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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
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We have to do it for the good of our world. You’ve got to die.

—L'arc Berg, Volume 5, Chapter 12

L'arc Berg (ラルクベルク Rarukuberuku?), also known as the Scythe Hero (鎌の勇者 Kama no Yuusha?), is the wielder of the vassal scythe of the other world beyond the Wave. He is a Light Novel character.


He is carefree and laid back, taking a very relaxed path to every problem. He is, according to Naofumi, an older-brother kind of character. Even though he has become a king, he likes his freedom. Just like Glass, he has a warrior spirit which is shown during his fight with Naofumi.

He is a good judge of character just by looking at someone. He did have a childish side which shown by the way, when he acted too excited for the ship ride to Cal Mira island. He had the habit of calling the younger persons "Kiddo". He has high morals and doesn't want to hurt any others who are irrelevant to his mission.


L'arc has spiked red hair and is muscular. He has a tattoo of a scythe on his upper arm and appears to be handsome.


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L'arc is the king of a small country that is home to Kizuna the Hunting Hero. His dad died and the crown was passed to him.


Volume 5

He was first introduced when Naofumi and his companions boarded the ship to sail to Cal Mira. Together with Therese Alexanderite they first didn't believe that Naofumi was the Shield Hero, as he didn't seem to fit any of bad rumors circulating around the shield hero and also because they already ran into or hunted a number of fake shield heroes capable of changing shield(hired by church of three heroes to ruin Naofumi's reputation). He advised Naofumi to stop pretending to be the shield hero, as people may dislike him. Naofumi eventually gave up in trying to convince them of him being the shield hero.

They agreed to level up together on the island after two days. They worried about Naofumi, when he didn't return for the night and went to search for him.Naofumi was getting too comfortable with them. Before going to level up together, L'arc told Naofumi that the four holy heroes are in the island and that he found the shield hero, curious Naofumi asked who he thought the shield hero was. L'arc pointed at Mald, much to the dismay of both Naofumi and Raphtalia. Both agreed that Mald is the type to cause a problem. While leveling together, both the side was impressed with the others. L'arc and Theresa begin to suspect if Naofumi was really the shield hero while Naofumi wished to have them in his party.

During the fight against the wave, he concluded that Naofumi really was a Hero and tried to kill him. Though their target is all the four holy heroes, he didn't believe the other three as Heroes. They still couldn't completely beat Naofumi even with the help of Glass and so had to return to their own world.

Volume 7

In the next wave, they again traveled to the other world. When they wanted to return to their own world, they encountered Kyo, who was another wielder of a vassal weapon of their world but tried to rule the worlds instead of following his mission. Their Vassal Weapons begged them to stop him. Thus they stayed in this world and tried to stop him. By this time, they heard of spirit tortoise defeat( decapitation of the head but not really dead) by Naofumi and accepted he was a capable hero despite being enemies.

During Naofumi's second fight against the Spirit Tortoise(regenerated its head) he met Naofumi again. He first encountered him when Naofumi tried to travel to the heart of the Spirit Tortoise and Naofumi begin to attack him without listening to his explanation. But before they could finish a decisive blow, they were separated by a living wall. After that, they again met him during the battle against Kyo. He then explained Naofumi, that he didn't have the intention to fight against Naofumi now, but that he had to fight along with him against Kyo.

Volume 8

Because Kyo managed to escape after the battle, they tried to chase him in the other world. After they were transported to L'arc's world, Naofumi and Rishia were separated from the rest and so they tried to search for them.

They landed in enemies land and were thrown into prison. Using Raphtalia's magic they managed to escape. After being reunited with Kizuna and Naofumi, they were lectured by Kizuna, who heard what they had tried to do in the other world. After that, they again fought against Kyo and finally beat him.


Legendary Heroes

L'Arc along with his comrade were tasked in killing the four holy heroes of the other world, especially the shield hero whom Glass considered as a threat. L'Arc heard about Naofumi, from Glass & also other rumors of the shield hero from Melromarc commoners and he completely believed the rumors. he even encountered a number of fake heroes and fed up in his search.

When came to face to face with Naofumi, he was too friendly with him and refused to believe him to be the shield hero, as he claimed to be. As Naofumi didn't seem to fit any of the bad rumors circulating around the shield hero and assumed Naofumi to be one of those who pretends to be shield heroes.

After learning that Naofumi was indeed the shield hero, he tried to kill him in a fair fight. He was thrilled to fight Naofumi and enjoyed the resourcefulness of the Shield Hero. He refuses to believe all the rumors of Naofumi's evil deed and claims there must be a reason for his doings.

He didn't believe them to be the heroes as they claim to be and thinks that they are one of those who pretends to be a hero like the fake shield heroes. He easily knocks them out with a single slash and worried that he might kill them if he uses a little more force.

Vassal Wielders