This is the thirteenth volume of The Rising of the Shield Hero light novel.


After they were summoned to another world, the other three heroes persist in behaving as if they are playing a game. But the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani, finally convinces them to change their ways and make them face reality. Later, after a journey riddled with difficulties, Naofumi and crew finally arrive in Q’ten Lo, a country that has made repeated attempts on Raphtalia's life. They initially infiltrate the country with the intention of making its inhabitants pay for its tyrannical actions, but it turns out that even its own citizens are suffering as a result of incompetent rulers. “We’ll start by bringing assistance from Siltvelt to the town, and then it’s a charge to victory!” They start a rebellion to overthrow the government. But right in the middle of it, Naofumi and his crew's abilities are nullified by mysterious weapons designed for use against the heroes! What will their fate be?! What will become of their raid on this uncharted land?! Find out in volume thirteen of this otherworldly revenge fantasy![1]


  • Prologue: "Team Assignments"
  • Chapter One: "Advance Payment"
  • Chapter Two: "Sending Word of Our Visit"
  • Chapter Three: "Arrival in Siltvelt"
  • Chapter Four: "Shield of the Beast King"
  • Chapter Five: "Harem"
  • Chapter Six: "Conspiracy"
  • Chapter Seven: "A True Siltveltian"
  • Chapter Eight: "Honor in Battle"
  • Chapter Nine: "Beast Transformation"
  • Chapter Ten: "Assigning the Heroes"
  • Chapter Eleven: "The Flawed Master"
  • Chapter Twelve: "A Little Help from the Water Dragon"
  • Chapter Thirteen: "Q'ten Lo Revolutionaries"
  • Chapter Fourteen: "Sakura Stone of Destiny"
  • Chapter Fifteen: "Sakura Stone of Influence"
  • Epilogue: "The Old Guy's Master"

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  1. The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 13 Synopsis by One Peace Books

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