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Legendary Shield

The Legendary Shield (伝説の盾 Densetsu no Tate?) is one of the Four Legendary Weapons. The adventurer assigned this weapon is titled the "Shield Hero (盾の勇者 Tate no Yuusha?)", whom is currently Naofumi Iwatani.


The Shield Hero, alongside the other three Legendary Heroes, has been summoned repeatedly through history to defend against the Waves of Calamity. It is not known how many Heroes of the Shield there have been, with some indications that there has only been one, and some indications that there were in fact many. There have at least been two confirmed Heroes, the first one and his eventual successor Naofumi.

Legends about the previous Heroes of the Shield became obscure from the records of Melromarc, potentially out of negligence or ommitance. According to Melromarc's queen, previous exploits of the heroes (or perhaps just one hero) include:

  • One previous Shield Hero sought for good relations between the Demi-humans and humans. Melromarc has a bias of human supremacy against such compromise, and so stained the relationship of this Hero and his successors towards the other heroes. Because of his actions, Demi-human countries, like Siltvelt, worship the Shield Hero and have a religion entirely devoted to them over the other three heroes, Melromarc, in response, gained a religion worshiping the other three heroes and denouncing the Shield as a devil.
  • A previous Shield Hero, which may or may not be the previously mentioned, lived luxuriously in the Demi-human kingdoms before he was mysteriously murdered, likely by the very people who worship him, making Naofumi convinced that Silt Welt is a fanatical country.
  • A previous Shield Hero, alongside his fellow heroes, fought with the Spirit Tortoise and sealed it away by binding its heart with a spell. They left instructions on how to slay the beast, yet caveat the importance of not killing it. It's likely they chose to seal it in fear of the consequences of its death.

After Naofumi's generation, new Heroes of the Legendary Holy Weapons continued to be summoned for the other 3 original Holy weapons, except for the Shield that he still poessesses long into the future as he travels to other worlds to protect them from invading gods. As a result of the world being a fusion of 8 different worlds, there is a total of 8 Legendary Weapons and 16 Vassal Weapons.


See also: Legendary Weapons

The Legendary Shield grants its user great defensive power, most notably a firm pain tolerance and defensive posture due to high defense stat. In the Web Novel, Naofumi describes that his base defense stat is effectively three times an average person, but in turn his attack stat is 1/10th the normal caliber.

As a legendary weapon, the shield's variety of transformations focuses on resistances and trade skills; allowing Naofumi to sometimes improvise his ability usage. Like the other weapons, the order in which transformations are unlocked affect the bonuses of future branching shields, originally the "Anti Poison Shield" should have received the Equipment bonus "Poison Resistance (Intermediate)" however it changed to "Defense +5" because Naofumi had acquired the "Chimera Viper Shield" first.


Version Requirements Equipment bonus Special effect
Small Shield 『c2』

Legendary Shield

Base Form Defense +3
Leaf Shield 『c8』

Leaf Shield

Absorbing Weeds Collection skill +1.
Fish Shield 『c10』 Absorbing River Fish Angling Techniques +1
Yellow Small Shield 『c11』 Absorbing Yellow Balloon Remnants Defense +2
Orange Small Shield 『c11』 Absorbing Orange Balloon Remnants Defense +2
Red Small Shield 『c11』 Absorbing Red Balloon Remnants Defense +4
Mush Shield 『c11』 Absorbing White Roux Mush Remnants Plant Identification I
Green Mush Shield 『c11』 Absorbing Green Roux Mush Remnants Apprentice's Compounding
Blue Mush Shield 『c11』
Blue Mush Shield
Absorbing Blue Roux Mush Remnants Simple Compounding Recipes I
Petit medicine Shield 『c11』 Absorbing


Raises Medicine's Effects.
Petit Poison Shield 『c11』 Absorbing Medicine Poison Resistance (Small)
Egg Shield 『c12』 Absorbing Eggy Remnants Culinary +1
Blue egg Shield 『c12』 Absorbing Eggy Remnants Judgment +1
Sky egg Shield 『c12』 Absorbing Eggy Remnants Beginner Cooking Recipes
Calorie Shield 『c13』 Absorbing Nutritional Supplements Stamina Boost (Small)
Energy Shield 『c13』 Absorbing Nutritional Supplements

SP Boost (Small)

Energic Shield 『c13』 Absorbing Nutritional Supplements

Stamina Consumption Decrease (Small)

Rabbit Leather Shield 『c14』 Absorbing Pill Rabbit Remnants Agility +1
Rabbit meat Shield 『c14』 Absorbing Pill Rabbit Remnants Dismantling Techniques +1
Rope Shield 『c16』Rope Shield Absorbing Ropes 「Air Strike Shield」
Pikyu Pikyu Shield 『c16』 Absorbing Pikyu Pikyu Remnants Beginner Rank’s Weapon Repair Techniques I
Wood Shield 『c16』 Absorbing Wood Lumbering Techniques I
Rock Shield 『c16』 Absorbing Rocks
Butterfly Shield 『c16』 Absorbing Butterflies Paralysis Resistance (Small)
Pipe Shield 『c16』Pipe Shield Absorbing Pipes 「Shield Prison」
Light Metal Shield 『manga c4』Light Metal Shield Absorbing Light Metal Defense +1
Two-Headed Black Dog Shield 『manga c4』

Two-Headed Black Dog Shield

Absorbing Remnants of a Black Two-headed Dog Alert Shield (Sends out an alarm comes within 20 meters of the user). Dog Bite (When attacked, the two dog heads will come alive and bite at what attacked them for 30 seconds).
Sharpening Shield 『c15』 Absorbing Whetstone Mineral Identification +1 Automatic Sharpening (8 Hours) - High Consumption. [One will need to fit a specific weapon into a slot for this special ability to take effect]
Wrath Shield Ⅲ 0/0 C (Replaced by Shield of Compassion)Proficiency 0 Shield of Fury 『c22』 "Grow Up" Achieved due to released emotions. Armour that consumes the user 「Change Shield (Attack)」

Strength Up
Clothes of Anger (Intermediate)
Magic Sharing

Iron Maiden<


「Dark Curse Burning Physical」

「Roar of the angry Dragon」

「Frenzy of Companions」

Slaver Trainer Shield 『c24』 Absorbing Slave Seal ink from a plate Slave growth+ (Small)
Slaver Trainer ShieldⅡ 『c24』 Absorbing Slave Seal ink from a plate Slave condition+ (Small)
Mortar Shield 『c25』 Regaining Sense of taste Novice Compounding
Novice Mixing 『c25』 Regaining sense of taste Liquid solutions bonus
Beaker Shield 『c25』 Regaining sense of taste Harvesting skill +2
Medical Research Shield 『c25』 Regaining sense of taste Gather Skill 2
Dimensional Locust Shield 『c25』 Absorbing Dimensional Locust Defense +6
Dimensional Bee Shield 『c25』 Absorbing Dimensional Bee Agility +6
Bee Needle Shield 『c25』 Absorbing Dimensional Bee Attack +1 「Shield of Needles (S)」

「Bee's Poison (Paralysis)」

Dimensional Corpse Eater Demon Shield 『c25』 Absorbing Dimensional Corpse Eater Demon remnants Decay Prevention (S)
Chimera Meat Shield 『c25』 Absorbing Chimera Meat Cooking Skill +1
Chimera Bone Shield 『c25』 Absorbing Chimera Bones Darkness Resistance (M)
Chimera Leather Shield 『c25』 Absorbing Chimera Meat Defense +10
Chimera Viper Shield (Awakened) 0/30 R 『c25』 Chimera Viper Shield Absorbing Chimera snake tail 「Change Shield」

Compounding +1

Poison Resistance (High)

「Snake's Fang (High) Long Hook」

Demon Trainer Shield 『c26』 Absorbing a fragment of Firo's shell Demon Growth Correction (Small)
Demon Egg Shield 『c26』 Absorbing a fragment of Firo's shell Cooking Skill +2
Demon Trainer Shield Ⅱ 『c26』 Absorbing Firo's feathers Demon Status Correction (Small)
Demon Trainer Shield Ⅲ 『c27』 Absorbing Firo's white and cherry blossom colored feathers Growth Revision (Medium)
White Usapiru Shield 『c29』 Absorbing White Usapiru Remnants Defense +2
Dark Porcupine Shield 『c29』 Absorbing Dark Porcupine Remnants Agility +2
Usapiru Bone Shield 『c29』 Absorbing bones of a White Usapiru Stamina Up (Small)
Porcupine Bone Shield 『c29』 Absorbing bones of a Dark Porcupine SP Up (Small)
Pickaxe Shield Pickaxe Shield『c35』 Absorbing a broken Pickaxe found on the side of the road near a prosperous Mining town Mining Skill +1
Crystal Ore Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Crystal Ore which was thrown away Craft Skill +1
Book Shield 『c35』 Absorbing some of the intermediate recipe book Magical Power Up (Small)
Treant Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Demon Treant Remnants Plate Appraisal 2
Blue Treant Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Blue Demon Treant Remnants Intermediate Compound Recipe 1
Black Treant Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Black Demon Treant Remnants Half Compounding
Anti Poison Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Antidote Defense +5
Glyphosate Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Herbicide 5% Damage Reduction from Plants
Medicine Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Healing Ointment Medicine Effect Range Expansion (small)
Plant Fire Shield 『c35』 Absorbing Gunpowder Fire Resistance (Small)
Killer Insect Shield α 『c35』 Absorbing Insecticide 3% Damage Reduction from Insects
Iron Ore Shield 『c37』 Absorbing Iron Ore Smelting Ability +2
Copper Ore Shield 『c37』 Absorbing Copper Ore Smelting Ability +1
Silver Ore Shield 『c37』 Absorbing Silver Ore 2% Damage reduction from Demons
Lead Ore Shield 『c37』 Absorbing Lead Ore Defense +1
Bio Plant Shield 『c40』 Absorbing Bio Plant Remnants Plant Remodelling
Plantriwe Shield 『c40』 Absorbing Plantriwe Remnants Intermediate Compounding +2
Mandoragora Shield 『c40』 Absorbing Mandoragora Remnants Plant Analysis
Bee Needle Shield Ⅱ 『c43』 Absorbing Poison Bee Remnants Attack +1 Shield of Stinger (Small)

Bee Poison (Poison)

Shadow Shield 『c51』 Absorbing Dimensional Shadow Lizardman and Dimensional Assault Shadow Goblin Darkness Resistance (Small)

Soul Eater Shield (Awakened) +6 35/35 SRSoul Eater Shield

Proficiency 67 『c54』

Absorbing the Soul Eater, the boss from the 3rd wave.

「Second Shield」

Soul Resistance (Intermediate)

Psychological Attack Resist (Small)


Sp Recovery (Small)

「Soul Devour」

「Drain Effect」


「Undead Control」

Blue Shark Shield 『c82』 Absorbing Demon Shark Remnants Swimming Skill +1
Shark Bite Shield 1/20 『c82』 Absorbing Demon Shark Remnants Shipboard Combat Skill +1 「Shark’s Fang」
Shark Leather Shield 『c82』 Absorbing Demon Shark Remnants 2% Damage Reduction from the Aquatic System 「Shark’s skin」
Shark Meat Shield 『c82』 Absorbing Demon Shark Remnants Agility +3
Karma Rabbit Familiar Shield 『c95』 Absorbing Karma Rabbit Familiar Remnants Scan (Small)
Iron Shield 0/10 Common 『c105』 Weapon Copy: Iron Shield 「Shield Bash」
Prani Shield 『c105』 Absorbing Prani Ore Defense +1
Karma Squirrel Shield 『c106』 Absorbing Karma Squirrel and Karma Squirrel Familiar Remnants 「Heightened Reaction」
Karma Penguin Shield (Awakened) 0/25 [Common]

Proficiency 0 『c107』

Absorbing Karma Penguin Remnants Diving +2

Water Resistance (Small)

Fishing +3

Speckle Status Correction (Medium)

「Diving Time Up」

Karma Penguin Familiar Shield (Awakened) 0/10 C

Proficiency 0 『c107』

Absorbing Karma Penguin Familiar Remnants Diving +1

Fishing +2

Speckle Status Correction (Small)

Iron Meteorite Shield 0/20 C 『c114』 Weapon Copy: Iron Meteorite Shield

Quality: Normal

「Meteor Shield」
Spirit Tortoise Carapace Shield 0/40 C 『c133』

Proficiency 0

Absorbing pieces of the Spirit Tortoise's Carapace 「E Float Shield」

「Gravity Field」

「C Soul Recovery」

Magical Barrier (Large)

Spirit Tortoise Heart Shield 0/45 C

Proficiency 0 『c133』

Absorbing pieces of the Spirit Tortoise's Heart HP Recovery Increase (Small)

Life Force Enhancement

「C Magic Snatch」

「C Gravity Shot」

Balloon Shield 0/5 C 『c134』 Absorbing Balloon Remnants 「Monster Book」

Spirit Tortoise Sacred Tree Shield 0/40 C

Proficiency 0 『c133』 『c158』

Absorbing tree like structures from the Spirit Tortoise

Recipe: Medicine of Miracles

Divine Protection of the Sacred tree

Dragon’s Era Sand Shield 0/60 C

Proficiency 0 『c171』

Absorbing sand from the Red Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era 「Portal Shield」
Spirit Tortoise Armor

Spirit Tortoise Shell (Awakened) +8 70/70 SR

Proficiency Level 100 『c302』

Weapon Copy: Spirit Tortoise Shield 「S Float Shield」

「Reflect Shield」

「Gravity Field」

「C Soul Recovery」

「C Magic Snatch」

「C Gravity Shot」

「Tenacity Enhancement」

「Magic Defense (Large)」

「Lightning Resistance」

「SP Drain Block」

「Growing Power」

Dragon Familiar Shield 『c187』 Absorbing part of the Dragon Emperor's Core Growth Correction Up for Dragons
Wanui Shield 『c272』 Absorbing Kiel's fur
Shield of the New Seven Sins (Awakened) 0/0 UR『c272』 (Dispelled after his defeat) experiencing all of the "new" Seven Deadly Sins 「Equipment bonus」 「Gene Modification」

「Human Experimentation」

「Social Injustice = Slave Labor Ability Increase」

「Curse of Poverty」

「Prosperity of Excess Depravity」

「Narcotic Compounding」

「Taboo Alchemy Techique」

「Forbidden Sorcery」

「Study of Seals」

「Cooking of Seals」

「Sleep Mechanical Engineering」

「Core of Magical Science」

「Bio-Custom」 「Logic of Life」

「Dragon Pulse Control」

「Magic Up」Emergency Convening」

「Alchemic Correction」

「Harvesting Limit Breakthrough」

「Rapid Growth Supplement」

「Pharmacy Skill Increase」

「Alchemy Skill Increase」

「Ore Creation」

「Magic Gem Production」

「MP Recovery (Extra Large)」

「SP Recovery (Extra Large)」

「EP Recovery (Extra Large)」

「Cooking Skill Increase」

Raph Shield 0/20 C

Proficiency 0 『c289』

Absorbing hair/fur from Raph Raph Species Growth Correction (Small)

Raph Species Attack Designation 1

(Limited Time Offer) Raphtalia’s Ability Correction (Small)

Shield of Compassion『c305』 Absorbing Atlas

「Change Shield (Attack)」

「Iron Maiden」

「Meteor Wall」

Benevolent Temptation



All Resist

Spell Support

Miscellaneous Shield Sets

Series Requirements
Poison Shields Absorbing Poison Monsters' Remnants
Weapon Copy Placing the Legendary Weapon against other Weapons
Spirit Tortoise Absorbing Spirit Tortoise's Remnants
Dragon Shields Absorbing a part of the Dragon Emperor's Core
Balloon Absorbing Balloon Remnants
Raph Shields Absorbing Hair/Fur from Raph
Unspecified Absorbing Various Ingredients