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Mald (マルド Marudo?) is an adventurer and former companion of the Bow Hero. He is currently affiliated with the former First Princess of Melromarc and his current whereabouts are unknown.


Mald's most distinctive feature is the brightly colored, extravagant armor that he wears. According to L'Arc, his demeanor makes him seem like some kind of criminal.


Mald has always had a stuck up attitude, which most likely came from his status as a noble. He has the trait of being self-righteous and has a dictatorial mindset despite taking objectively wrong actions. While he was a companion of Itsuki, he stole Itsuki's reward to live luxuriously while Naofumi took the blame. He has an intimidating personality which always pressures anyone near him. As typical in most Melromarc noble people, Mald hated both Demi-Humans and the Shield Hero figure.

L'Arc Berg believed Mald to be the Shield Hero for the rumor circulating about Shield Hero to be fitting him, such as fiend, extort, fraud, and kill anyone in his way. L'Arc cautioned Naofumi about Mald. As noted by Naofumi, he has a way of deluding himself into believing his justice, which can be simplified as him simply calling people he dislikes and opposes "evil." Filo, like L'Arc, also judges Mald's character poorly.

While he is not poor at planning and strategy, he is certainly prone to underestimating his opponents. Naofumi suspects that Mald's reason for joining Itsuki was to fuel his own sense of superiority. He bossed everyone in his party to show his authority.


According to Itsuki, Mald is a nobility of Melromarc.[1]


  • Aside from a complete absence of beard, Mald greatly resembles Sir Arthur, the protagonist of the infamous Ghosts 'N Goblins video game franchise.
  • In the Light Novel, Mald tends to use an axe while in the anime Mald uses a sword.