Light Novel Volume 3 is the third volume of the spin-off The Reprise of the Spear Hero light novel.


Back to the beginning all over again. Can our heroes finally create a better future?

Armed with the ability to turn back time, Motoyasu Kitamura has reset the time loop again and again as he gropes around blindly for a way to meet his beloved Filo. Along the way, the waves of destruction hit Melromarc, and history repeats itself. The Bow Hero, Itsuki, is tricked by the king into a duel with Naofumi! Motoyasu declares, “Well, there isn’t any problem with me fighting Itsuki as Father’s representative, is there, now?”

In a world that keeps getting reset, will the effects of changing roles finally become clear? The much anticipated third installment of this otherworldly fantasy adventure begins now![1]


  • Prologue: Peak Racing
  • Chapter 1: Carriage-Crafting
  • Chapter 2: A Lazy Pig
  • Chapter 3: A Hidden Passage
  • Chapter 4: Experts Know Best
  • Chapter 5: An Underestimation
  • Chapter 6: Emergency Evacuations
  • Chapter 7: Rebirth of the Paradox
  • Chapter 8: Bad Status
  • Chapter 9: Unfair
  • Chapter 10: The Egg Raffle
  • Chapter 11: Dressing Up the Panda
  • Chapter 12: The Fruit of Idleness
  • Chapter 13: Tourist Attractions
  • Chapter 14: The Doctor's Assistant and the Dragon Girl
  • Epilogue: To Filolials, I Sound My Cry of Passion



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