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Lucia (ルチア Ruchia?) is the younger sister of Aultcray Melromarc XXXII, spouse of Tyran's Son and the mother of Fohl and Atla Fayon.


She was described to be strikingly similar in appearance with her daughter, Atla, however without any of the demi-human features. Additionally, she was blind.


She was said to be always very kind. She seems to be broadminded, since she married a Hakkuko, the same race who killed her parents. She was able to understand that the culprit is not a representation of the entire race or religion. This is contrary to her brother, Aultcray, who blamed the entire demi-humn race and shield hero for his losses.


According to Fohl, his mother was a fantastic cook. She was able to combine both Siltvelt and Melromarc cuisine to make delicious and unique dishes.[1]


Lucia and her older brother Aultcray were both part of the royal family within Faubrey. However, when their parents were killed by the Hakuko of Siltvelt, Aultcray relinquished his right to the throne and they both moved to Melromarc. They lived there a while. Unfortunately, as Aultcray was starting to have great success in his military career his sister was attacked again by the Hakuko. Although Lucia's body was missing, there was evidence of bloody carnage so Aultcray assumed the worst and his hatred for demi-humans boiled over.[2]

Unknown to Aultcray, Lucia moved out of Melromarc with a Hakuko for unknown reasons. Later, She married Tyran's Son and they secretly lived a well-off life in outskirts of Siltvelt. She was respected and treated as a Master in their mansion. Together they had Fohl and Atla and seemed to have lived a happy life. However, two tragedies stuck the family. First, Atla was born with a genetic disorder which required an extremely expensive medicine. Second, Tyran's Son identity was found by the nation in which they were residing and was forced to take arms on their behalf as an ally of Siltvelt. There he was betrayed and killed in battle by Jaralis.[3]. Eventually, the remaining family fell from grace, due to the depletion of wealth for Lucia and her daughter's medicines. It is unknown when or how Lucia died but it may have been related to the genetic illness that she had passed on to Atla.

Fohl divided the remaining wealth among their servants. and gave them a farewell. Eventually Fohl and Atla became slaves in order to pay for Atla's medicine.[1] Fohl still wishes to revive his old home where he shared his memory with his late parents.


  • Tyran's Son: Lucia and Tyran's Son had a type of authentic and forbidden love since their two respective countries were fighting in a war against each other. Despite knowing that the Hakukos killed her parents, Lucia decided to leave Melromarc to marry one in the form of Tyran's son where they made a family and started a happy life.
  • Aultcray Melromarc XXXII: Aultcray and Lucia were brother and sister within the Faubrey royal family who both decided to relinquish their royal status together for their own safety. Aultcray cared for his sister deeply and was enraged due to her apparent death. Fueled by his hatred, he killed the leader of the Siltvelt Hakuko at the time (Tyran) and even 25 years later he committed cruel acts of hatred against the Shield Hero who had connections with demi-humans.


  • At one point, Fohl tried to replicate his mothers dishes but could not figure it out. It turns out that the secret to her cooking was the Melromarc cooking techniques that she used to supplement Siltvelt cuisine.