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The Legendary Bow is one of four Legendary Weapons within Raphtalia's World. The current wielder is Itsuki Kawasumi.


The Legendary Bow, also known as the Bow Spirit of the Legendary Weapon. The spirit is from another world prior to being summoned to another world alongside with it's chosen Candidate, the Legendary Bow is one of four Legendary Weapons present in the world of which Naofumi currently resides in. The candidates of the weapon have been given the title of Bow Hero, whom they are generally addressed as so by the locals.

The current candidate of the Legendary Bow is Itsuki Kawasumi. He was selected by the Bow Spirit as a backup candidate, which meant prior to being summoned he would have some serious characteristic problems.

Power-up Method

As a Legendary Weapon, the Legendary Sword has more than one power-up method. As the Hero levels up, all weapon forms will grow stronger alongside them.

  • Weapon Rarity (core): The rarer a weapon is, the stronger it is. A weapon made from rarer materials will be stronger than a weapon of equal quality but more common materials, for example.[1]
  • Ore Equip: The power of a weapon can be raised by equipping it with certain ores. This never fails.
  • Item Enchantment: Items that have been absorbed into a weapon can be turned into energy, and that can be used to raise the percentage of various stats. Success is based on probability, decreasing with each successive enchantment. Upon failure, the item enchantment level is reset to 0.
  • Job Level: You can increase specific stats by using the energy contained in absorbed monsters or items. Upon filling the level gauge for the desired stat, the stat is increased and the level gauge is reset with a cooldown timer.[2]

Bow List

  • ? symbol = unknown or rough guesses
  • () symbols = speculated guesses
Name Image Description
Volume 1
(Legendary Bow)
Legendary Bow.jpg
Quimera Goat Bow ? Obtained from the Chimera wave boss from the second wave.
Volume 3
Accessory Bow A small bow that Itsuki could wear as an accessory on his wrist to hide his identity.
Unknown Bow 1.jpg
? <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Wind Arrow"

special equip effect: ?

(Siderite Bow) <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Shooting Star Bow"

? <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill "Arrow Rain"

special equip effect: ?

Soul Eater Bow ? Obtained from the Soul Eater wave boss from the third wave
? <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Eagle Piercing Shot"

special equip effect: ?

Volume 5
Unknown Bow 2.jpg
Dragon Hourglass Sand Bow Unlocked by absorbing sand from the Dragon Hourglass.

<abilities locked> equip bonus: skill: "Portal Bow"

Karma Squirrel Familiar Bow Unlocked by absorbing parts from the Karma Squirrel Famliar monster.
Karma Squirrel Bow ? Obtained from absorbing the Karma Squirrel from which he got the Risuka Kigurumi drop
Volume 6
(Whale Series Bows) ? Obtained by absorbing the Inter-dimensional Whale wave boss
Volume 12
? <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Shining Arrow"

special equip effect: ?

? <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Saint Arrow Rain"

special equip effect: ?

? <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Spread Strafing"

special equip effect: ?

(Pipe Bow)? <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Bind Arrow"

special equip effect: ?

Volumen 13
Crossbow ? ?
Volumen 14
Sakura Stone of Destiny Bow ? Created by Erhard's master and obtained via weapon copy.
Volumen 16
Firearms ? Obtained by copy weapons in a Faubrey store.
Volumen 20
Bow 0 Obtained by absorbing the mysterious poison in Fitoria sanctuary

equip bonus: skill: Bow 0

special effects: Judge of Reason, World Protector

 Curse Series

  • ? symbol = unknown or rough guesses
  • () symbols = speculated guesses
Name Image Description
Volume 11
Bow of Pride <abilities ?>

equip bonus: skill: "Bull of Phalaris" "Law of Fanatic"

special equip effect: (Brainwashing)

List of Bow Abilities

As various different types of bows are unlocked, various Equip and Special Effects as well as skills are unlocked.


Skill Description Unlocked Bow
Wind Arrow The user coats one of their arrows in a gust of wind. ?
Shooting Star Bow Fires a shot at his enemy which leaves a trail of star flying behind the arrow. Siderite Bow?
Arrow Rain The user shoots into the air so that a number of arrows fall on the target. ?
Eagle Piercing Shot Shoots a single defense-ignoring arrow which has the shape of an eagle. ?
Thunder Shoot Shoots a bolt of lightning at the target which can explode. ?
Mirage Arrow Forms illusions to confuse the enemy. ?
Shining Arrow This skill is a type of charged attack which creates a shining arrow which he can control mid-air. The shining arrow then splits into multiple arrows. which rain down on the target. ?
Arrow Squall Creates an arrow which splits into a barrage of multiple arrows. ?
Saint Arrow Rain Shoots several arrows like the basic Arrow Rain skill. However, these arrows are especially effective against curses. ?
Spread Strafing Shoots multiple arrows rapid-fire towards the target. ?
Shadow Bind As the arrow lands in the target's shadow, it paralyzes them. ?
Bind Arrow Stitches the target's body to the ground. Pipe Bow?
Law Fanatic As the user releases his skill, a sinister aura condenses around him and transforms into a suit of armour. This armour boosts his own stats while acting as a pieces of armour. The suit looks like a typical holy set of armour meant to resemble a winged angel however it also has decorative elements like horns and demons in several places. Bow of Pride
Bull of Phalaris This skill summons a huge Brass Bull which opens up and enclosed around the target. As the target is captured, the belly of the bull is engulfed in flames to roast the target alive. Bow of Pride
Bird Hunting This skill divides the arrow into multiple shafts which all strike the target at once. ?
Spread Arrow This skill launches a barrage of arrows. ?
Flash Arrow Inflicts the blind debuff on its targets. ?
Transfer Bow Allows the user and his party to teleport to saved locations. Dragon Hourglass Sand Bow
Bow 0 This skill have 0 damage, cool-down and SP consumption. However, it was found to be effective against illegitimate powers. Bow 0
Unnamed Aerial View Ability It allows Itsuki to see the surroundings from an aerial point of view, which is a great advantage for him and allows him to find his enemies more easily. ?
Bunker Shot This shot scales in damage as it is shot closer to the target. ?
Dual Arrows This ability is apparently the continuation of another ability, but it is not known which. Considering the other abilities with similar names, it is probably the continuation of the version of the Air Strike ability of the bow, or the Wind Arrow ability. ?


  • Compared to the other three legendary weapons in Raphtalia's world, the legendary bow has the highest attack and lowest defense.


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