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Huh? Why am I crying? Rishia... I'm sorry... for everything.

—Itsuki, Volume 12, Chapter 13

Itsuki Kawasumi (川澄樹 Kawasumi Itsuki ?) is the Bow Hero and one of the four Legendary Heroes summoned in Melromarc


Being a bullied child has left Itsuki with a desire to be special and superior, his sense of justice and need for praise both stem from this, as does his inability to deal with the meek Rishia, who reminds him of his weakness. Like the other heroes, Naofumi excluded, he believed the world they had come into was a game, but he goes further than they do and believes Naofumi has met god I.e. the game master and received powers from him to explain his superiority. Even after becoming a yes man and having everything shattered, he still feels that the fact that Rishia is stronger than he is has to be a cheat. He also thought he was immortal since the "game" wouldn't let him die.

He called himself an ally of justice and tried to act on it, at least at the beginning he did. But he lost the true essence of justice and instead just acted on his own selfish desires under the guise of justice. His sense of justice was so overpowering that he refused to listen to what anyone had to say and believed his own to be the only true justice. Under the influence of the Curse Series Itsuki wishes to make everyone in the world understand him and believe his version of justice, via brainwashing arrows, and goes completely off-kilter, trying to outright kill Rishia when she said his stance on justice was utterly mistaken, ignoring what she said and saying that everyone and everything that goes against his beliefs to be evil.

Though he goes on about justice on a regular basis, his view of it is incredibly self-indulgent and one-sided. As Naofumi and later Rishia both state Itsuki's justice is not the same as someone else's justice, and there are as many types of justice in the world as there are people. He was willing to put everyone he believed to be evildoers to death just because he believed they were evil and was willing to Kill Naofumi when he was accused of kidnapping the princess.

He can also be quite gullible and unobservant, though not to Motoyasu's extent, as all of his teammates excluding Rishia are in fact extremely untrustworthy people who just praise him all the time. They just fed his desire to be praised and every time they did he felt satisfied by their praise. He's even willing to conceal his power form allies and wait for them to actually be in danger before he'll step in so he can impress them.

He feels in his own mind that he's the strongest of the heroes, and he undergoes stealthy missions to kill corrupt nobles and save villages almost always just for the praise. He's extremely petty, and not very smart, believing Naofumi is guilty of both the false rape charge and later of trying to take credit for things Itsuki had done, which wouldn't hard for anyone to do because Itsuki tries to be a robin-hood-esk Hero who conceals his own activities often. His pettiness was once again exposed when Rishia was praised over him for her efforts against L'Arc. To get back at her he framed Rishia for breaking an item and kicked her out of his party.

Then again he can be easily fooled like he was by the Church of Three Heroes when they lied about Naofumi's misdeeds and that Naofumi had an item that supposedly had the power to raise his EXP intake. After awakening his curse series, He believed Naofumi was evil for having slaves and turning away people who he could supposedly revive from the dead because Malty tricked him into thinking the latter was possible.

In short, he's stuck up, gullible, and wants to be praised by others. The one thing Naofumi ever said to him that genuinely enraged Itsuki was simply "I thought you were better than this, my evaluation of you has dropped," for which he was willing to go so far as to shoot the Shield Hero in the back of the head.


Though his appearance is younger, he was actually 17 years of age when he was summoned. He has naturally curly hair that flops. His hair is blonde makes him appear charming.



Legendary Bow Skills


Before being summoned into the world where the story takes place, Itsuki lived in an alternate world to our own, where some people were born with various supernatural-like abilities. Itsuki was born with the supernatural ability "Accuracy", meaning any ranged shot of a weapon or device he fired would - if not blocked - hit its target. As such, he was admitted to a school designed for children with abilities. Under the impression that he was particularly special due to his middle-school years in a regular class with non-special people, his ego plummeted upon entry to the high school when he found he was classed among the weakest of those with abilities. Due to his supposed weak ability, he was bullied throughout his school years, and turned to console games to escape reality. On his way home from prep school, he was suddenly hit by a speeding truck with no warning. He later found himself summoned to another world as one of the 4 Legendary Heroes, The Bow Hero.


He vanquishes those he sees as evildoers without thinking of the consequences of his actions. He has a hero complex which means he will wait until people are in a crisis before acting so he can "save" them in a heroic fashion, going far enough to lie about his abilities to cover up his inaction before people fall into critical situations.

He and his companion always travel in secret and defeat those he believed to be evil doers.There are times when castle requested him to deal with the corrupt nobles, one such incidence is the Northern Territory



Itsuki looked down on Naofumi because he considered him to have the weakest weapon. Because he was easily gullible, he believed Malty's accusation that Naofumi raped her and berated Naofumi without hearing or believing his side of the story. He believes Naofumi to be an evil person and readily accepted any accusations made against him, such as Naofumi brainwashing the people and kidnapping the second princess without question. He readily believed Naofumi was guilty of stealing his achievements even without evidence to back up that belief and still tried to insist it was true even when it was proven otherwise.

After Naofumi's name was cleared, he agreed to the queen's idea of giving a little preferential treatment to Naofumi, in-order to balance all the past misdeeds against Naofumi, but Naofumi felt he was just saying that for show and was sure that he would throw a tantrum. Itsuki doesn't like the idea that Naofumi is more powerful than he is in general but more specifically because he feels that Naofumi's job(The Shield Hero) should be weaker than his own and felt him to be bossing him & other heroes. He openly accused Naofumi of cheating to try and outshine him. This directly led to his involvement in the spirit tortoise incident.

Likewise, Naofumi didn't view Itsuki in good light for he sees Itsuki as a self-centered, approval seeking person. However, what little respect he had for Itsuki completely disappeared when Itsuki kicked Rishia out of his party for being weak.

Despite all that, Itsuki stood up for Naofumi after the rigged duel when he pointed out Melty's involvement in it. He also demanded to know the reason for revoking Naofumi's payment as he didn't get any job from the guild to support himself. Naofumi also defended Itsuki from Raphtalia's criticisms by stating that Itsuki was stuck up, but would never let harm befall his allies.

Itsuki along with Ren and Motoyasu fought the wave bosses, they even team up against Naofumi when the latter was accused of kidnapping the second princess. Though he firmly believes Naofumi to be a villain, Itsuki listens to Ren's suggestion that they should investigate the back story of the kidnapping incident, to see if Naofumi was really telling the truth. This shows a certain degree of trust between them. Despite fighting alongside him, Itsuki was just as surprised as Naofumi after leaning Ren's way of working with his comrades.

Itsuki was a little envious of Motoyasu's preferential treatment. Itsuki along with Ren and Motoyasu fought the waves and the final bosses. Itsuki along with Ren called out Motoyasu on his rigged duel with Naofumi. Motoyasu considered Ituski and Ren as his buddies and went on a rampage against Naofumi after being falsely informed of Naofumi's involvement in their deaths. Later, he joins with Naofumi to fight against the Pope for the same reason and vows to avenge them and give them a proper funeral, but is surprised when they turn out to be alive.

Glass defeats Itsuki with great ease, believing him to be a normal adventure and wonders aloud where the other heroes are. While She acknowledges Naofumi alone to be a hero.


Itsuki rescued Rishia from an evil Nobel man. From then on Rishia follows Itsuki obeying his orders to the letter, though she was mostly mistreated by her fellow peers. Rishia mostly reminded Itsuki of himself from his original world and tried to bury it. Itsuki and his comrades forced her to focus on her weak points rather than sharpening her strong skills. Itsuki finally snapped when Rishia received praise from the queen for being useful in handling L'arc while he wasn't. Because of that he framed her and kicked her out. When questioned as to why by Naofumi, he replied that she was too weak and did it for her own good, which pushed her to try and commit suicide. Later, Risha grows strong under Naofumi.