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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
This page will contain spoilers up to volume 13 of the official translated novels


The Magic Shop Owner (魔法屋 Mahōya?) is an older woman who runs a magic book store at Castle Town of Melromarc. She was mentioned to be a witch by herself.

She gave magic books free of cost for Naofumi and his party to learn magic.


She is mentioned to be kind, polite and generous. She was willing to repay her gratitude.


According to Naofumi, her clothing are that of a typical Witch, a race which is mentioned to be the masters of magic.


Being a witch, she is proficient in using magic, but her attributes were not mentioned.



The lady that owns the magic shop has relatives that live in Riyuuto Village. Because Naofumi saved many people during the second wave, She happily assists Naofumi whenever he needs it.

The owner of the magic shop gives Naofumi Iwatani three books to help him learn magic as a thanks for helping her grandchild during the second wave. She says she would liked to have given him a crystal ball like the king had given the other heroes, but they are quite expensive and out of her budget range.

Again Naofumi request her aid for the magical thread for Filo clothes to which she happily abide. Unfortunately the gem needed for making the thread was broken and needed to be replaced South west of the capital Town. She guided Naofumi's party through deceptive monster and also aid him in defeating a Nue monster. After retrieving the gem, she made Filo to spin wheel there by using her magic to make the thread for Filo's clothes.

She was the first person to pay Naofumi for her travel by his carriage, thereby becoming his first customer.