This is the third volume of the The Rising of the Shield Hero light novel.


Naofumi Iwatani, still beset by enemies, continues to adventure and battle his way through a fantasy world—a world he was suddenly thrown into without warning. In the third volume of this epic series, he encounters new friends and foes. A powerful threat revels herself in the midst of an epic battle. A new companion with a penchant for magical birds, and tied to the royal family, appears at his side. And once again we find Naofumi plotted against, set up, and betrayed. Will Naofumi escape his pursuers and help the poor people of this strange world? Or is he forever doomed by the aggression that threatens to overcome him from all sides—and from within?


  • Prologue
  • Chapter One: "Filo's Friend"
  • Chapter Two: "The Fruits of Peddling"
  • Chapter Three: "Everyone Loves Angels"
  • Chapter Four: "The Volunteer"
  • Chapter Five: "A Royal Order"
  • Chapter Six: "Welcome"
  • Chapter Seven: "General Commander"
  • Chapter Eight: "Before the Storm"
  • Chapter Nine: "Framed Again?"
  • Chapter Ten: "The Third Wave"
  • Chapter Eleven: "Grow Up"
  • Chapter Twelve: "Iron Maiden"
  • Chapter Thirteen: "Parting Ways"
  • Chapter Fourteen: "On the Road Again"
  • Chapter Fifteen: "The Shield Demon"
  • Chapter Sixteen: "Appointment Arrangements"
  • Chapter Seventeen: "The Princess's True Strength"
  • Chapter Eighteen: "Persuasion"
  • Chapter Nineteen: The Tools
  • Chapter Twenty: Shadow"
  • Epilogue: "Name"
  • Extra Chapter: "Before I Met My Best Friend"



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