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We have to do it for the good of our world. You’ve got to die.

—L'arc Berg, Volume 5, Chapter 12

L'Arc Berg Sickle (ラルクベルク=シクール Rarukuberuku Shikūru?), also known as the Scythe Hero (鎌の勇者 Kama no Yuusha?), is the wielder of the Vassal Scythe of the other world beyond the Wave. He's also the current king of the country that summoned Kizuna Kazayama, the Hunting Hero.


L'Arc has spiked, red hair and is muscular. He has a tattoo of a scythe on his upper arm and appears to be handsome.


He is carefree and laid back, taking a very relaxed path to every problem. He is, according to Naofumi, an older-brother kind of character. Even though he has become a king, he likes his freedom. Just like Glass, he has a warrior spirit, which is shown during his fight with Naofumi.

He is a good judge of character just by looking at someone. He has a childish side, which was made evident when he became giddy over the ship ride to Cal Mira Archipelago. He has a habit of calling people younger than him, "Kiddo" this was shown as when him and Naofumi met he referred him as, "Kiddo". He has high morals and doesn't want to hurt anyone who is irrelevant to his mission. He is charismatic enough to attract good people to his side


L'Arc is the king of a small country that is home to Kizuna the Hunting Hero. His dad died and the crown was passed to him. He doesn't want to restrict himself with the authority. Despite his laid back personality, the country seems to be doing well and had talented people working for him.

When the Waves of Calamity started, the four Legendary Heroes were either incapacitated or unwilling to help so L'Arc gathered all friendly Vassal Weapon wielders. Predicting that they would no longer be able to hold off against the waves, they found a legend which states that if they destroy the world across the wave, they could save their own world. To destroy the other world, they need to kill that world's Legendary Heroes. Believing they had no choice, L'Arc, Glass and Therese crossed over to the world where Naofumi was summoned.


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