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The Legendary Weapons (伝説武器 Densetsu Buki?) are ancient spirits who manifest themselves as weapons and forcibly summon suitable users to resist the fusion of worlds. The users who wield these weapons are given the title of Legendary Hero.

They are also referred to as the Four Holy Weapons (四聖武器 Shiseibuki?) and the users that wield them as the Holy Heroes, since many regions are formed centering around the weapons. For each Legendary Weapon in a world, there are two Vassal Weapons to assist.



Each of the legendary weapons were from their own respective worlds. These worlds were fused together as one by the Waves of Calamity, the world of the shield and bow were fused together and the world of the sword and spear were fused together, later fusing together as one, altogether the total fusions of the worlds to three times with a total of four legendary weapons.

The role of the weapons was to fight against their original enemy, the one pulling the strings behind the scenes, seeking to destroy the worlds by fusing them using the waves. The users of the legendary weapons are given the role of saving the world and overcoming the waves after which the user is given a choice of three rewards.

  1. Return to their original world, their reward includes three wishes there, for almost anything they could wish for. The spirits can exert some influence over their user's world they operate under. The possibility of bringing back a few people with them is possible, however, that would constitute leaving early.
  2. Remain in the world and live out their days there, worshiped as a hero. This is the one that many heroes from the past has chosen.
  3. Return once to their own world but retain the right to come back here again.

Summoning & Selection

The legendary weapons are not always able to summon their first choice of hero. In fact, only the Shield Spirit is known for always summoning its first choice of hero. The Sword, Bow, and Spear Spirits often can't summon their first-choice hero in the first place or their hero dies quickly after summoning. If summoning fails, they have to summon backup candidates who have serious character problems. As a reward, these candidates have their deaths corrected.[1]

The legendary weapons are summoned to the response of the waves, appearing in a set of unique weapons, usually four in total. The summoning rituals will also select people from other worlds to wield these weapons; in Naofumi's case, he encountered The Record of the Four Holy Weapons while browsing the library. Once a Legendary Hero is deceased, their weapon will disappear in wait to be summoned again with a new hero. The weapons can be re-summoned if either the current set of waves is vanquished, or the set of weapons is expunged. With each weapon missing, the waves are said to grow stronger.

After a summoned Legendary Hero, there is a chance of another legitimate wielder taking up the weapon. As an example, the Legendary Ofuda was captured by the Third Army after its original wielder was killed. It then summoned Shildina to its world to eventually become its new wielder.


The potential of the Legendary Weapons are superior to Vassal Weapons. However, they have more restrictive functions. The main difference is that Legendary Weapons are restricted to protecting their home world while Vassal Weapons are allowed to travel between worlds.

All weapons possess a gem that acts as the functional matrix to activate abilities, this gem persists in every weapon form. Possessors of the weapon upgrade it through adventuring within their respective worlds, with each world having different power metrics.

Special Functions
Name Description
Absorption Weapons can absorb loot, items, and materials to unlock new variations of themselves. The user can access new transformations provided they reach the level requirement. Things absorbed by the weapons to unlock new forms are not destroyed, and can be accessed again from the Inventory.
Authority Legitimate possessors of the Legendary Weapon have the authority to dismiss a Vassal Weapon Holders of their Vassal Weapon if they are neglecting their duty or using the weapon for malicious purposes.
Bypass Holy Heroes do not have a level cap or class-up requirement
Crafting If the hero has a recipe, they can place the ingredients in the weapon's inventory and use it to automatically craft the desired item with some time. However, only drop items and items created by the hero can be used for crafting.[2]
Drop Items Upon defeating an enemy, there is a chance that it may drop special items unavailable to non-Heroes. Drops may include weapons, armor, crafting materials, and monster parts.[3]
Immunity Holy Heroes are immune to slave seals and other control-type curses
Inventory Legendary Weapons can be used to store items
SP Possessors of the Legendary Weapon have access to hero-exclusive energy called 'SP'. This energy allows heroes to use skills unique to their weapons and is an independent power system from magic and life energy. SP can either be regenerated over time or by consuming soul-healing water.
Strengthening Method Weapons have various strengthening methods that are selectively revealed to the user's interface upon assignment. Other users can enable these systems only if they know roughly what the method does, which weapon the method is from, and they genuinely believe the method exist. Learning from other users will provide bonuses to both. This sharing is accessible between Legendary Heroes and Vassal Wielders.
Translation The Legendary Weapon translates any verbal language and dialect to the wielder's primary language. It also translates the wielder's words to the language of those they are talking to. However, this does not translate written language.
Wave Summoning Upon wave spawn, the Legendary Heroes and their respective parties are transported to close proximity of the Waves of Calamity.
Weapon Copy The user can copy variants they encounter and store them for later access.
Weapon Transformation Weapons can transform into different variations that grant the user new Equip Bonuses and Special Effects, such as stats, skills, and abilities. Additionally, with enough time spent with a form equipped, the user may "Unlock" and passively retain the Equip Bonuses even if they switch transformations, such as "+1 Defense" and "Air Strike Shield". If two weapon forms have the same unique bonus, such as Poison Resistance Up (Medium), then upon unlocking one, the other is replaced by a different equip bonus, usually a flat stat boost equal to the relative power of the weapon form. Equip bonuses of different levels, such as (Small) and (Medium), have their effects stack. Some bonuses, known as Special Equip Effects, remain exclusive to their specific Weapon Form and can only be used when that form is equipped..

  • Possessors of the Legendary Weapons are unable to gain experience when in close proximity of each other.
  • Possessors may not equip weapons that are not of the same class as the Legendary Weapon itself. If they attempt to handle another weapon, they will be zapped.
  • Possessors cannot remove the Legendary Weapon from their bodies. If they throw it away, it will appear back in their hands
  • Possessors of the Legendary Weapons cannot travel between worlds unless they get express permission from powers such as a Guardian Beast or the spirit of the Legendary or Vassal Weapons.

Special Series

Curse Series

Legendary Weapons respond to the user's strong negative emotions caused by heavy emotional or physical strain and traumatic events, unlocking the Curse Series variant related to said emotions.

The Curse Series grant powerful effects, stats bonuses, and abilities, but a severe penalty which scales to the severity of the Curse level is applied to the user when the variant is removed or its skills are used. The seven known curse series are wrath, greed, gluttony, pride, lust, envy, and sloth.

Bless Series

Upon overcoming the curse inflicted by a Curse Series weapon, a hero is able to unlock the Bless Series counter-part. This Bless Series acts to purify and protect the user from the effects of curses.

0 Series

After absorbing an ancient poison, a weapon unlocks the 0 Series. The unlocked weapon has 0 in every stat against normal enemy. However, they are incredibly effective against "those who possess eternity" or self-proclaimed gods.

Legendary Weapons List

Legendary Weapons

Raphtalia's World

Glass' World

S'yne's World


  • It's not explained why the weapons of Raphtalia's World pick people from Earth as Heroes rather than their own universe. Possibly it may be due to the lack developed will due to the medieval setting.
    • They always seem to pick people who have played RPG video games; since the mechanics are the same for the weapons.
    • The reactions of the chosen vary
      • First choices like Naofumi are very upset that his life was upended without permission and forced to fight in a war he has no reason to fight in.
      • Third choices like the Spear, Sword and Bow heroes all have personality defects that make them obnoxious and slow witted; they refuse to think the world is real and believe they are just dreaming of being in being in RPG.
  • A Legendary Brush was briefly mentioned to exist in the ancient past.[4]