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Lurolona Village is a seaside village that was destroyed during the first wave and was home to Raphtalia's family. Since the waves, the Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani has started governing and rebuilding the village


Lurolona village was established as part of a peace initiative between Melromarc and Siltvelt. It was governed by the popular Lord Seaetto. Unlike many of the surrounding nobles, he was quite wise and kind towards demi-humans. Lurolona became a seaside village renowned for its fish. Before it was destroyed, the land was home to many villagers including Raphtalia's family, Sadeena, Keel, and Rifana.

Unfortunately, the first Wave of Calamity was summoned at Lurolona Village which razed it to the ground. Many residents, including Lord Seaetto, Raphtalia's mother and Raphtalia's father were killed during the wave. With the lord dead and no one left to defends them, many nobles took the opportunity to raid the Seaetto lands, killing and enslaving many of the inhabitants, including Raphtalia.

After Naofumi was appointed as count and the governor over the Seaetto territory, including the destroyed Lurolona village, he committed to its reconstruction. This effort was partially due to Naofumi's respect for Raphtalia and partially due to Naofumi wanting a private army and a source of money.[1] As a result, the economy was revitalized, many of the previous residents were returned and the territory became prosperous. After the four heroes reunited, the village became a base of operations for all four of them.

Native Inhabitants



Filolial Community

Though not as fast as Filo, Motoyasu's Filolials are quite fast, so they're starting to take over the Caterpilland's jobs. The problem was fuel efficiency. All of the food in the village's storehouse has vanished. The new Filolials did nothing but eat. As such, they decided to expand our Bioplant cultivation. The Dunes work hard every day in order to maintain the soil for them.

Also, since Filo is technically the Future Queen of the species, they follow her with absolute obedience. All of the Filolials besides Motoyasu's initial 3 will obey her. It seems that they battled it out for superiority.

Deceased Citizens

During the first wave many of the original residents died including Lord Seaetto, Raphtalia's mother and Raphtalia's father.

Naofumi had also trained and brought villagers to the fight against the Phoenix. Atla and several other villagers died in that battle.

Geographic Location

The village is located near the harbor used to visit Cal Mira. As people used to live there, the ground is relatively level and ready for agriculture. The village is on the sea, and if you walk a few hours from it, you can reach the mountains. Rock Valley is on the Main World Continent surrounded by some of the Most Powerful Kingdom's on the Continent: Melromarc, Shieldfreeden, and Zeltoble Kingdoms, etc.


Lurolona has its own distinct dialect in the Melromarc language.


Lurolona village lies within Melromarc and therefore is owned by royalty. However, a noble is tasked with governing the territory. Before the wave, Lord Seaeto governed the area and the land was passed down to his daughter, Eclair Seaetto, after his death. However, after the second wave and Spirit Tortoise were defeated, Naofumi was awarded territory and selected the Seaetto territory with Lurolona Village.

Naofumi decided to place Eclair as deputy or "acting" government, however see was deemed unfit for the duty since she would rather be out training than governing. Eventually, Eclair was demoted and Melty was put in her place instead.[2]


Two main sources of food for Lurolona village is fishing from the ocean and the cultivated BioPlants that Noafumi had provided. Naofumi then introduced monsters called Caterpilands and Dunes to help with farming manual labour and transportation. Rat later modified the BioPlants to improve flavor.

Naofumi bought as many of the original villagers as slaves to bring back to his village. He even went so far as to fight in the Zeltoble Coliseum to obtain as many of the villagers as he could. He immediately trained the slaves of the village for combat and in different areas of work including cooking, farming, and peddling wares such as medicine and accessories. Eventually, Lurolona's trading network spread across the world. In order to eliminate competition, Naofumi created the Chivalrous Thief Guild which would attack illegally operating merchants and leave Lurolona's merchants alone. However, if there were any troublesome members within the Chivalrous Thief Guild, they would be sent to one of Naofumi's merchants which would easily defeat the bandits.[3]

As the village grew, Naofumi started instating small taxes in the village. For Tolly's workshop, miscellaneous costs relating to weapons and armor, maintaining Rat's equipment, procuring medicine, and a lot of other things have cut it by quite a bit.

Medicine and Accessory Making

A Lemo therianthrope named Imiya was one of the first slaves returned to Lurolona Village. Considering that Imiya's demi-human type made him naturally good with his hands, Naofumi decided to teach him how to compound medicines and making accessories.[4] Eventually, her work branched out into making clothes and other necessities. While Naofumi was in Q'ten Lo, the man who first taught him accessory making - Hickwaal - paid Lurolona village a visit and tutored Imiya in how to make accessories. Before Naofumi left for Glass' World for a second time, Imiya was able to make accessories that exceeded Naofumi's skill.[5]


Naofumi bought Imiya's uncle, Tolly at the Zeltoble market and was immediately tasked with blacksmithing duties due to his previous experience. He was initially sent to Erhard's shop and then later placed under his old master Motoyasu II to finish his training. After freeing Q'ten Lo, the three craftsmen started working out of Erhard's shop in Castle Town, Melromarc. Lurolona Village gets the proceeds from Tolly's work.


Many of the original buildings within Lurolona were destroyed during the first wave. However, they were rebuilt soon after Naofumi became count. These were more traditional buildings made of stone, wood and plaster and includes houses, a gate and a mansion.

To accommodate the large influx of slave, Naofumi commissioned Rat to look into creating housing. As a result, buildings called "camping plants" made out of modified BioPlants were developed. These buildings could be grown almost instantly to any shape or function while herbicide can be used to quickly destroy them. This makes them exceedingly easy to manage. These plants collected magic using photosynthesis and used that magic power to give off light. These plants became unique to Lurolona village.[6]

After Naofumi had obtained the Territory Reform ability from the beast shield, he could move, place, remove, create, and combine buildings using the materials within his shield. This allowed Naofumi to even more conveniently create buildings just using the shield interface. He could also modify buildings as desired even after they were created.[7]

Areas of Interest

Rat's Lab

Rat's lab, is a large building made of Camping Plant. It is quite spacious and has room for a variety of experiments. She had brought lab equipment with her from the start, so the lab is now usable. Somehow, the number of test tubes she has been steadily increasing. Inside of them, various things are floating.

Various magic tools and machines, as well as many large test tubes, were liberated from the rebels by Naofumi's forces and given to Ratotille.

Sadina's Secret Base

The island doesn't look particularly big. It looked kind of like a crescent island. Sadina lives in a cave-like area. The structure is man-made and even has windows. This place is regularly maintained, so it should be able to stand against storms. Like a pirate's treasure house, Sadina's secret base is littered with stuff. Gold and Silver aren't in high quantity, but there seem to be quite a few magical tools. Sadina brings back items that seem to be worth money to Naofumi, but it looks like these miscellaneous items remain. The amount of money her salvaging has brought him is enough to cover the price he bought her several times over.

Filolial Ranch

Trying to test out his new territory reform ability, Naofumi creates two medium-szied monster stables out of BioPlants.[7] Chick was the first residents of this stable. However, once Motoyasu moved to the village, his huge pack of filolials also moved into the stables.[8]

Sakura Lumina Barrier

Naofumi wished to bring the sakura lumina trees from Q'ten Lo since they remind him of cherry blossom trees from Japan. However, as soon as they leave Q'ten Lo, the saplings die. To solve this problem, Naofumi merged a sakura lumina branch with the BioPlant to make a modified sakura lumina tree. Using his territory reform ability, Naofumi planted a defensive wall of Sakura Lumina on the outskirts of the village.[7] These trees provide light and boost magical power. As a byproduct, the monsters nearby also give more experience.

Other Facilities

  • Naofumi's House
  • Melty's House
  • Fohl and Atla's House
  • Ren's House
  • Itsuki's House
  • Motoyasu's House
  • Village Storehouse
  • Infirmary
  • Gate


  • Lurolona Village was eventually renamed to Rock Valley in the Web Novel. While fighting in the Zeltoble coliseum, Naofumi called his group Rock Valley's Party.[9]