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I’m Kizuna Kazayama, and I’m one of the four holy heroes—the Hunting Hero, to be exact.

—Kizuna, Volume 8, Prologue

Kizuna Kazayama (風山 絆 Kazayama Kizuna?) was summoned to another world to serve as the Hunting Hero (狩猟具の勇者 Shuuryougu no Yuusha?), one of the Four Legendary Heroes from Glass' World.


Kizuna has brown eyes and long brown hair tied into pigtails.

She primarily wears a western Gothic dress along with a haori coat on top that was given to her by Glass.

The weapon in her possession is the Legendary Hunting Tool which was granted to her when she was summoned to another world. As a Hero, her weapon is always attached to her, normally taking the form of a fishing rod that is folded and carried on her waist. At times of need, it can transform into a Maguro bōchō (鮪包丁?) to be used as a weapon.


Similar to the rest of the other legendary heroes, Kizuna is also an otaku who mistakenly believed the world to be a game at first and then came to realize the truth later. She completely disapproved of the idea of killing the other world's holy heroes for their own world survival and believes that the heroes are needed for some other reason. She loves fishing so much that she ignores completing her missions in order to fish.


Like the other heroes, Kizuna is from an alternate Japan. Not a gamer, she entered a VR Healing MMO called Second Life along with her sister(s). Then she woke up in the world that Glass is from. Just like the other heroes, she thought the world to be a game and all the introductions to be a tutorial. During her time in this world, she realized this was another world and not a game as she went through a series of untold incidents.

She was on a quest to defeat the Dragon Emperor of that world. During her adventure, she met Glass, who was sent to on the same quest to prove herself worthy of the Vassal Fan. They quickly developed a strong friendship, and Glass gives Kizuna one of her treasured cloaks. She also befriended L'Arc, Therese, and others along the way. Along with Glass, they created a shikigami named Chris that resembled a penguin (named because it was Christmas when they performed the ritual). Chris was made specifically to aid Kizuna in a fight because of her weapon's limitation of only being able to directly harm monsters.

Kizuna built a huge mansion with many rooms as her home so that a number of people could stay with her. At some point, she was captured and thrown into a Labyrinth dimension which she couldn't escape, spending several years trying to get out until Naofumi Iwatani and Rishia Ivyred were pulled in by Kyo Ethnina's trap as they traveled in pursuit of Kyo.


  • The name Kizuna means "bonds, encumbrance, fetters" (絆).
  • Kizuna's surname Kazayama means "wind, breeze, way, manner, blaster, gale, gust, sirocco, method" (風) (kaza) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).


  • Once, Naofumi Iwatani called Kizuna a "Loli-babaa," (Loli old hag) which is a reference to her age and appearance.
  • Like all other heroes, Kizuna is also an otaku.
  • Just like Glass, Kizuna is a reimported character from another novel called "Dimension Wave" the author Aneko Yusagi is writing.
  • Kizuna uses "ore" (俺), a masculine first-person pronoun form of "I," to refer to herself.


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  2. Japan's female sixth/seventh grader size average around 150cm