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Keel was the resident of the Raphtalia's home village and her friend. She became Nafoumi's slave in hopes of rebuilding the village.


Keel can be bratty and whining, when wanting food from Naofumi. Despite how she acts, she helps bring together the slaves, and acts as a sort of leader.


She is shown to be a young boy around the age of 10 with dog-like features, later revealed to be a girl. His tomboyish appearance fooled everyone, including Naofumi, who accepted her as his slave under the impression that she was male. When Tact asked his harem not to hurt woman, every other woman in the Holy Hero side remained unharmed, with the exception of Keel.


She is initially described as a young man around the age of 10 with dog-like features, however as she levels and her appearance ages as well as her being verified to be female she is made out to be more of a tomboy who could easily pass as a pretty boy.

Dog Form

She takes the appearance of a puppy (specifically a Siberian Husky). She is a loincloth-clad puppy walking on two legs.


Just based on stats, she falls short of Raphtalia, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t strong. Due to her race, Keel can make quicker movements.

Keel has an affinity for transformations, which led to her being taught by Sadina.


Throughout her life, Keel was raised as a boy, her father treated Keel like his son, and told her that gender was a state of mind.


She was found in the basement of the fanatic noble who held both Raphtalia and Rifana, torturing them for being a demi human.



  • Iwatani Naofumi: Keel showed hostility from the start, but she became attached to Noafumi seeing him as a big brother figure.



  • Keel wasn't meant to be an important character, however the personality the author gave him overlapped with another male character he planned to make down the road, so he decided to give ‘him’ a little… quirk. (Sex change)