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Jaralis is a citizen of Siltvelt.


He has the appearance of Lion Beastman.


According to one of the Hakkuko representative, he is rather dangerous and should be approached with caution. He is shady, underhanded, and self-centered with pride. Filo describes him to have the negative personality traits of Malty while he reminds Naofumi of Mald as a selfish megalomaniac.



Jaralis has proven himself to be rather experienced in close combat, he can seamlessly dodge all of Fohl's attack during their duel. He is also able to utilize weapons that are somewhat similar to that of an assassin. When called out by Naofumi for fighting dirty in a barehanded fight, he refutes Naofumi's statement by saying he is actually fighting smart instead of dirty.


  • Zweite Accel Boost: Gain an increase in speed.[1]
  • Therianthrope Howl: Used during his enhanced therianthrope form to revive incapacitated allies like zombies.[2]


During the battle against Melromarc, Jaralis and Fohl's father - Tyran's son - fought together. Jaralis was jealous of Tyran's son's altruistic and attractive personality. During the battle, Jaralis leaked Siltvelt's battle strategy to the enemy and retreated to a safe distance. They were planning to come back and save the army like heroes, however, Tyran's son led Siltvelt's army to victory regardless. Angry at being blocked, Jaralis pushed Tyran's son into the enemy and killed him.[3]

At some point, a mysterious group offered the therianthrope transformation drug to Jaralis which he eagerly accepted to further his goals.[3] Using this power and creating a group of modified companions, Jaralis uses his power to try to take control of Siltvelt and the Shield Hero.


Volume 13

Jaralis made his first major appearance at the reception with Siltvelt's leaders when he tried to poison Naofumi's party. Deflecting the blame, he threatened Naofumi that if he didn't stay in Siltvelt, Naofumi's village will be destroyed. He also demanded that Naofumi is to fight solely for Siltvelt's interest and that he should produce an heir with each of Siltvelt's tribes. Finally, he claimed that he was being framed for poisoning the food. Tired with his lies and deflections, Atla defends Naofumi and scolds the Siltvelt's leaders and reminds them that Siltvelt's original mission is to serve the Shield Hero, not control him.[4] With the leaders turning against Jaralis, Jaralis challenged Atla and Fohl to a duel.[5]

Jaralis challenged Fohl while his companion challenged Atla. At first, it looked like Jaralis would have an easy win but Fohl was just trying to get a sense of his power. As soon as Fohl started resisting, Jaralis resorted to using tricks like smoke bombs, a poisoned sword, and a collapsable spear but Fohl still started to win.[6] Right when it looked like Fohl won, Jaralis stood up and swallowed a mysterious potion which caused him to transform into a powerful therianthrope form. With this new power-up, Jaralis commands his other companions to take over the Siltveltian leadership. Naofumi and his companions fought these new enemies while Fohl transformed into his new therianthrope form and fought Jaralis. Jaralis was starting to be beaten again. Desperate, Jaralis consumes his companions and absorbed their flesh until it becomes his own. Naofumi empowers Fohl with a second transformation to attack the chimera of flesh that used to be Jaralis. Realizing that he is now a monster, Jaralis is dismayed. Fohl and Atla then use an ancient Hakuko attack technique and finished Jaralis off for good.[3]



  • Naofumi Iwatani: Jaralis treated Naofumi, the Shield Hero, as a pawn to be controlled instead of a person or a hero. Naofumi hates his empty words and cowardly way of fighting.
  • Fohl: Jaralis looks down on Fohl for being a 'half-breed' and believes that fighting him will be an easy battle. However, once Fohl started providing some resistance, Jaralis immediately fell back to using tricks to stop him.


  • Tyran's son: Jaralis and Tyran's son used to fight together in the battle against Melromarc. However, Tyran's son was well-liked and incredibly successful in battle. Tyran's success got in the way of Jaralis' scheme to gain fake glory so Jaralis pushed Tyran's son into the enemy.


  • In loop 4 of the spin-off series, Motoyasu had used his stealth abilities to sneak in a secret meeting with Jaralis and his companions. Upon learning they had planned to use Naofumi as breeding material and then kill him, Motoyasu killed the entire group.