyasu. After Ren's persuasion agrees to investigate the abduction case on Naofumi. He along with Ren calls out on her involvement in the duel and stands up for Naofumi. After her past actions were brought to light by the queen, he along with Ren agrees her punishment to be befitting. During Cal Island, he says that Malty speaks in good term with him before the punishment.

Vassal Wielders

Aultcray, the hero of the cane was her father. He was a doting parent and spoiled her too much. Most of her evil personality stems from this brought up or at least what it was thought. Even if she causes any trouble she pins it on someone else and he will punish the victim without any thoughts. She gets away from anything with the help of her father. Trash supported Malty in framing Naofumi of fake rape crime. As a king, He gave too much preferential treatment for the spear Hero with sole reason of Malty being in his party and favoring him.


Though she hates Malty, she pretends to get along with her, so that she doesn't get into any trouble. She also suspects Malty's claims of Naofumi attempt to rape her but decided to ignore it. She knows all of Malty's wrong doing in the party and also her involvement in kicking others out, but played along to keep herself in the team. She felt that, in near future, Malty will abandon Motayasu and she hopes to claim him for herself. After the Spirit tortoise incident, she abandoned her teammates and left without turning back. She tells Naofumi that Malty is a person who will out lives at the cost of others and believes that she survived the spirit tortoise.

  • Lucy/Girl 2 (former)

She was a school friend of Myne. She teamed up with Spear hero after a couple of days of Malty becoming his party member. She was mentioned to be noble. She shared the same mindset of Malty in many ways and was almost similar to her, thus got along with her and joined in on all of the evil acts. Notably, despite how she had betrayed Motoyasu, Ren and Malty. She remained loyal to Malty, until Malty's failed rebellion. Naofumi not knowing her name called her "Woman 2". It is unknown why she was so loyal to Malty, since she was a noble that was not obligated to serve a former princess, but she has also faced a fate similar to the Witch's.


Understandably, Raptalia hates Malty for what she did to Naofumi, and holds her as a personal enemy. Malty seemed to consider Raphtalia nothing but an annoyance.